Black Bullet (Episode 4)


And so I decided to blog this series. Hitsugi no Chaika’s is still up in the air.


Episode Summary:

As sounds of gunfire echo up to their location, Kayo decides to stay behind and hold off the Gastrea that’s gathering. Rentarou and Enju walk the deserted streets, and discover a massacre. Fellow Civil Service pairs dead, and Shogen appears, barely alive, looking for his sword, which was ran though his back. So with about 20 or so officers down in pieces, Rentarou and Kagetane face off.



Back in the war room, Kisara arrives at Seitenshi’s request, and informs those present that when he had lost parts of his body to the Gastrea ten years prior, he was worked on by Dr. Muroto Sumire (the doctor in the past episodes), leading the leading general to realize who it was.

Kagetane attempts to use Maximum Pain again on Rentarou, only for him to punch through it and deliver a very hefty right hook. Revealing limbs made from Varanium, he reveals himself as a member of the same JGSDF New Humanity Creation Plan. Finally fighting an equal, Kagetane feels alive, and attempt to convince Rentarou of their existence as weapons born only to fight.






Unfortunately, he doesn’t accept that kind of future. Enju attempts land a hit on Kagetane, only to be pushed back, but Rentarou shields her, allowing Kagetane to land a hit. Rentarou pulls his trump card called the AGV, given to him by Dr. Sumire. Created from Gastrea virus, it will allow him the same regenerative capabilities of the Gastrea but with a 20% chance of turning into one. By some miraculous measure, he doesn’t, and after slamming Kohina away and breaking one of her blades, he punches through Kagetane’s shield in a scene reminiscent of the Alteisen’s Pile Bunker, launching him up into the air. Kagetane is finished off when Rentarou delivers a devastating heel drop that would’ve made any Kamen Rider proud.

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Kohina cries as Kagetane disappears under the waves, with Rentarou saying she isn’t an enemy anymore. Those in the control room are relieved, only for that relief to disappear when they find out that a stage five Gastrea had appeared.


As the JMSDF’s missile prove ineffective, Kisara informs them that they have a plan. Utilizing The Stairway to Heaven (a massive railgun), they plan to fire varanium rounds at near light speed to halt its regeneration and allow them to use conventional weaponry to be able to destroy the Stage Five.


Everything seems to be going well, with the central war room able to control the railgun remotely, only for it to be revealed there is no rounds in the chamber. Soon the electromagnetic field produced y the railgun is messing with the remote control, meaning manual control is needed. With nothing else, Rentarou rips off his arm, which must’ve hurt. Since the main command room can’t fire remotely, it has to be Rentarou to do it. So with Enju helping him, he overcomes his fears of being the triggerman to a weapon of mass destruction, and kills the Gastrea.









With the Gastrea turned into calamari, Rentarou walks outside to find a sea of Gastrea corpses Finding Kayo’s bloody assault rifle, he finds her and when asked, he lies to her saying that Shogen is safe. With the Gastrea corrosion rate over 50%, she asked if he can let her die as a human. Saying she’ll be his friend, she makes her last wish for him to save the world. As he stands over her corpse, the virus having been halted at the cost of her life.






Back at the Tendou residence, he confronts his foster-father, Kikunojo Tendou, over the evidence he found. That he had hired Kagetane to destroy Tokyo, due to his own hatred for the New Gastrea Laws which would give basic human rights to the Cursed Children. He was willing to go to the lengths of destroying a pocket of humanity, rather than let Cursed Children, the embodiment of the things that had killed his wife and all he held dear to him, gain the rights they deserve. This is where Rentarou disagrees with him.


Another thing, was that inside the case, there wasn’t anything but a rusty tricycle, but when he asked Seitenshi what exactly are the Gastrea, she can’t say anything else. During the credits scene, we see Enju is dangerously close to turning over herself.





Episode Thoughts:

Well, what a complete and utter let down. A good 15 or so minutes of a fight scene, where we didn’t see an awesome Enju vs Kohina duel. And that revelation that Rentarou is much like Kagetane was put off by Kagetane’s rather easy defeat. Sure Rentarou had to do an Alexander Anderson and inject himself with what can amount to a full infection of a Gastrea virus, but by God can we have a little bit more action? A couple punches and kicks here to make Kagetane really be hitting the ropes as Rentarou beats his ass?

Regardless of that lackluster fight, the bit where he removes his arm is a bit..much? You’d think his arm would have some sort of quick-detatch mechanism in case it needs to be removed. And since his arm, leg, and eye were either made from super varanium as he explained his arm was (or at least components of it were), maybe that’s how he managed to survive being assimilated and turned into a Gastrea? We never know. The bit in the end where it showed how close Enju is from tipping the scale between Cursed Child and Gastrea is a bit of a knee to the gut. This episode felt more like a series ender rather than an arc end. So on to the next act.


Episode Gallery:



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