Rail Wars! (Episode 6: I’ll Protect You)

And thus we start a new episode of Rail Wars! Will we see some plot concerning the stated JR group? Or will we see more ‘plot’ based around Haruka and Aoi? Frankly I’m wondering if I’m rewatching Idolm@ster’s episode 8 with this episode. All that interconnected yet not connected mishaps. Just…

Damn Cats.




Confined to his home no doubt over the actions he and Aoi took last episode, Naoto states he’s bummed out for missing the train ride, though Mari says it was good since they saved people on the mountain trip from dying. Seeing Mari off, Naoto receives a postcard.

At a gym in the city, Haruka is trying to increase her endurance in running. Haruka is surprised by Iida. Explaining she only wants to be useful, Iida hits the nail on the head that she only wants to be useful for Naoto, much to her annoyance.



Calling Haruka, they meet at Akihabara Station and Naoto shows her the postcard he received. Thinking at first it was a prank, Haruka states the bomber could’ve had an accomplice. Running around to some less public area, with Naoto being targeted for revenge, they assume Aoi would be too. They call her up, who by some freak chance by the wind, she screams and drops her phone, leading Haruka and Naoto to think something bad has happened to her.

Getting distracted by an advertisement showing off Shou’s eating prowess, they run off in time for Aoi to walk out of a store with a new phone. With a slight blush, she wonders if they knew the meaning of ‘being confined in their homes’. Pulling out her airsoft pistol, thinking Naoto is only using her to get in bed with her (lawl we wished Aoi), she shoots only to get bumped by the JNR mascot. The shot destroys a nearby figurine and breaking it.

So thus starts one of the weirdest domino effects. Haruka and Naoto start running from a ‘sniper’, Aoi chases after them but jumps the pedestrian safety rails (as well as brandishing an airsoft pistol in public) and a local koban’s police officer chases her for that.




Jumping a fence, Naoto and Haruka stumble and crash into some boxes, with Haruka tearing her skirt and Naoto landing on her with his head on her breasts. Thinking they were safe, they try to call Iida with no luck. A falling flower pot alerts them they’re still being chased, this time through being triangulated by Naoto’s phone, and they make a break for it. Meanwhile a cat somewhere is going “mission accomplished”.


Back at a coffee house, Iida manages to get power to her phone , while Instructor Hitomi berates Iida for her phone being out of power. Thinking they were safe somewhere, Naoto and Haruka get chased by cats (no doubt to the fact they landed on boxes of cat food earlier). Pushing Naoto aside from a ‘cat assassin’, she removes her jacket and the cats go for it.

Running, her clothes get even more ripped, while Aoi finds Haruka’s jacket and Naoto’s phone, and starts tracking them down. Meanwhile, with Haruka’s clothing slowly disintegrating, they go towards the railway museum, where she removes her skirt for the cats to go after. The door to the museum was strangely open. Pondering on it for a bit, they then get close to each other and such.

Meanwhile, outside, Aoi meets up with Iida and instructor Gono. She berates Iida for not setting an example for her subordinates, only for Iida to throw it back at her face saying she didn’t want to go shopping alone. Iida notices Haruka’s skirt while Gono receives a phone call saying that the Transportation Museum’s alarm was tripped.



Back at said museum, Naoto shows Haruka around museum, showing his enthusiasm for the museum while Koumi tries to remind him what happened 8 years ago. Before his memory can be triggered, the people who broke into the museum catches them. Outside, the trio find Koumi’s skirt, before a naked Koumi and Naoto run past being chased by thugs. Naked mainly because her disintegrating uniform was torn off by the thugs.


Pushing Koumi into a broom closet, he stays outside to defend her, only for the trio to make their way in and apprehend the thugs. Aoi though also knocks out Naoto. Koumi remembers the time 8 years ago, where Koumi got trapped in a room and was rescued by Naoto. Opening the door to a nearly naked Koumi. Trying to explain himself to Aoi and the others, who couldn’t believe such a story, Aoi inspects the post card he got, flipping a page and showing that it was just an advert for insurance.



Though Koumi no doubt is fine with it the wild goose chase (that somehow foiled some kind of plot by someone).

Episode Thoughts:

This was a rather HARD episode to swallow. The increasingly silly domino effect (coupled with the Aleutian Islands/Midway Island event on KanColle) meant I only just finished watching the episode on Monday, and the blog thoughts are…hard to fathom.

I do like that we saw a little bit of Koumi’s intention to join JNR. Not because it was a stable job, but because she had a secret, unrequited love for Naoto, and no doubt she’s been stalking him this whole time. Which is weird. But now the love Triangle between Naoto, Aoi, and Mari is growing no doubt. Or rather, the main couple of Aoi and Naoto is still there. Aoi still has her doubts with Naoto, but as we saw last episode, she can see him in a good light.

But that’s all really. The seriously weird way this episode went made me go “wad” and I have no real intention to give it any proper screenshots. I compared it to the 8th Episode of Idolm@ster mainly because whenever I rewatch it, I tend to skip most of the Miki arc…and this episode. I skip to scenes where Makoto is in but the rest of the episode to me is very much meh. This epsiode was like that, if I can say so again. It’s an episode that was great in showing Koumi’s motivations for joining, her past with Naoto, and Naoto growing as a character with his want to protect Koumi from thugs. It’s also as well as a possible launching (pushing maybe) of a new ship, but…

As I’ve said, it was a very hard episode to swallow. This episode had more fanservice than the beach episode did. Judging from the preview, hopefully we see more character growth in Shou. Out of all the cast, Shou got the least screentime so far, and the least character growth. Hell Instructor Gono got more in this episode than he did the whole series thus far.

Episode Gallery:

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  1. I agree with your assessment of the episode. Seeing Haruka’s past with Naoto was a little interesting, but otherwise this was rather a weird episode. The beach episode actually had a better plot! It does at least confirm that there is a love triangle between Aoi, Naoto and Haruka. But, episode five was great, and I hope they can work more on the elements of the main plot in future episodes.

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