Black Bullet (Episode 7)

Tina all the way!! And the jerk guard is now to be referred to as the jerk guard. Because I can care less about him.



Episode Summary:


Enju is seen hooked up to a hospital bed, her head sporting some kind of brace. It is probably due to her regenerative properties that we don’t see any major bullet holes, but no doubt getting hit by several .50 caliber rounds would do a massive number on a person even with the regenerative properties of a Gastrea. Rentarou is unsure if he could go on, even with a third meeting between Seitenshi and Saitake.

Rentarou recalls the meeting with the inspector, noting that Enju was shot simultaneously from four different places at once. Noting that Tina could’ve killed Enju if she wanted, as well as the police officer, he wonders if Tina is trying her best not to kill people. Regardless though, Tina is still a high ranking Initiator, and wonders if he should continue with the job.



Rolling up in an official car, the jerk-ass guard taunts Rentarou’s incapacitated partner. Threatening him, he demands that they create a fake protection plan, noting he’ll take care of the rest.

Meeting with the doctor, they talk about the Shenfield drone which can be controlled mentally. Even with the odds stacked against him, he still plans to beat Tina, even as she remarks that those who are ranked 100 or better are those who sold their souls to the devil. Even so, his determination to fight is her penance to the world, and the reason she still goes on.







Asking in a favor from Miori, Rentarou fights in a simulated battle against snipers in a holographic world. Even with the help of his Varanium artificial eye which overclocks his thought processes and allowing him to sense the world around him go slower than normal, he is still thoroughly outmatched by Tina, and even Enju.

Meanwhile, Tina talks with her Promoter, Ayn “Next” Rand, over the third meeting. Noting that the targets he had put out are still alive, he states that if she can’t follow orders, she might as well kill herself. Destroying her apartment, she heads out to her next location. Knowing full well that the location was a bust, she calls Rentarou and tells him she can still kill Seitenshi as she leaves the meeting.




Starting their duel, Tina gets in several good shots while Rentarou destroys her drones. Miori provides backup by aerial surveillance and intelligence. She tells him that Tina isn’t in the same building he is, but rather in the next one. Getting close enough after defeating three of her drones, they get into knife fighting range and slug it out. Pushing him away, Tina reveals a fourth drone.

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Rentarou pulls out a flashbang grenade, before Tina destroys the drone, the explosion throwing Rentarou away, while the grenade is revealed to be a dud. Remarking that his luck finally abandoned him, the grenade miraculously explodes, blinding Tina, and giving Rentarou the chance to beat the ever-living shit out of Tina.







Tina asks Rentarou to kill her, noting that her body is a mass of technology (meaning she’s also been mechanically enhanced even as a Cursed Child), though Rentarou doesn’t, noting that she saved Enju and he wanted to thank her for that. Picking up his defeated foe, he intends to ask for a light sentence for her, not willing to kill her even if she had asked for it.


As they walk out, the jerk-ass guard appears and shoots Tina in the gut. While his henchmen restrains Rentarou, he is willing to torture Tina with using only standard bullets, reveling in Rentarou’s pain. Before he can shoot again though, Seitenshi appears with two other guards and puts a stop to this, having left the meeting early. Seitenshi asks him what he needs as a return to saving her life, and he asks for the power to protect those he wants to protect. Using her authority as the head of state of the Tokyo Area, she promotes Rentarou to rank 300, which also makes him the asshole’s superior. Shooting his finger off, he tells him to stay away from Tina. If he doesn’t, he’ll kill him for treason.








A week later, it is revealed that he couldn’t find a connection between Saitake and Rand, and that Tina was held at Seitenshi’s palace for questioning. Going to the Tendou Civil Security Agency’s still bullet ridden office, it is revealed that Kisara had hired Tina since she had nowhere to go even when the authorities had released her. Noting the weird circumstances that Enju and Kisara are so quick in forgiving their would-be killer, he just merely rubs his head at this new development, saying not to blame him when anything happens.






Episode Thoughts:

The battle is better. That is all I can say. Yes the flashbang worked in the same deus ex machina as the AGV syringes in the last boss battle, but to me a misfiring grenade is much more…understandable. Certainly more so than being able to pump yourself full of a truncated Gastrea virus and not turn into one. This episode was all about Tina, and I’m sure for those who didn’t cheat and read the series or the wikis, we would see more and more of what Tina meant that she is a mass of technology.

Rentarou adds yet another female to his harem, though he isn’t as thick like Ichika or other male protags, he’s just shy,and has a clear interest in Kisara. He cares about people and is believable in that sense, and that jerk-ass of a guard, who I shall continue to call jerk-ass. because when i was writing this up during my lunchbreak at work, I couldn’t be bothered to remember the fucker’s name.

And it seems like now that the core team is filled out, we can start to see more action!


I also have a new background image:



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