Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Episode 4: Snow Princess of the Frozen Ripple)


Not a full on thing today. Been busy this week and can only give a short (hopefully) and sweet summary. Regardless, I tried out a stitching program’s free-trial and managed to get a full body shot of the new Vanadis for a friend. I hope he liked it.

Episode Summary:

Titta starts the day off by berating Tigre and Elen’s method of waking the younger man up. Elen states that she’s going to the capital for an audience with the king, and explains to Lim to help Tigre in her absence and that she sticks with Tigre because of his abilities.





Tigre and Titta head out to check up on a commune under his control. It explained that the armies of Ganelon and Thernardier had retreated to regroup, and at House Thernardier, they plan to use a notorious band of assassins to kill Tigre and use a War Maiden to fight Elen. Back at Zchted Elen is berated by the king of Zchted, Victor. An intervention by another Vanadis, Sophia Obertas, lessens the punishment she would receive. She explains that Brune has no intention of bringing Zchted into their civil war, but when they come asking, they’ll be able to give a response. That the situation always calls the shots.




Back outside, Elen meets Ludmilla Lourie, another Vanadis with whom she has a rivalry with. Sophia stops them from fighting. She thanks Sophia for saving her in the audience chamber. Once Ludmilla leaves, Sophia explains that she has made an enemy of Ludmilla. Primarily due to her family’s long relationship with Duke Thernardier, even if Ludmilla herself hates it.






Back in Alsace, Tigre remembers his childhood in a dream. Primarily of his father, who teaches him that the proper place for a noble was to be there so the people can live their lives in peace. Titta intends to stay with Tigre no matter what. Back at the manor, Lord Mashas had returned, and after a brief period of misunderstanding, makes amends with Lim and the Zchted forces.



Mashas asks Tigre what he intends to do, and he states he intends to fight Duke Thernardier, but not side with Duke Ganelon. He says he is obligated to defend Alsace, and even without that obligation, would still do so. Mashas would end up going to the capital to explain Tigre’s intentions, while Tigre rounds up allies.


There were other nobles who were disgusted by the power grabs Ganelon and Thernardier were doing, but were powerless to stop it. Had it come from Tigre before, they would’ve declined it. But now with the endorsement of Lord Mashas and Zchted, they can join him in becoming a third force against Thernardier and Ganelon, who they see as playing lip service to being nobles under the royal family.

Meeting up with Elen in a cabin, Elen explains that Alsace will end up being confiscated, but only if the land stays under Elen. She explains that second problem lies that the king cryptically said that Zchted’s interests are first and foremost. Unable to understand, Lim explains that if a nobleman allied with Duke Thernardier asserts that Zchted’s interests is for Duke Thernardier to win, they could go to war in their side. For the king, it doesn’t matter who wins, as long as he gets a slice of the pie.


Elen explains it won’t be the aristocracy to make the first move, but the Vanadis (War Maidens). They only need to worry about one of them at the moment, and starts insulting her in front of Tigre. Comparing her to a potato that’s just started to put out shoots. Speaking of which, Ludmilla bursts in and makes her introduction, much to Elen’s dismay.




While en-route to a new location, Ludmilla explains to Tigre he has no chance of winning due to Duke Thernardier’s huge web of allies, which also includes her. Before anything else can be said, they stop before hitting a trap of wires, and are ambushed by assassins. Lim is bitten by a thrown venomous snake, and Tigre attempts first aid. Ludmilla though defeats all the assassins and the group splits off with Tigre and Elen riding off with the injured Lim, and Ludmilla going for a doctor.

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Episode Thoughts:

As Tigre builds up his powerbase for the upcoming fight between Thernardier and Ganelon, we are introduced to a few more Vanadis, most notably Ludmilla. Bound by family ties to Duke Thernardier, Sophia explains while she hates the man, she is obligated to take part on his side due to her family’s connections with him.

Meanwhile, Elen’s actions had caught up to her, and while not a punishment, the King’s ‘anything goes, as long as it is for Zchted’ declaration is fitting enough. Zchted can and may be used in Brune’s little civil unrest, but in the end, it will be Zchted on top regardless of the outcome, so Elen has to maneuver the political battlefield just as she does the actual one.

And is it me or do all Vanadis dress so revealingly? Ludmilla reminds me of a Turkish belly dancer and not a War Maiden, at least Elen has the capability to look the part.

Also, this is the first time I tried stitching images. I then got frustrated with paint and am using a trial version of autostitch…





Episode Gallery:


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