Black Bullet (Episode 8)

And so we start a new arc, and the introduction of the rest of the cast.



Episode Summary

At one of the monoliths, a soldier encounters a massive Gastrea. Seeing his garrison destroyed, he meets a similar fate when the Gastrea attacks him.




At the outskirts of the Tokyo area, Rentarou and Kisara set up an outdoor school for the cursed children, and both of them seems to be battered from all sides by the girls on their love life, orchestrated by Enju. Seitenshi surprises everyone by arriving at the outdoor school, but mostly to bring Rentarou and Kisara back to inform them about the destroyed monolith.




The Stage Four had sprayed Monolith 32 with a corroding fluid, which will cause it to collapse in six days. The construction of a replacement will take 9 days, leaving the city vulnerable for three days. While information is being controlled, the Monolith will begin to show its corrosion, and will cause a panic regardless. Two thousand Gastrea had gathered, controlled by the Stage Four (Aldebarran). They’re not sure how the Stage Four managed to attack the Monolith.




Seitenshi wants Rentarou to form an Adjuvant, a special squad system in which Civil Security Officers works with the JASDF for the expressed purpose of Anti-Gastrea Combat. The fate of the Tokyo Area depends on Rentarou’s formation of a team and with the help of the JASDF, hold the line while the new Monolith is built.



Rentarou finds it hard to believe that in three days, the Tokyo Area would be destroyed. Making it to his house, he is greeted at knife point by Enju and Tina (who is revealed to be sleeping over), who seems to have recruited her into cosplaying as one of the magical girls in the show-within-the-show , ”Tenchu Girls” that Enju likes.



Tina seems to be an impressive Pizza chef, though she can’t make anything else. Later on, Rentarou and Tina talk, revealing that she became an Otaku no doubt to Enju. She’s thankful for Rentarou, considering she never would’ve experienced another life, unlike the one that she endured under Professor Rand. Seeing him as an older brother, Rentarou tells her about the Monolith. She’s not entirely surprised, and knowing both of them, they would join to fight. The Tina Sprout that was a level 98 initiator has been killed, and now her new life is his to choose.



He reveals that Kisara and Rentarou formed their company for the expressed desire of revenge against the Gastrea, as well as saying that Enju had been betrayed so many times by humans, that she was even colder than they were. But within a year, he and Enju changed first, and then Kisara.

Later the next day, it seems he never gets a break, as Kisar comes to pick up Tina, Tina appears from under the covers implying that she and Rentarou had done the deed, with the predictable results.







Later that day, Rentarou takes Tina out to town, not only to show her around, but to also recruit more people.




Along the way, they run across a cursed child who had disfigured herself by pouring molten lead into her eyes, due to the fact her mother had abandoned her because of it. At the background, protestors are seen marching against Seitenshi’s New Gastrea Law (which was rejected after the attack and death of a major supporter).





Their semi-date ends with them coming to the home of a Civil Security brother and sister pair (Katagiri Tamaki and his sister, Yuzuki). He had caught on quick that no other Civil Security company/pair would work with an upstart like Rentarou. Even with the monetary and rank incentives, the leader of the pair only states that he doesn’t take orders from anyone weaker than him when Rentarou asks if they should fight for him, though he notes how much he’s changed since meeting him last.





At a gym, they hold a duel in which Katagiri utilizes Varanium chainsaw-equipped knuckles. Though utilizing his newfound strength, manages to land a good solid hit on Tamaki while Tina was merely playing with Yuzuki and ended the duel with her caught in her own web and her piano wire hidden in her glove, her two fingers ready to plunge deep into Yuzuki’s eyes.

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Noting the fact that even when she was still rank 98 (her rank was currently revoked pending review), she would have caused her problems. With this, the Katagiri siblings joins Rentarou’s Adjuvant.


Episode Thoughts:

Well, that’s certainly a way to start off what might be the final arc. With 6 more episodes into the series (I believe the run is for 14 episodes last I remember), I imagine the next episode is the actual combat against Alderabban’s forces (the Stage 4 that is famous for destroying 3 other walled cities) and the Tokyo Area Civil Security pairs and the JASDF. I’m still at a loss on how Katagiri pair will fight Gastrea, though they might be mostly towards closed combat, and practically, the only ranged combatant we’ll see is Tina. Though she still could kick ass at close range as we’ve seen in her fight with Rentarou and against Yuzuki.


Seitenshi’s domestic policies are, saddening. Not her laws per se, but the public outrage against them. This was made worse when we are treated to the girl who had poured lead into her eyes, blinding her, as well as the assholes who no doubt would’ve treated her like a human dumpster. The killing of an outspoken critic of the Cursed Children shows that actions and words do have consecquences, and I wouldn’t blame people like Rentarou who fight to bring a new peace to the world, or Kagetane who would rather see the world burn (though that might be the fact he’d rather see the world burn rather than some hatred for the Stolen Generation).



The times the Anti-Gastrea/Cursed Children segments come on is rather jarring and abrupt, like in episode 2 where the cops were content to taking the thieving cursed child out back and shooting her in the head many times, or now, the rejection of a daughter because she’s a cursed child. I think it is worse, for a mother to abandon her daughter. It reminds me somewhat of the Zodiac children in Fruits Basket, with some children being rejected by their mothers for being one of the Zodiac, or endlessly protected.


That’s what annoys me with the world of Black Bullet, is that they cannot get their heads on straight. They do not like Cursed Children, and see them as nothing but Gastrea. But they can’t continue to live without the abilities of a Cursed Child. Does this mean that some Cursed Children are more equal than others? That a Civil Security pair is more trustworthy than a Cursed Child that has been abandoned by society?


Enju was treated like shit before meeting Rentarou, and came out of that experience with a very strong dislike wariness of humans. Now she is as normal as she can be with merely a year of being cared for like an actual human being.


Sadly this example will never be accepted by the Stolen Generation and their children, and it is that view that makes me want to swing with Kagetane in seeing the world burn. If the humans can’t get over their prejudice, that they can’t learn to accept the Cursed Children and especially seeing that they are willing to be accepted, even to go as far as kill Gastrea to protect the normal humans, then I see no hope for Black Bullet’s humanity.




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  1. Great review of episode 8. I can see your reasoning for leaning toward Kagetane’s ideas of how to deal with humanity and personally I find it difficult not to agree with him to a degree. Keep up the great work.

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