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Quick Thought ver Three Episode Rule: Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club!

A break from rails and bewbs to feature guns and silliness. The over the top comedy that left the fourth wall crying in the corner and replaced by an empty chair. Overactive imaginations and slice of life. A masochist and … Continue reading

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Rail Wars (Episiode 4: I think I like it)

And so the last of the supporting cast is introduced in a rather interesting episode. And again  my experience and insights from prior jobs flavored my view on the silliness of this episode incident of the week, and I’m here … Continue reading

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Rail Wars! (Episode 3: So Cool!)

Introducing a new girl, this time someone who knew him from school, Naoto gets to show a bit more of his capability to lead and rely on his intuition. I also got lazy and only took a few screenshots.

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Quick Thought: Random Rambling and Summer 2014

An apology to the scant few who follow me. The Three Episode Rule posts on Argevollen and Aldnoah are put on hold/dropped. The two series have achieved something that I thought wouldn’t be possible, and this is to bore me, … Continue reading

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Rail Wars! (Episode 2: Just Let Me for a Little)

  And thus the idyllic life Naoto envisioned for is shattered. When you work for the security of the public at large, don’t expect that every day is the same day in day out. It’s something I’ve become familiar with … Continue reading

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Three Episode Rule: Mashup – 2014 Summer Season

So starts a new season, and thus a new set of Three Episode Rule posts. To keep it short and sweet (as well as to save my sanity), I’m looking at three series while at the same time, will only … Continue reading

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Black Bullet (Episode 13 – END)

And thus ends a satisfying series full of evil mindless monsters, memes about not wanting to live on this planet anymore, lolis, a protagonist who is better with said lolis, his scary girlfriend, and a villain that is quite Heath … Continue reading

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