Quick Thought – Kantai Collection TV Anime PV


So, just a quick thought on the anime PV released by KADOKAWA. For those who do not know, Kantai Collection is an extremely popular browser game featuring personifications of the various naval vessels of Imperial Navy (and Imperial Army via Maruya and Akitsumaru; and the Kreigsmarine with Z1, Z3, and Bismarck), fighting the Abyssal Fleet ( the personification of the US/Allied Navies).

I managed to get in during the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime tie-in, and so far have taken a relaxed and slow interest in the game. Apart from trying to stumble through the purely Japanese interface, the game is the usual card-like browser game. Its popularity though has grown to the point that many see it as the next Touhou. With voice acting by recognized seiyuu and art by known artists.

It was eventually such a big hit for KADOKAWA would try to milk it as much as they can. The figurine and memorabilia have taken off, and no doubt the addition of an anime would further increase its popularity. I for one welcome this.

Video Thoughts:

The series is going with what seems to be a full CG. The old-film effect doesn’t exactly wear off until midway through. Though this worried some people I know, I doubt it would be as horrifying bad as Arpeggio (well I thought it was alright, but I was really biting my tongue to be honest).


The preview didn’t show any of the three featured kanmusu (ship girls) talking, but it did confirm they would be ‘skating’ on the sea. From Akagi’s boat/hull-like geta, to Kongou’s thigh-length high-heeled boots, to Fubuki’s mechamusume inspired boots, they’ll be skating across the surface as if on ice.


Another thing I noticed, was Akagi’s arrows. An arrow fired by Akagi turns into planes after some distance, and I’m curious on how other carriers will be featured launching theirs or if only Akagi (and possibly Kaga) will be featured only in the anime. I can see with a large and diverse character pool they can pull for the anime, I doubt they can really feature more than a few ‘core’ group (the most popular + Fubuki) beyond cameos. Kinda like Strike Witches…where I’m still waiting for even more of a glimpse of Major Miles in a cameo.



With the many various takes and fan speculation, fanviews of Kancolle, it’d be hard to please everyone, but if it’ll follow anything like the 4komas, it should appeal to everyone. The Teitoku (Admiral) character is gonna be up for grabs. I would prefer if the Teitoku be someone like Producer in the Idolm@ster anime, a generic looking young man or something. If it’s T-head Teitoku I dunno if I can really get into that. Again, this is just one view. And I’m more concerned if the KC Anime will carry anything over from the fandom. It seemed like the fandom already ‘created’ the characters through commonly accepted fanworks and whatnot.







So if Bauxite Queen Akagi is the Akagi we get, then I would be fine with it. If not, it’d be a bit of a disconnect to me. Kongou should of course be BURNING LOVE!! And Fubuki is…well Fubuki (I’m a 6th DesDiv fan). Regardless, I will be blogging it as a definite for the Winter 2015 season, as a loving teitoku to his shipdaughters (especially Akatsuki, because she’s quite a good girl /pat pat x 4/), I want to see how this adaption would fare.

PV Screenshots:


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One Response to Quick Thought – Kantai Collection TV Anime PV

  1. calcilisx says:

    We now know why the anime is delayed…… they want to include the 2014 Summer event Operation AL/MI !!!!

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