Black Bullet (Episode 13 – END)

And thus ends a satisfying series full of evil mindless monsters, memes about not wanting to live on this planet anymore, lolis, a protagonist who is better with said lolis, his scary girlfriend, and a villain that is quite Heath Ledger’s Joker-like in likability.


Episode Summary

The remaining Civil Security officers, along with elements of the JSDF (no doubt the artillery part since the armor and infantry were all screwed two episodes back), await for the (not coming) batteries. Tina is able to see where the Gastrea with her eyesight, but only her.


When all seemed lost, lanterns fill the sky overhead, revealing the Gastrea. They were sent from the Leader’s Palace, as part of the Genan Festival, where people and cursed children have gathered.

Seitenshi tells Rentarou that each light is filled with everyone’s hopes and prayers to live, and urges him to win the battle. He tells Enju that he believes that people have two faces, one of light and one of dark. Enju would protect both in response. The Gastrea have neared, and the group opens fire with mortars and GPMGs, the first wave broken, the Adjuvants engage the Gastrea.


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As they battle in the city, we see Kisara, the remaining Adjuvants, and Rentarou’s group destroy Gastrea, with Shouma and Kagateane telling Satomi to not waste his time with the small fry. Engaging Aldebaran, Enju and Satomi manage to implant the LP bomb into its body after it opens its shell to try and stop Rentarou.

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Getting away to a safe distance, the bomb itself malfunctions at the last second, and Rentarou realizes there is still a way to set it off. Saying his goodbye to Enju, he says he is thankful for meeting her and punches her to knock her out.




He intends to apply enough force to jumpstart the bomb, but it is only possible at point blank range. Able to escape his projectiles, Rentarou is hit by the Varanium corroding fluid and loses his leg. Shouma appears and helps him get to safe place. Stating that the technique that got him excommunicated from the Tendou school of martial arts is forbidden, he intends to bury it deep into the Earth (along with Aldebaran). Against Rentarou’s wishes, he goes in and punches Aldebaran hard enough to set the bomb off.








bullet097e13 bullet099e13

After a spectacular mushroom cloud, Rentarou comes to. Enju helps him up, to look at the carnage. Aldebaran and Shouma are dead, the Gastrea defeated (most had fled outside the monoliths), but at a terrible cost. Of the gathered Civil Security officers, only roughly twenty are left (intact or not pairs), as well as the JSDF’s losses from the past two days. Overhead, the materials for a new Monolith pass by, the Civil Security officers having won the Third Kanto Battle.




Two days after the victory, back at the Tendou compound, Kazumitsu Tendou arrives to face Rentarou and Kisara and their initiators. The athmosphere is cold, with Kisara preferring to call her older brother the Vice Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (the same bastard who created the faulty Monolith in the first place). He had thought he had gotten rid of all the evidence pertaining to the faulty construction of the Monolith. It has been revealed that the Varanium blocks had been made with other materials to reduce its purity, with Kazumitsu pocketing the money.




Arguing that the purity should’ve been enough, Kisara notes that it didn’t work on Aldebaran, and that he had used his ill-gotten gains to obtain his current Vice Minister status. He was wholly at fault for the loss of life due to the Third Kanto Battle, and she remarks he is a piece of trash that should’ve died in battle.

Exposed, Kazumitsu reveals himself to be a ‘true’ villain, that manipulates things with money and runs when death comes calling. Challenging him to a duel, his secretary/lover/whomever, Shiina Kazumi acts as Kazumitsu’s witness, while Rentarou serves as Kisara’s. Rentarou asks if they really have go through this, with Kazumitsu saying he’s gonna shut her up once and for all, and with Kisara saying she finally found one of the people responsible for her parent’s deaths.


Taking a stance that Kazumitsu is unfamiliar with, she states it was a style she created for the expressed purpose to destroy every member of her family. True to her word, when they cross, Kazumitsy’s polearm is swiftly deflected away while Kisara merely walks past, before Kazumitsu loses his legs.




With him in the ground, she reveals that her second strike had hit abnormally (faster than the speed of sound) quickly, and demands information on the attack that killed her parents. Asking if stray Gastrea would suddenly just appear out of nowhere in the heart of the Tokyo Area.

