Quick Thought: Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Episode 6: The Black Knight)


Sadly, we don’t see much Ludmilla vs Eleonora action tonight. What we do see is an episode that more or less ramrods I believe several chapters of the Light Novels through this in roughly 20 minutes. We’re further introduced to Sofia and see a bunch more of the other Vanadis. I’m also sick and won’t be doing any screenshots.

Episode Summary:

As Ludmilla and Elen clash in the fortress, the assassin strikes, but Tigre kills him. Stopping the duel almost instantaneously, Ludmilla (addressing Tigre as Urs) asks why he didn’t kill the assassin after he had killed her. He states it is a thanks for the tea, and finding his motives (to keep Alsace safe) as sincere, she chides him that sincerity can’t get him far, but she honors his sincerity and request to stay neutral in the Brune civil war.

Unfortunately for Tigre, it seems that Duke Thernardier had foreseen this (or was merely gathering a lot of pawns) and using his influence on the king, had Tigre labelled as a traitor, as well as enlisting Roland, the Black Knight. Roland is the most famous of Brune’s knights, and wields the sword Durandal.

Back at Brune, Tigre had returned with 5,000 Zchted knights, and have recruited other noblemen to his cause. Moving his army close to Duke Thernardier’s territory, Lim, Tigre, and Elen have a little argument over the name of the combined forces (Silver Meteor Storm). It seems that the motley force tends to have squabbles, but Tigre seems to be the bridge that irons them out.

Stopping at a town to rearm and resupply, Tigre was minding his own business when Elen’s pet dragon comes barging in from the bushes, knocking him down a bank into the river. After the poor dragon would be a buck-naked Sophie who crashes into Tigre, much to Elen’s annoyance.

Later, now fully clothed, Sophia explains why she’s there. Not only has she been denied an audience with the now sick king, and was only able to reiterate Zchted’s position. She has also been asked to relay a message to Tigre. The kingdom has counted him as a traitor and his province is under the control of the crown. She and Lord Mashas knows each other and had split off while he goes back to his land while Sophie came straight to the allied forces.

While Tigre ponders his new label, Sophie and Elen discuss the actions of the other Vanadis, noting none have taken action yet.

The leaders of the forces then hear that they would be going against Roland’s Knightly Order of Navarre, got cold feet but with Tigre reminding them that Ganelon and Thernardier’s injustices had been going on for a long time, yet no knightly order had renounced them. They have to fight for their own sakes.

Meeting the order of knights on the field of battle, the battle breaks down into a melee as Elen tries to hold of the undefeated Roland. Thrown off her horse, she is doing all her best without using her Dragon Art on a human, when Tigre arrives. Going after him, Roland swings and Tigre seemingly shoots in panic into the air. Swooping down from his horse to scoop Elen on, Roland gives chase before the arrow that Tigre launched reaches the apex of its arc and goes down, killing Roland’s horse as the two get away.

Roland had managed to get Tigre across the chest, and Sophie arrives to hold off the incoming knights while Elen takes Tigre to get aid.

Episode Thoughts:



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