Black Bullet (Episode 5)

And so we embark on the new arc, and hopefully the action and pacing is a bit more consistent this time around.



Episode Summary

We start off seeing the martial prowess of both Kisara and Enju. Kisara is amazing with the sword, while Enju’s preference for kick-attacks with a short skirt is conveniently censored by well-placed bits of Rentarou’s body. Rentarou has yet to find a school for Enju following the incident before, while Kisara suggest she go to one in the outer district. He is also informed that Lady Seitenshi had asked him for a job, being a bodyguard her.

She explains that Saitake Sougen, the leader of the Osaka area, is coming to visit. With Kikunojou Tendou’s absence, he is taking the opportunity to come over. She wants him to come with her to stand guard with her during meetings. When queried if she already has enough bodyguards, she says she does and also introduces him to the group, starting with the leader of the guards, Yasuwaki Takuto.



Indicating he has yet to take on the job, he heads out. Getting slightly lost, he is confronted by Yasuwaki and two others, who tell him to refuse the job. He refuses to bow down to such pressure, and when he his henchmen attempt to break his bones, the tables are turned and the three scatter before regular guards come by. With this, he accepts the job, no doubt sensing something else was afoot.

Outside, he comes across a group of men who seem to venting frustration at a girl, but of course flees when Rentarou shows em his badge indicating he is a Civil Security officer. The girl is dressed inrather dirty pajamas, and seems rather airheaed. Cleaning her up, she falls asleep before Rentarou wakes her. Taking some caffine pills, she says she’s nocturnal. Introducing herself as Tina Sprout, she doesn’t know where her guardian is. Seeing through her explaination, he gives her him number, which she immediately verifies. Stating she knows where she lives, she leaves Rentarou.


Later that night, she is called by someone else, whom she calls her Master, Tina informs him that she has successfully infiltrated the Tokyo Area, and going over her mission, she is to assassinate Lady Seitenshi. Dressing up, she goes into a shipping container, and picks up a rather large rifle (most likely a Barrett M82 or similar). Confronted by the cops on her way to her jobsite (she’s hidden the rifle in a large instrument case), her master tells her to kill him.

Sometime later, Rentarou and Enju are one of the bystanders to Tina’s aftermath. The police officer is alive but in critical condition, while the police car is a squashed wreck. Commenting on why people can’t get along with them, Rentarou responds that he doesn’t know, and they both head home for dinner. Interrupted, a girl in traditional Japanese kimono appears, and collapses on his foyer. She is Shiba Miori, Magata High School’s student council president. Kisara arrives as well, and collapsing from hunger, falls on top of Miori.


Both women have an absolute hatred of the other, no doubt due to their crush on Rentarou, made evident during dinner. While it is explained that Miori is Rentarou’s sponsor, being the daughter of a successful Heavy industries company. She is supplying him with his Varanium rounds and with Enju’s combat boots, the manner in which she explains this does nothing more but piss Kisara off. And so dinner ends up becoming a fight in which Rentarou’s apartment is more or less destroyed.



The next day, Rentarou joins Lady Seitenshi. Having been dragged around by Lord Tendou to various parties, he knows how President Saitake is, and that he is a dictator. A completely different person from Lady Seitenshi. All the other leaders are cruel and efficient people, though of the ones in Japan, the cruelest is Saitake. The meeting becomes a view that Saitake merely wants the Tokyo area to support him in conquering the rest of Japan. He had originally intended to use the railgun, Stariway to Heaven, to not only kill the Gastrea on Earth, but to also no doubt threaten all the other nations.



Seitenshi no doubt has never seen someone like him, and the meeting ends without anything being accomplished. Riding back, Seitenshi complements him on not yielding, and notes that other countries are funding President Saitake due to Japan’s near-monopolys hold on the element Varanium. Aid in exchange of Varanium, Seitenshi wants to pursue a path of cooperation, rather than continued destruction, even if, as Rentarou says, leads people down to quick ends.

Enju wakes up at this point (having been asleep on the car), she makes a comment that Rentarou only likes women with big boobs, making Seitenshi blush. She also tells him she has a bad feeling. Scanning the windows, Rentarou notices a flash, and brings Seitenshi down as a hole is ripped on the car’s roof. Pulling Seitenshi through while Enju gets the drive, a second shot destroys the limo. A third shot is kicked back by Enju, before Seitenshi is hustled away by her bodyguards.



Noting that their assassin is long gone, Rentarou wonders who was shooting at them. From her perch, Tina tells her master that she has failed, asking as well who was the civil security officer that had gotten in her way.




Episode Thoughts:


Not really, not much. Kinda sick…


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