Prodded along, he reveals that he, three others, and Kikunojo Tendou were involved in the plan. Their father was about to expose the darkness of the clan, having said the clan had orchestrated events to bring them up to their current status. Getting the information she needed, Kisara tells everyone to go. Thinking he had been spared, he starts thanking her as the leave the dojo.



With all of them outside and Rentarou closing the door, Kisara notes that the second strike didn’t just take out his leg. From within the dojo, Kazumitsu’s head splits open, spraying Kazumi with his blood. Rentarou had rushed in to see, and urges the girls not to look. Kisara is jubilant over killing one of those responsible for her parent’s deaths, their ‘revenge’.




Rentarou states that she knew all along, and this wasn’t justice, but her execution. She notes that he was unable to kill Kikunojo who was behind the Kagetane incident, nor could he kill Sougen who was behind the sniping incident. He is a force of justice, but evil can only be destroyed by an even bigger evil, one she is claiming to be. This worries Rentarou, who fears he may become Kisara’s enemy.





As the credits roll, Seitenshi addresses the people of the Tokyo area, who announces that the New Gastrea Law had passed, stating that for now, young children carry a heavy burden (fighting the Gastrea), but may change in the future, and thus up to them to make that possible.


Rentarou and Enju are heading to the Sacred Palace where they would be decorated for their service, and Enju hands him an oath. 1. To never fight alone, 2. We will do everything together. 3. Don’t knock me unconscious without warning.


The fourth is interrupted when the tram they were in stops due to an accident at the next station. Enju wonders if there was anything they could’ve done to help, thinking of those who had died. Rentarou finally drops his façade, as he also remembers the sacrifices they remember (Shouma, Midori, the girls, Kayo), and scared that he was becoming indifferent to the deaths of others, he asks Enju to always stay by his side. A promise that Enju gladly fulfils.





Episode Thoughts

Alright, there was genuine fear that this would end up being a crapshoot, but it wasn’t thankfully. The final battle was just that, the last battle against Aldebaran. We already knew it was gonna be won, but not at the cost of losing Shouma.

The more interesting thing is Kisara’s confrontation and execution of her older brother, Kazumitsu Tendou, who was responsible for the entire battle to take place. Her laser-like need for revenge even scared Rentarou, and already I’m wondering what effect that would have on their relationship. I found it a little hypocritical that she called him out on his actions prior to the final battle last episode, but would heartlessly kill her brother in single combat, and even be happy about it.

It highlights maybe, that Rentarou is the lightness of the world, while Kisara is the darkness. They can’t exist without the other, yet they are fundamentally opposed to each other’s existence. I can see why also that he may eventually have to stop Kisara, since her body count is gonna be quite high (three other brothers and Kikunojo; along with their lackeys). She’s taking on the role of the true villain, the seething mass of hate, distilled into a precision weapon. A hatred and evil so condensed, that it will overpower all others, all to avenge her fallen parents (and if the rest of the world is saved, it’s a happy coincidence).

In all, the episode was good, the action at the beginning was a holdover from the last few episode, but the latter half was the meat of the episode. It was the splintering between Kisara and Rentarou, to show that while they seem to have gone official in their relationship, in the end they may be facing off against each other, with Rentarou as the possibly easily influenced person of justice, and Kisara being the unmovable force of revenge.

On a lighter note, I wished we got to see Rentarou kill that motherfucking jerkass. But I guess a bigger asshole showed himself and Kisara got rid of him.


Series Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed it. After following some easy shows of love, romance, food, and action scenes, Black Bullet came across as an average show with good plot that was initially done badly (Kagetane arc), picked up in the middle, and while slightly halting in the end, left us with a feeling of closure yet this dangling bit of promise of more things to come. We may or may not get a second season, but the series ended rather well in my opinion.

It certainly wasn’t much of a series for some, and I might’ve been too overly obsessed over Tina’s gun (is it a Barret 98B rebarrelled into .50BMG rather than its .338 Lapua or an Accuracy international AX50, I can’t tell ><;; ), but in all, the series really shone when Rentarou is seen with Enju, and is showing his humanity, all the while Kisara and Rentarou finally breaking the ice helped, while Kagetane was what allowed me to slog through the first arc.

Not bad, could’ve been better paced, written, and benefited from a few more episode, but not bad.


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