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Quick Thought: Fall 2014 Anime Season

With the end of the summer season upon us, it is time for me to look forward to what I can expect for this season. And truth be told, it’s gonna be a bit of a doozy. I do want … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Situation Normal – All Foch’d Up

My condolences to Marshall Ferdinand Foch, but that was actually a ‘clean’ curse word issued by many tankers after meeting the AMX 50 (155) “Foch” Tank Destroyer. Armored with a good slope and a dangerous gun that requires me a … Continue reading

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Rail Wars! (Episode 12: Everyone’s Waiting)

And thus ends our twelve week run of rails and bewbs. I know a lot of people were expecting this to be some technical anime on the specific trains and whatnot, and to be fair, so was I, but I … Continue reading

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Rail Wars! (Episode 11: Be Grateful; I’ll Go With You)

And so we conclude this short story arc with a little of character interactions, the touch-and-go shipping of Bernina and Naoto, and some more Aoi x Naoto.

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A Dearth of Memory: A Quick Thought

Alternatively: How Apple’s new devices overshadow the remembering of a significant event in a lot of people’s lives.   Frankly, it’s no surprise that as much as I respect VoC‘s intelligence and wit, I do not agree with a lot … Continue reading

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Rail Wars! (Episode 10: Will You Keep It a Secret?)

  And thus we start what looks like will be the last arc. With four episodes to go, can Rail Wars! coast to a proper stop and leave its viewers satisfied, or will be a trainwreck of lost potential?

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