Black Bullet (Episode 9)

The calm before the storm. Good God can Rentarou x Kisara ever get a break?



Episode Summary

Tina and Rentarou visit Dr. Muroto, who scares the living daylights out of Tina when they enter her lab. Noting she’s not had anything to eat recently. Here Rentarou gets teased by the good doctor, revealing him to be an accused pedophile. She also reveals that an old friend, Nagisawa Shouma, had been looking for him. Tina also discusses the fact she’ll be targeted by her old Promoter, Professor Rand. Both Rentarou and Muroto tell her that she shouldn’t worry. Though later when Tina is asleep, she reminds him not to get too attached, mainly because they are still part-Gastrea. Rentarou denies this, stating that they are still human, and want to give them a Gastrea free world.



Regarding that, even with Dr. Murota notes that even with Rentarou’s advanced security clearance, records of the Gastrea war that should’ve been destroyed are being kept, and at an even higher security level.


Kisara calls at that moment, and it’s revealed that the whitening of the monolith was discovered by the press, and Seitenshi’s press conference had her battered on all sides. Those who could have already fled Tokyo, and it seems like the Tokyo area will soon devolve into riots. Rentarou and Tamaki, as well as Yuzuki, Enju, and Tina, are at the Adjuvant staging ground. Since they do not have enough to be a registered group yet, they haven’t received any material support from the JASDF.



Looking for a pair, Rentarou and Enju go through a festival with negative results. Afterwards, they come across a scene of a murdered pair (one thay had scouted earlier but rejected due to the Promoter being armored head to toe). Finding a new fight underway, Rentarou realizes that Shouma was one of the people fighting. Easily taking down the brash AK-74 wielding and his Initiator, Rentarou approaches him and introduces him as his senpai in the Tendou school of Martial Arts.


Later in their campsite, Nagisawa Shouma offers his services to his Adjuvant group. Rentarou asks why he had left so abruptly before, only for Shouma to say he wasn;t cut out for it. When asking about the killed pair, Shouma responds in a way to indicate he wasn’t aware of it. Later on, they introruduce themselves to the other pairs, with Midori Fuse, Shouma’s Model Cat Initiator, show she has gained some animal features as a part of the Gastrea virus in her.


Even though they have a filled Adjuvant, Rentarou explains he’d had rather gotten five pairs, as he could best command that many as well as covering their many blindspots. Kisara arrives though, to inform the group that they only need to find one more pair, having had Seitenshi pull off Tina’s revoked rank, she is now a Promoter-Initiator pair with Tina, starting at rank 9200.

After reintroducing himself to Kisara, Rentarou takes her to the side to talk (while Tamaki seems to have fallen for Kisara). Having been beaten to submission (well, not really) to accept them, a JGSDF soldier informs them that the leader of the Adjuvants have called for a meeting.


The leader of the Adjuvant is a rank 275, Gadou Nagamasa. The battle plan is for the JASDF to engage the Gastrea, while the Civil Security pairs will be called in when needed. After the hot-blooded speech, Rentarou points out the white elephant in the room. Asking why as they are being held back, wouldn’t it be more effective if they based their camp closer to the front lines for guerilla action. Noting that their orders is to wait for a call for help, Rentarou asks if such a call will ever come.



Back in camp, Enju and Yuzuru tease Midori, while Rentarou and Kisara have a conversation, stating they’re both worried about each other, affirming their commitment to protect each other. Before anything more can happen, Rentarou is cockblocked by Tina and the rest of the Adjuvant.




And so, with weapons up in the air, the Rentarou Adjuvant swear to see the fight through the end.bullet099e9

Episode Thoughts:

And at last, Rentarou’s adjuvant is formed. The appearance of Shouma Nagisawa and his Model Cat Initiator, Midori Fuse, was interesting. He’s Rentarou’s superior in terms of the Tendou Martial Arts, and no doubt Kisara’s equal or junior partner (unsure, since Kisara seems to have taken the slicing and stabbing route rather than the punching and kicking route).


Something that I thought was peculiar, and building off from my rant from last time, was how Civil Security pairs were often ostracized. I mean we see elements of this from episode one, where the SAT team leader was dismissive of the threat a Gastrea would bring (although Kagetane is more dangerous) and had sent his rappelling team in first to initiate contact, rather than wait for Rentarou. It seems the stigma of Cursed Children also extends to their Promoters.

I think the general public is more willing, or rather, less willing to confront or give Civil Officers any flak, but the military seems to regard them in contempt. This is seen when the battle plan regarding the monolith 32’s fall has the Civil Security officers acting as rear guard. An auxiliary force that will be ‘called upon’ when needed when no one with the backward, hateful mind would call upon the CS officers for help. I mean the only one further back is the artillery batteries.


That said, it doesn’t help that CS officers seem to be recruited from just about anywhere, as seen by the total fuckwad of a meathead that was Kayo’s Promoter, to the chickenshit fatass fugitive (who reminded me of the Norkia pilot ‘Fat Chicken’) that wields the AK-74 (I think). So maybe they don’t help their case much? They’re also seen to be a bunch of undisciplined yahoos who are more fitting to be in a school yard than on the front lines. But that could just be me. Modern day militia of the people will no doubt be dressed in spaghetti straps, short shorts, or maybe almost nothing at all right?


Another thing I wanted to briefly touch on was the death of the Civil Security pair, the armored Promoter that Rentarou had dismissed. Very peculiar marks. We never did confirm Kagetane had ‘died’, but rather his signal was lost. Maybe he’s still alive, and maybe Kohina had gone even more crazed. Maybe we can get an actual satisfactory rematch. I guess it’s because this may only be a one-season series, and they wanna cover some perceived loose ends. With the chaos of a large scale battle involving multiple Civil Security officers, the JSDF, and Gastrea; a long protracted duel can happen out of the eye of higher command.


One thing I would like to note, if there is anyone with a better grasp of the Japanese language, I need to know if they are actually referring to the JSDF as the JSDF, or the JGSDF. The fansub groups I have used (Horrible and Underwater) had used the acronym JASDF. No doubt the Japan AIR Self Defense Force is one of the key players in the defense of the Tokyo Area, but I think they are also referring to the Japan GROUND Self Defense Force. That said, maybe it’s a new acronym, like Japan Anti-Gastrea Self Defense Force or something.


Episode Summary



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