Black Bullet (Episode 12)

This episode was kinda meh, though we hope this little funk of Rentarou’s is over once the shit hits the fan.



Episode Summary

Rentarou and company come across a nesting group of Gastrea. Their target, Pleiades, is asleep. In one strike they take it out, awakening the Gastea. The trio hide as the Gastrea move out. Due to this, JASDF F-15E Strike Eagles and artillery take out the hordes, before Aldebaran appears and allies the Gastrea forces. A 500lb bomb takes out Aldebaran’s head, but emitting pheromone clouds, regenerates its head, most likely to call a retreat.




Coming back, Enju greets him, while Kisara informs him that he is now the commander of the Civil Officers due to Gado’s death. Looking at Gado’s corpse, he remarks that he didn’t hate him. The remaining Civil Officers surround Kagetane, and before things fall into infighting between Kagetane and the Civil Officers, Rentarou reminds all their common enemy is the Gastrea.



Shouma’s partner, Midori, had been injected with Gastrea Virus. Kagetane tells him to kill her, since it is the world he had fought him for, and thus must come to grips with his choices. Talking with Midori, they talk and Midori’s fortune telling abilities is put to use, with Midori explaining how she was never needed by anyone until she met Shouma.


Smelling confusion in her, she also notes that Kisara can be easily swayed by darkness, but should be fine if Satomi is the leader. Going out under the pretext of using the bathroom, the Adjuvant looks for her, only for Satomi and Shouma finding that she had shot herself in the back, as to not burden anyone.


Her blood already purple, she was close to turning, and both decide to tell people she had run away. Shouma reveals he had been excommunicated from the Tendou school of Martial Arts. He asks him to defeat Aldebaran, to properly mourn Midori.

The next morning, Rentarou addresses the remaining Civil Officers, who erupt in confusion and anger. When one suggests people to run, he stabs him in the shoulder, Kagetane and Kohina protect him from others, and he puts his foot down as the leader of the remaining Adjuvants, implying he isn’t as kind as Gado was.



When Kisara confronts him later, he says that with the people fearing the Gastrea, it would be better if they directed their fear at him, else they wouldn’t be able to fight. Kisara notes that if that were to be the case, no one then would be by his side, to which he says he doesn’t mind it. Kisara though maintains she would be by his side even if no one would be. Gado’s initiator comes and calls him a dictator, saying he is unfit to be a commander. Feeling Gado’s name was being besmirched by, she attacks, only to be stopped by Shouma.




Shouma asks her to be his Initiator for the time being, and she accepts, before Miori arrives with reinforcements. Satomi had hired her as a tactician, and Shiba Heavy Industries has created a new type of bomb that could destroy Aldebaran. More powerful than the 500lb dropped on Aldebaran, it requires to be inside Aldebaran to explode and be most effective. The fact they have to first pierce Aldebaran’s shell, then toss the EP bomb in, then wait for it to be fully regenerated to kill him, requires firepower they do not have.



Miori points out they do, and when asked, everyone merely stares at him, pointing out that Rentarou’s unique abilities is what is needed. Miori’s plan calls for them to abandon their camp, and to set up a final stand in the rear. When asked, Rentarou points out the best place to face Aldebaran’s foes would be at the flames of revolution. Setting up their base at the aforementioned memorial, Miori has made some of the monuments as spot towers, since their plan hinges on being able to find their enemy quickly. Kisara notes this, and having informed the JSDF of their need, they are transporting the batteries by land.



Night has fallen, and even though they aren’t ready, Rentarou tells everyone to get ready. Coming across Enjuu, he realizes the monument was a bad place due to the memories Enuu has of her friends. She says the Civil Officer system is only a good way to get rid of the Gastrea and Cursed Children, though he assures her that he believes working for a civil security agency is to put his life on the line for others.


Asking her she didn’t need to decide now which view she should listen to, they do need the world to continue to exist in order to make that decision. Calming her down, Rentarou notes with Kagetane’s joining of his Adjuvant, he finally gets the 5 pair full hand he needs, covering most of his vulnerabilities (Rentarou/Enju as King, Kisara/Tina as Queen, Katagiri siblings as Jack, Shouma and Asaka Miu (Gado’s initiator) as Ace, and the Hiruko father/daughter pair as the Joker). With everyone in position, Aldebaran, fully healed, heads out to the final confrontation.

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The scene cuts to a familiar jerkass and his two other subordinates. The two are seen tossing the aforementioned power sources into the river, with the jerkass stating this will be the end of Rentarou.


What a fucking asshole.


Episode Thoughts:

Well, the episode is kinda meh. Trying to cram as much into thirty minutes as they can, the fight against a supposedly high level and dangerous Gastrea like Pleiades became a three-minute hit and fade by Rentarou and Kagetane, and Rentarou’s about face and turning into a dictator was rather…sudden. Midori’s death was heartbreaking to be said, but not as strong as I have felt in comparison to Enju’s and Tina’s classmates. Asaka Miu’s inclusion as Shouma’s new initiator is was also very sudden, and while I understood it would happen, I thought a bit more speaking and trying to convince her was needed.


Basically we should’ve seen another episode. ><;;

Kagetane hanging around Rentarou seems, normal really. He’s very much the Joker, especially if I can compare him to Heath Ledger’s Joker, in that he just does what he wants. Sometimes people’s goals align with his, but you can never understand him. It’s one of those deals where you sleep with both eyes open, a tamed snake, unsure of when it’ll bite.


It’s refreshing that he’s back, not so much that like most 12-13 episode runs, the writers are trying to cram as much as they can into the beginning and ending. With the final episode a few days from now, we’ll see if they manage to pull it off, or leave us with a season/series ender that, while satisfying, isn’t as filling or too rushed.

I also want the jerkass to be hunted down like the rabid dog he is and if everyone remembers the SAT operatives from episode one? Yeah. I want Kohina to cut up his subordinates before Kagetane crushing their remains while Rentarou mercilessly beats the ever-living hell out of the jerkass.


Then when he’s about to die, to be injected with Gastrea virus so it can start all over again. :/



Episode Gallery:

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