Quick Thought: Random Rambling and Summer 2014

An apology to the scant few who follow me. The Three Episode Rule posts on Argevollen and Aldnoah are put on hold/dropped. The two series have achieved something that I thought wouldn’t be possible, and this is to bore me, not even Coppelion did this, and I watch an episode or two every once in a while, same with Kiniro Mosaic. The two premier mecha shows this season, beaten by a show that a friend called “boobs and rails”.

But to be fair to both of them, I was spoiled by Gundam Unicorn, and before Unicorn, by Macross Frontier. There have been parts where I thought the CG clashed too much, and didn’t mesh that well with the hand drawn bits. But I’m not here to critique on it really. I provide as best of an episode summary as I can in an episodic, nearly live-blogging format, and my thoughts in the end.

I am not really a critic as some bloggers are, just a fan with a blog. That said, I did pick up a second series, which will feature its own Quick Thought later.

Now, looking at the field of blogs, it seems that the usual shows are gaining popularity. Sword Art Online’s newest season is proving to be popular, and truth be told, it should be something I would be happy about. It’s set in the Gun Gale Online arc, something I’m told would appeal to my hoplophile tendencies. Guns, action, and all that. I geeked out over the inclusion of a few weapons in Black Bullet, and went bonkers with Upotte!, but why am I not following SAO?

Simple, its hype.

Call me a anti-hype snob, hell call me a hipster, though I doubt I embody what that word means or is represented (-insert Inigo Montoya meme here-). I’m not fond of hyped up shows, and prefer to go to shows that impress me on some level. That ‘fizz’ that James May once talked about reviewing a fast car. It’s less dependent on who is voicing who, what studio made it, who wrote it, etc. Those are important yes, but anime isn’t a cut and paste thing. It’s a medium with a huge variety of shows that cater to different tastes.

And the two shows aren’t appealing to me. Much like SAO II’s not gonna draw me in. I’ll take “boobs and rails” over SAO because it is meh. I thought Log Horizon did the “stuck in a game” genre better, hell, Accel World did as well, and let’s not forget dot.hack. I think it’s because it hasn’t given me much of a ‘fizz’.

Another thing that would make me go “nope” to a particular thing is if it doesn’t appeal to me at all. No amount of awesome reviews or hype will get me to like what I’m not fond of. A show last seasons that had done this to me was Attack on Titan. I thought it was meh and overly gory and focused too much on stuff. Same with this season, I’m not particularly fond of Tokyo Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul should be one of the best shows this season, a masterpiece by Pierrot (a studio that has done a number of shows I loved). Its dark fantasy setting would be a good counterbalance to the distinctively lighthearted in comparison Rail Wars!, but it wasn’t meant to be. The setting to me is not fitting. I can bend my sensibilities enough for a good many things, hell I am quite fine with shows where it shows ‘the other side’ or feature the supernatural (looking’ at ya, Paranoia Agent).

But the concept of a ghoul to me will forever be tied to the folklore. The evil the thing represents. If the etymology of the being is so demonic that it actually goes back to Mesopotamian times, I’m not gonna sit here and watch a show about character that is a part of an sub-race of humans, or rather, something that isn’t categorized really as human anymore, sit and talk about losing his humanity. The breakdown between what is human and what is to be a ghoul. That and while I can take a lot of bending, I just shied away from it. And also I do have a bit of a weak stomach for things like this. I don’t see the need to watch the show, so I won’t.

I won’t force others into not watching it. By all means it has the makings of a good series, but I think the premise and the hype around it made me go “no thanks”. And the gore, in reality I am not just fitting well with stuff I might see as ‘slasher’ grade material. I can take people being blown up and what have you, but not shit like this.


I guess I rambled with no aim long enough. Long story short, I dropped/stopped watching Argevollen and Aldnoah, picked up Sabagebu!, and don’t like much of the current series because of hype and premise.

Welcome to my soapbox.

Art by ree (re-19) on Pixiv

Art by ree (re-19) on Pixiv


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One Response to Quick Thought: Random Rambling and Summer 2014

  1. You sound like me there. I also could not get into Attack on Titan. The characters were too bland for my taste, though the show strung me along until episode nine when I figured that it would not get any better.

    I also tend to avoid hyped shows. SAO got a shot, but I didn’t care for it–likely because I couldn’t identify with the characters. My favorite hyped up show of this season is Akame ga Kiru, but I fell in love with the manga first.

    One good thing about bad anime seasons is that one can watch some of the classics as one waits for better shows to appear. That’s practically what I did from 2009 – 2012, but anime has gotten much better since those years. At least, I think so.

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