Three Episode Rule: Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Episode 3: Return of the Magic Marksman)


And so ends this season’s first Three Episode Rule. All other series that got a TER will end up getting a short summary. I can’t say it’s their fault. To blog a series with a full time job and with such a casual watcher like I am is not that much of a feat.

Short summary. Nothing really but the battle.

Episode Summary:

As the forces that had invaded the town of Alsace is defeated, back at the Vorn manor, Tigre, Eleonora, and the others discuss where to meet Zion Thernardier’s forces. Even with 300 enemy defeated, they still number 2,700, and with 100 to defend the town, only 900 are left of the combined Zchted/Alsace forces to take the battle to the enemy.




Back at the enemy camp, Zion comes to the realization that it was Tigre’s invitation of Zchted that led to his defeat (and broken hand). He orders more scouts forward to find out the true nature of Tigre and Elen’s forces.

Choosing plains nearby as the battlefield (to be known as the Battle of Molsheim), it was so Zion’s forces could most effectively utilize their numbers and force composition of knights.

Splitting his 2,700 forces into three groups, a front rank of pikemen and archers, a second rank of knights with lancers, and a third force as Headquarters and Reserves. Inbetween the second and third rank would be the two dragons. Back in Alsace, the townsfolk gather as much rope as possible to realize Tigre’s plans.




Elen and Tigre will lead 400 of the 900 available men, while Lim, overseeing the gathering of the rope, notes that it was due to the people’s admiration of Tigre and hatred of Thernandier that allowed them to push themselves.

The start of the battle is when the 400-strong Allied forces engage the front rank. Elen swats down the arrows while Tigre take out archers with his exceptional shooting. With Bertrand providing spare ammo, they blow past the front rank and engage the second rank.






The second rank of enemy knights split off to allow the ground-based dragon to engage the enemy forces, while the second rank knights surround and reinforce the enemy flanks. Unable to break through the dragon’s hardened shell, it is at this time that Lim’s detatched force attacks the enemy’s right flank, weakening it.







Elen defeats the dragon with one of her special attacks, and comments that due to its strength, she dare not use it on people. With the dragon defeated, Zion splits off 400 from his reserve, and Lim retreats without a fight, only to reveal her trap. The aforementioned rope is released, tripping the flying detachment and to be defeated with Lim’s forces when they are down.




At the rear of the Thernadier HQ/Reserve force, a 2,000 strong detachment causes unrest within the chain of command, and seeing how easily the ground dragon was defeated, Zion is unwilling to release his other dragon. Ordering a retreat against his general’s wishes, the confusion of his forces makes him unable to realize that the forces at the rear are a phantom army. Using shadows and the lay of the land, it made the rear allied forces larger than they were, with only few actual knights intermixed with spare horses. This breaks down all command structure and the remaining front and second ranks of the Thernardier army fall back in confusion.





Reaching the enemy main camp, Zion and Tigre exchange words. Zion responds to Tigre’s accusations of his treatment of his people with contempt of his subjects, referring to them as grass that will grow back when mowed. He is even more of a lowlife than Tigre, who he accuses of being a cowardly hunter.

Challenging Tigre to a duel, they square off. Unwilling to pick up sword or lance, Zion charges at Tigre as Tigre shots arrows repeatedly into Zion’s shield. Sure of victory as his shield has stopped every arrow Tigre sends at him, he charges Tigre. Launching a final arrow at Zion, this last arrow manages to pierce the shield. Tigre manages this as he had shot at the same weakened spot where all other arrows had hit. The forces clash once more as Zion escapes using the flying dragon.

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Urged on by his bow, Tigre shoots down Zion, with a little help from Elen’s sword. With the death of Zion and the last dragon, the battle is won.








Episode Thoughts:

The whole knight in shining armor and honor of a clash of swords and lances are quite thoroughly dispelled by Zion’s behavior. Born into privilege and arrogant, Tigre points out his treatment of his subjects are embolic of a thief rather than a noble. The hurled abuses of Tigre’s ‘cowardice’ for preferring to fight with a bow rather than the ‘noble’ sword to me is oddly amusing. Tigre, the coward, is more in tune with the ins and outs of his land, earning him the respect of his people as he is more able to react to their needs and wants.


Zion on the other hand, rules his land as if it were a mere toy, referring to his subjects as grass that grows back when mowed. He is no knight in shining armor, but a rich playboy who suddenly finds himself in charge of a little part of daddy’s operation and fucks it up. He ignores his commanders who no doubt would’ve been able to see through Tigre’s deception or at least force the battle into a draw. Zion’s inability to command as well as his own cowardice in fleeing the battle is amusing.


At the end, we do see a little of Tigre’s skill, coupled with his bow, that manages to clip the wings of the dragon and slay Zion with one shot, and already earlier, he manages in succession, to launch three arrows at three different archers at the same time. He is unhuman with his weapon. His ability to hit the same spot at a moving target is even complemented by Elen.


Regardless, this is probably the only series I’ll be blogging, and I don’t doubt my choice like I did some past times.

Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu:

A little side note would be the Original Net Animation (ONA) called Tigre-kun to Vanadi-chu. In a style similar to similar parody segments from other shows, chibified versions of Lim, Elen, and Tigre talk about the world and other little bits of trivia, normally in a very amusing way.

Episode Gallery:

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  1. I need to get to watching this series. It sounds like fun, but I haven’t been able to get around to watching it do to having problems with my internet connection. Have you gotten the chance to watch Shingeki no Bahamut? That promises to be another fun fantasy anime this season.

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