Black Bullet (Episode 6)

Whoo new OP sequence. I prefer this one over the older one mainly because there is less of an emphasis on Kagetane vs Rentarou…because that battle was horribly done in my opinion. Now onto the episode.





Episode Summary:



The episode starts off with Rentarou meeting with Tina again. They spend some time together, and it’s kinda…unsettling that Tina will lather anything she eats with caffeine pills. Rentarou still ponders over the identity of who would want to kill Lady Seitenshi. Feeding Tina, she admits she likes Rentarou, considering that this was the first time anyone’s been nice to her since her parents died. They end their small date prematurely as Tina gets a phone call.

Answering it away from Rentarou, her master informs her that he had found out who was protecting Lady Seitenshi, and orders her to kill Kisara Tendou and the Tendou Civil Security Agency.


Back at school, Rentarou meets with Miori, while Kisara is ready to teargas and shoot her in the head. Locking Kisara out, she brings Rentarou to another room where she gives him the information from the previous attack. The caliber of the weapon used was a .50BMG with a ‘clean’ barrel, as well as showing him the projected angle and distance it was fired from.



Miori also states that Lady Seitenshi’s bodyguards are too ‘new’ to really be of any use, and Rentarou asks her to investigate the President of the Osaka area. She would, only if Rentarou would ‘show’ her his power. At this point Kisara bursts in, leading to some misunderstanding, not helped by Miori saying a few things that were meant to be jabs at Kisara.

Back at the medical school, the doctor seems to be happy in Rentarou’s little foibles with love. With Enju there, she explains that with Kagetane’s death and his eventual rank up, explains about the other prodigies. She is one of four people who spearheaded the New Humanity Creation Plan, which were an attempt to produced mechanized soldiers to fight the Gastrea. She alongside Arthur Zanuck from Australia, Ayn “Next” Rand from the United States, and Albrecht Grünewald from Germany were part of the project until they realized how powerful the cursed children were.


Those former mechanized soldiers were relieved from duty and became promoters, filling the ranks of the higher ranking Promoters. She states that if he decides to pursue his origins (no doubt we’re going to delve into his past) he will run into them, and that he should be prepared. He shouldn’t be worried though she says, since he has already proven his worth in taking down Kagetane, who was Grünewald’s mechanized soldier.

Noting that his battle with him was more or less a miracle, she says it was and of course Rentarou now realizes she’s a bit of a jerk. At a cross walk, Tina’s master informs her on her targets, but she drops her phone just before he is to say who Enju’s promoter is.

Kisara is at her office, complaining about Rentarou when Tina walks in. Asking if she was Kisara Tendou, she pulls out a hand-held minigun and shoots up the office. Kisara cuts through the barrels with her famed iaido, but since she’s facing a cursed child, she is quickly outmatched. Sensing Tina’s hesitation, she asks if she’s scared to kill her. Instead of shooting her, she attempts to strangle her. Kisara calls for Rentarou, who arrives when Tina snaps out of it. Staring each other down, both are shocked. Tina escapes after Kisara cuts the floor.


Later on, Kisara is at a hospital, hooked up to a dialysis machine. Noting how hard it is to find a kidney donor, she says when she got her body (or rather, her diabetes), she had vowed to take out the Tendou name. If such a pain were to vanish, she’d forget to exact her revenge. She asks Rentarou if they could hold hands, completely out of the blue, stating it’s something that couples do. Before he can do so, Enju arrives to grope her.



Afterwards, Kisara warns the two of them that the attack on the office and the attempt on Lady Seitenshi is linked. As her boss, she orders the pair to take out the sniper, in which Rentarou says he’ll do it himself.

Later on, at a convoy headed to another meeting with the Osaka area leader, Rentarou, Enju, and Seitenshi are riding in the back of one of the escort SUVs. Seitenshi decides to continue meeting with the leader even if Rentarou distrusts him. She’s the naïve idealist leader though and through, and is dead set on going on with her view for a peaceful resolution even if it gets her killed. Arriving at the meeting area, Rentarou is chastised by Yasuwaki for making Seitenshi ride in the SUV. Rentarou doesn’t exactly care.



Rentarou notices a familiar sound, and Tina starts her attack, first taking out the riot cop holding the heavy ballistic shield, and then another shot which Rentarou manages to push her from but getting injured himself. Jumping back into the motorcade, Tina takes out the limo, almost crashing into the SUV. Swerving into an underground parking garage, Enju goes out to take out the sniper.





While waiting for news from Enju, Seitenshi runs up to Rentarou, breathless. She had used her authority as the Tokyo-area ruler to inquire on the name Tina Sprout from the IIOC (the overall agency in charge of promoters and initiators), she says Tina is ranked 97 in the overall agency and Enju is just going to get killed. Rentarou tries in vain to contact Enju, only for Tina to answer Enju’s phone.



Episode Thoughts:


I like the new OP sequence, a bit more, I think it’s because we’re not focusing on the nonexistent epic boss fight between Rentarou and Kagetane. Also the introduction of new characters is a plus. One person that has grated on me at this point is Seitenshi’s head of bodyguards Yasuwaki Takuto. He isn’t a bodyguard and more of a fanboy, undeserving of the title. Multiple cars, rotating security shift, etc etc. I think he has more props in having a cool looking uniform than he does in actual VIP protection.

He’s riding on her popularity, and when someone who actually has a brain between his ears does something he doesn’t like when going about his job, he yells and complains. I’m reckoning it’s this pause that allowed Tina to manage to get into an angle as quickly, most likely if she was already inside if he did his job, rather than making a rather public scene. If I was Seitenshi I’d had sent him back to school. All he is something for the cameras.

Other than that, this episode was good, and pacing was alright, and I more appreciated it. Characters are getting better fleshed out, from the doctor, to Miori and Kisara, to Seitenshi. The Kagetane arc didn’t allow much of that in my opinion, almost like I can ignore the first arc of this series.


Also, thanks to Ex-Army for this gif I am shamelessly stealing from him. You should probably read this post, because Neale Osborn rants are amusing.


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