Rail Wars! (Episode 2: Just Let Me for a Little)


And thus the idyllic life Naoto envisioned for is shattered. When you work for the security of the public at large, don’t expect that every day is the same day in day out. It’s something I’ve become familiar with working for concert venues and other jobs related to customer service and security.


Episode Summary:


Apart from the usual four, the leader of K4 (Public Safety Crew Defense 4), is Iida Nana, and thus starts the daily life of K4.

The scene starts with the JNR’s version of the SAT deploy on a special train to respond to a threat, before Sakurai asks their team leader that they should mobilize as well. That they do, and they find themselves merely patrolling the main terminal at Tokyo.




At first, Naoto bemoans the fact he won’t be able to be a chauffeur for the JNR, seeing his dreams float away, while Sakurai is eager to get going yet annoyed at this change. But as time flies by, Naoto, Shou, and Haruka finds themselves doing more customer service while Aoi grows increasingly frustrated.



Confronting Iida over this, Iida asks if she’s misunderstanding what she signed up for, and confiscates her weapon (which to me made me go wonder how the hell she managed to own one to begin with). Noting her frustration later, Iida invites Haruka and Aoi to lunch, and treats her to a special dessert that is frozen with liquid nitrogen, noting that sweets make good sense when one is frustrated.





Shou and Naoto meanwhile continue to hang posters, before Shou throws Naoto to the ground when a locker behind them explodes. Meeting with the station chief, they will give in to the terrorist’s demands of ¥10,000,000 by 15:00 before the next bomb explodes. Iida suggest they get the money ready, since evacuating the station would cause a panic. Naoto asks if they could look for it, and Iida allows them to, and mobilizes the station’s other staff as well. Their deadline is 14:50, at which point they’ll give in to the terrorist’s demands.




Searching lockers, Aoi asks why he is now more proactive about public safety, though Naoto only responds that he wants everyone to feel safe while riding on the trains without worry of being harmed. Realizing the daunting task before them, Aoi suggest that if they were the bomber, they’d not put it in a locker like the first one that had gone off and somewhere else. Getting a chance phone call from the Lost and Found people about the dog found last episode, Shou has an intuitive flash and says the bomb is the dog.




Heading to the Lost and Found center, Shou states that the carrier was rather large for a dog so small. Aoi listens to the carrier and hears the beeping of a timer. Shou and Haruka go off to close down the area and inform Iida, and Aoi tells Naoto off for touching the carrier, stating that it could set off a trap.



Cutting open the false bottom and exposing the explosive device, she notes that the perp was going to escape using the panic of the explosion, and starts to dismantle it. Stating that her father did show her how to do it before, this is the first time she’s ever done one live. Haruka comes in saying that they’d been instructed to not touch the bomb, though it was too late at this point.


After some weird positions resulting in an arm through cleavage trying to cut wires, the station chief arrives on the platform for the handoff, while Aoi and Naoto come to a crossroads. Faced with a pink and red wire, having cut everything else, from this point forward only the bomb maker knows which wire to cut. Naoto proposes to cut the pink wire because it matches Aoi’s name, she instead cuts the red one, which unfortunately speeds up the timer and they lose about a minute or two, a mistake on Aoi’s part (maybe because she’s grown frustrated with her new job and with Naoto?).




Asking Naoto to hold on to the wire to keep it from counting down quickly, Sakurai leaves, while Naoto asks Haruka that the safety of the passengers is their top priority, to which she leaves as well.

As the timer nears its last minute, Naoto imagines himself in his dream job before Sakurai comes back with the canister of liquid nitrogen, and freezes the circuits with only 5 seconds to spare. Back at the platform, the perp is apprehended, while Aoi drops her façade slightly after she finished dismantling the explosive by disconnecting the power source. She falls into him, thanking him for trusting her, and asks him to let her stay like this for a little while.







Later, it seemed that Naoto was appointed second in command of K4, with the enthusiastic replies of Shou and Haruka and the begrudging acknowledgement of Aoi. Surely he thinks, his dream job in life as a chauffeur is slowly leaving his grasp.







Episode Thoughts:


And so starts this blog’s next series. I already know more prominent blogs have started doing this, but I could care less really, this is something I do for my own personal enjoyment, and hopefully the scant few who do follow me does the same. For the love of the show and all.

Well, let me start off with what I first thought in the first episode. Since I’m not much of a deep thinker, I will say that the nickname for Rail Wars! did make me go ‘wat’, but even if the premise and setting kinda kicked the shin of my free-market, pro-capitalist (anti-crony capitalist) sensibilities, I like it. And then there is Sakurai Aoi, who I liked the moment I saw her. Red haired and a hoplophile? I likes. Though she’s a bit of a typical tsundere.


They did kinda push her character a little away from TsunTsun to Dere in this episode, but I think it was a bit more begrudging respect rather than “AH MAH GAWD IMMA GONNA MARRY YOU”. She has an interesting character and makes me like her. Well I like her more than Koumi Haruka, who we saw is the ‘preferred’ pairing with Naoto with some sort of forgotten history with him. Or at least initially. A slowly thawed (meaning character change is subtle and over time) tsundere is nice in my opinion.

