Rail Wars! (Episode 5: Quit Staring)

And so we get to the fifth episode of bewbs and trains. As usual I’m more or less typing this as fast as I can while the episode plays. Because lawl I’m not an actual reviewer or anything.

Dat Derailment. Just…really.


Episode Summary:

Aoi picks up Naoto for morning training, and apart from one or two minor problems (train derailment due to an obstruction on the line, a well-placed shot by a paintball pistol), it seemed everything went well. While in the locker room (without her pantyhose due to it most likely still covered in paint), Aoi asks Iida why she has to pair up with the pacifist (in her words) Naoto in order to receive permissions for weapons training.





Iida merely states that peace is a good thing, that it’s good when the power of love overcomes the love of power. Back in the office, Haruka notices the bruise on Naoto’s face, and bandages it. Aoi notices this (and the fact he’s texting with Mari), and in a rare dere moment, thanks him for training with him.

After this, Naoto seems excited. As a treat for future JNR employees, a special tour ride is being granted to them on a route exclusive mainly to freight trains, on a KiHa 52, which Naoto describes as the symbol of the JNR’s boom.

Iida comes in and explains that the bomber from episode 2 had an accomplice. Aoi jumps at this and proclaims that she’ll bring the crook to justice, though Iida states that the main team can do it. Naoto agrees and this earns a stomp on the foot from a dejected Aoi.


As they get ready to do their regular rounds, Haruka notes that Naoto should watch over everyone, especially as the deputy captain. Aoi arrives late, and in an outburst, seems to randomly toss out a high kick at a bystander. While Naoto apologizes and Aoi is embarrassed for exposing her undergarments, Aoi notices something weird about the bystander.




Aoi tells Naoto that it was the accomplice, and they tail him on a train. Naoto is understandably worried, noting they should at least call it in to Iida, but Aoi states she’ll chase him alone even if she had to. Hiding in a lavatory, some scenes of fanservice that added a bit to their characters. Calling Iida, she gives em permission to trail him but to leave the actual arrest to Hitomi and her SAT team.

Aoi is happy that they got permission to trail him, but when told arrest was not their job, she gets pissed to the point she pulled out her service rev- hold on a minute, where the fuck did she get that?! Also that was most likely Naoto’s expression.


Contacting and questioning Iida about it, she states that Aoi had insisted being armed with the accomplice loose. Iida is also testing his judgment and ability to control Aoi, no doubt as a test. Continuing to trail him on a single-car train, the train stops at the station and they end up being exposed. After a slight blunder, Aoi gives Naoto her gun and chases after the perp.

Aoi reflects that Naoto is her unlucky charm as the rain starts to fall. Noting that Naoto had said that the ‘rails connects us all’ upon finding an underground rail line, she wonders if Naoto will find her if she stays there. Naoto indeed finds her due to the anti-trespassing sensors in the train tunnel, and had hitched a ride on a passing cargo train. The local Public Security Forces have taken over the search, and Naoto and Aoi stay at a rest stop/station to go back to Tokyo the next morning.




Giving her his uniform jacket since hers was soaked. Noting their differences, Aoi is able to carry a firearm around with her as if it was nothing, due to her father being a police officer, and his dream for her to become one as well. It was due to this that he trained her in areas such as self-defense and marksmanship (and bomb disposal, etc). She isn’t wild as Naoto claims, but taking her training seriously.

Naoto’s father was just an office worker, and no doubt due to this difference in upbringings is what is how they’re so far apart. The next day, Aoi wakes up and in her groggy state, notices someone familiar. Chasing down the miscreant from the night before, he throws down a bomb on the tracks which explode. Aoi manages to stop Naoto from getting too close but is injured herself. With a train bearing down on the now destroyed track. Stopping her from chasing after the bomber, he notices the rock-fall fence and muses if they could cut it down, they could alert the incoming train to the danger ahead.





With some help stabilizing her aim from Naoto, she manages to cut a wire with a round, alerting the train and stopping it. Apologizing for their brash actions, Iida does say she can’t brush away most of the things they did, and she does remind Aoi that they aren’t police, but JNR employees, whose main concern is the safety of the customers that ride on the JNR’s rails. Asking if she finally got why she chose Naoto to be sub-leader. It’s that dedication to customer service that is the key bedrock. All other things can be added on.






With that, Aoi requests morning training again, with the intention on turning Naoto with someone with more spine, though Haruka thinks it’s just because Aoi is too tough.

Episode Thoughts:

Nice episode. As the bewbs to plot ratio start to approach something of balance, this episode teases us with more of the supposed antagonists of the story. Think about it, the JR group intends, via violence, the privatization of the JNR. In real life the JNR was massively in debt and if I recall correctly, an illegal strike happened and people got fed up with it and all. That’s my very basic understanding of it.

Anyways, 5 or so episodes isn’t that bad I think, for thawing a tsundere, though I imagine this was just “hey we need them to be at this point” before they can see anything. The grudging acknowledgement of each other’s faults and strengths. Something Naoto and Aoi can fall back on. If people were expecting rails and bombs worth of plot, I think the show is driven by the somewhat quick romance.

I think I’ve been duped. I didn’t intend to watch any romances this season, but I got it. But eh it’s Aoi so I don’t mind.

As for the episode, it still had a shitton of fanservice, which is fine to me in all honesty. Responding to a friend who compared it to Strike Witches, I think I can see why. The Neuroi were introduced, hell, that is the world. They’re a clear antagonist and the witches are there. All other things are added on. Why don’t they have pants? Well better contact with magic strikers or something.

For Rail Wars!, the whole premise I think took a back seat, or rather is showing itself slowly while waiting in the wings, as we get our main couple, the main female protagonist’s rivals for Naoto’s affection introduced, and Naoto to be shown as someone up to the task of defeating JR. Granted this is my optimism. I want Rail Wars to be a good show and all, and I did kind of become enamored with Aoi, who has become something like this season’s favorite character.

And no, I won’t call her my waifu or anything. Lynette is my waifu, all others are just favorites.

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1 Response to Rail Wars! (Episode 5: Quit Staring)

  1. I was very pleased with this episode myself. It shows a progression in Aoi and Naoto’s relationship and covers a brief conflict with the domestic terrorists trying to privatize Japan’s railroads. Much more plot advancement than the last episode!

    On another note, I’m happy that Aoi now has permission to carry a revolver during dangerous situations. That her foes resort to using bombs makes her sidearm necessary. Aoi is also my favorite character in this show, though Naoto and Haruka are pretty likable themselves.

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