A Dearth of Memory: A Quick Thought

Alternatively: How Apple’s new devices overshadow the remembering of a significant event in a lot of people’s lives.


Frankly, it’s no surprise that as much as I respect VoC‘s intelligence and wit, I do not agree with a lot of things he says. But it might be because, regardless of the fact, I was a naturalized American and I see the benefits of living here, rather than, say, my old home. I imagine he’ll respond either to this or have something tastefully untasteful to say about today, but it’ll be hard to refute him when 1) I really couldn’t care less and 2) most people nowadays are more likely to forget.

13 years ago, the so-called Pax Americana ended with merely 10 years to its name. Some may call it less, some can call it none at all, but the period of a ‘go-go nineties’ died the moment two Boeing 767s hit the twin towers (AA Flight 11 was a 767-223ER, United Airlines Flight 175 was a 767-222). As a young child, not even a teenager, I had just arrived in the US with my family nary 6 months beforehand, living with my uncle. My biggest concerns of the time was seeing really, the difference between my old school system and the one I was in (the library was massive). After that, my appreciation of my soon-to-be adopted country was enhanced in the patriotic fervor I guess not seen since the Japanese sneak attack on Dec. 7th 1941.

Thirteen years ago, I was a twelve-year-old at Ormond Stone Middle School. I remembered that day because when I left my History class, news of the first tower being hit happened. I had gotten to the next class, English, and we were watching the news channel seeing the first tower burning when we saw the second plane hit.

I imagine this will stay with me for a while.

The world turned topsy-turvy because there were people willing to do evil acts, even if they saw themselves in the name of their own twisted world, as the ‘good guys’. Won’t ever forget those who died that day, the day this nation was changed, and the people who lost their lives after that day to finally come to grips with an elephant in the room that had been building up in the background, decades in the making.

I imagine though, people now regard it as ‘old news’ or even don’t give a damn. Maybe they have the right point of view. It happened, let’s move on. I can gladly agree to that. It happened, we’ve changed, but let’s not get too hung up on the changes, and live life to the best of our ability and circumstances. But the alternate title and second point is directed really at those who forget. Those who go ‘so what? ain’t no skin off my nose’. That type of person. The person who make platitudes about a severe disease only because their favorite celebrity did it. The one who knows more about the latest celebrity gossip but not world events.

I guess the type VoC and I see, and (for me) am scared of. The ones who will drag the rest of us into the slaughter-house and our last remaining rights trampled because it was the ‘cool’ thing and their favorite celebrity said so.

But I guess I’m too much of a naive patriotic romanticist.


I can only pray that the souls who died today find their peace, and the perpetrators of this horrendous act will find their afterlife to be less than what they desired. Living good and well I guess, is the best way to honour the fallen and to spite our enemies. Edit: And to also just fly the flag, as Miguel has kindly reminded me on facebook.


Art by トモダチ on Pixiv [link]

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2 Responses to A Dearth of Memory: A Quick Thought

  1. I’ll also never forget September 11, 2001. After all, Osama Bin Laden specifically chose that date because they could not forget the defeat they suffered in the Battle of Vienna on September 11, 1683. So, if Muslims can consider something that happened over three hundred years ago important, I can keep mindful of the attack which occurred on September 11th until I die. And my mother was working in NYC only a few blocks from the Twin Towers on that day! At any rate, the events in the Middle East show that the threat from Islam is not going away.

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