Now, on to episode two.

I’m gonna be honest now, I tried to avoid mentioning it before, but I work for security. This coupled with my previous employment in customer service makes me appreciate the show in ways different from RailOta, and others really. I did find the bomb scene absurd, but for the sake of character development it had to be done I guess. (Tokyo Metropolitian Police SAT Explosive Ordinance Disposal doesn’t exist in here? Are that so jurisdictionally locked they can’t ask for any available unit nearby…or maybe there wasn’t any nearby). Freezing the circuits was unique, though I’m not too sure how effective that would’ve been, I’m not an EOD tech. ><;;


Knowing the general procedures of such a threat (thankfully no threats were levelled at where I had worked during concerts you’d expect it in), I thought K4’s actions were kinda borderline insane and full of gusto, but then again this IS fiction.

Naoto reminds me of myself during my times in my previous jobs. I was more customer service than I was security. Much like Aoi, I had fantasized about breaking up fights and what have you, hell it went worse when I was given a whisper radio. XD;;

But no, a good deal of what that entailed was making sure customers were treated right, and when you’re parking staff at a concert venue, you’re often seen as the jackass who tells people to park somewhere they don’t want to or that they can’t engulf ten parking spots with their Margarittaville setup with the fake beach and inflatable shark.

Working for security now, the problem is staying vigilant while maintaining it. Especially when you see yourself as being shunted to the undesirable section while the glamorous section is always on the news or what have you. So I can understand Aoi’s frustration. That only makes me like her more, it’s that little refreshing bit of honesty and familiarity to her frustration. She aimed for the elite counter-terrorism unit, she got shunted to crossing guard.


One thing that bothered me the entire episode. In one scene, Aoi is seen kissing the slide of what clearly looks like an M1911A1-pattern handgun, but a split second later she’s seen holding a Beretta 92FS/M9, yet officially (going off from the ED and OP), she was using the standard issue .38 Special revolver (I believe it’s a Japanese-licensed copy of a Smith and Wesson Model 10).

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I dunno it’s annoying me this episode.

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4 Responses to Rail Wars! (Episode 2: Just Let Me for a Little)

  1. Thesstheman says:

    From the looks of it, this anime could turn out well.

    Hopefully it gets a good plot or progress instead of devolving into harem antics.

  2. Amusingly, I didn’t notice that the type of gun seems to change during that scene. What more caught my attention was the fact that she had her finger on the trigger for a moment before it’s properly off the trigger in the next shot. Hopefully, she will get the revolver back. I happen to be more of a fan of revolvers than semi-auto pistols myself; though, both are fun to shoot.

    You weren’t the only one to think that the diffusing of the bomb was handled badly. It jarred my suspension of disbelief a little.

    But, this show is certainly fun so far. I’m surprised when I read other bloggers passing it off as boring.

    • Speaking with some people on skype, one friend was told it was “Boobs and Rails”. Certainly that can’t be good. I might be a snob as you’ve said, I don’t like hype. My time is finite, and I have other things besides anime.

      If someone harps on a show being good and amazing, I have a few shows to compare it to and see if it works. Frankly I’m not interested in Tokyo Ghoul or Argevelon or what have you. It feels…generic to me.

      Eden of the East was really what I considered a good ‘thinking’ anime. Not Tokyo Ghoul or what have you. For it’s faults in animation, Coppelion is something I wanna get back to, etc. But Attack on Titan isn’t that great for me. It feels drawn out and long. The next Naruto/Bleach/Dragon Ball Z.

      Maybe that’s what’s gotten me to rewatching some classics, or rediscovering classics I didn’t watch. Finally saw Porco Rosso, rewatched My Neighbor Totoro and Laputa: Castle in the Sky. All of the original Macross and 08th MS Team and its OVA. which to me, is the best of the bunch in the Gundam franchise.

      I think I have some for a quick thought.

      • I can’t watch Tokyo Ghoul either. Too gory and its told from the point of view of a monster. I don’t really care how a monster thinks! That’s also why I hated the novel Grendel.

        With older series being more creative, I think the reason lies in those series having older antecedents. Contemporary anime are mostly based on other contemporary anime. People see what anime have been hits and try to duplicate that. But, older series tend to rely more on stories and ideas outside their genre. And, the best anime nowadays share that trait with older anime–like Dai Sato’s Ergo Proxy and Eureka Seven which draw from his extensive knowledge of Western culture or Shiki, which draws on the original Beowulf and John Gardner’s Grendel. (At least, I argue that it does. You’re free to disagree.)

        However, I find Rail Wars to be a charming show. It does feel like You’re Under Arrest, but it has its own uniqueness. The characters are high school students, but they are not stuck in the high school student routine. Though the female characters have generous bosoms, they don’t show off their cleavage, and one gets the impression that fanservice is not supposed to be a main selling point. There is plenty of action, but the show still feels close to everyday life.

        So, I’m going to stick with this fun show. If some people look down on it, may they choke on their own contempt. 😛

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