Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Episode 10: The Ormea Campaign)


Note: I do want to apologize for not doing a post last week. I had, as I’ve noted in a previous post, gotten a case of the ‘lazy’. I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation and spent most of it sleeping and cleaning.


Previously, on Star Trek Voyager, Madan no Ou to Vanadis. Elen meets with an old friend and fellow Vanadis, Sasha. Sasha is bedridden with a disease, though her Dragon Gear will not leave her side. Elen also fights against Liza, the one invading Sasha’s land. Sasha also asks Lim to stay with Elen forever. Liza is merely stalling/testing Elen. Meanwhile, Tigre and Ludmilla prepare to fight Kreshu Shaheen Baramir, also known as Barbarossa, the skilled and cunning Mouzinellian general and prince.

Episode Summary:

Fortifying the nearer of two hills, Barbarossa sends four divisions to siege it, while he sends the rest of his forces to chase after the now freed slaves. Tigre and Ludmilla rush in from the other hill, which Barbarossa’s scouts have called ‘unfortified and empty’, splitting the advance column and putting it into disarray.


The slaves meanwhile, turn around, toss of their cloaks, and reveal themselves to be the rest of the combined forces, the real slaves are holed up in the fortified positions on the hilltop. They manage to fight against great odds as Barbarossa sends more reinforcements, defeating a flying column of the combined forces and retreats to a safe distance as his forces surround the very weary combined forces.



Just as the forces are about to break, reinforcements from three Knightly Orders arrive, helping drive the forces back. They had come at the request of the other ‘rebel’ nobles and of the late Sir Roland and Sir Olivier of the Knights of Navarre. Even though he is able to pit his forces against the newly arrived knights, the other ‘rebel’ nobles arrive with their own forces, swelling with Tigre’s small force with even more fresh reinforcements.





Faced with increasingly fresh and ready Brunian reinforcements, Barbarossa calls it a day. Awaiting for a scouting report, he is told that Duke Thernardier had defeated his fleet. Faced with the prospect of defeating the combined Armies before him and then dealing with Thernardier in order to secure southern Brune. He wisely makes his choice of ending his campaign, he sings praises of Tigre, calling him “silvrash”, one able to shoot even meteors.




With the end of this, Tigre, who is heavily exhausted at this point falls asleep with Ludmilla as Gerard leaves them alone. The next day, Elen arrives with her army, and walks into the tent. Ludmilla’s Dragon Gear had awoken her early and Elen walked in with Tigre wrapped in Ludmilla’s arms, leading to another rivalry sparking.





Later that evening, Elen and Tigre sit in the field, watching the stars, with Elen noting that Ludmilla came to his aid, no doubt due to his character. Apologizing for wasting the lives of her soldiers, Elen merely asks him is he has regretted the fighting he’s done until that point. Not regretting it, Elen asks him to pray to his God on behalf of those who died courageously for his cause. They stay there silently gazing, hands connected. While at camp, the girl Tigre rescued looks forth with determined eyes.









Episode Thoughts:

Apart from the battle with Roland, the combined forces against Barbarossa seemed to be the worse condition Tigre’s army has been when fighting an opponent. His forces weary after a very long guerilla campaign, not even Ludmilla’s injection of fresh Zchted troops was not enough to stave off defeat. The addition of three knightly orders and noble forces was just delaying the inevitable since the nucleus of the Silver Meteor Storm army would’ve collapsed after a long, already stretched thin campaign.. The only reason the campaign ended was because Duke Thernardier had managed to defeat Barbarossa’s fleet that was to secure his rear supply line.


Apart from that, Ludmilla can’t be any more obvious in her love for Tigre, and was amusing when Elen found them both in bed, and had drawn Arifal. Speaking of Elen, at least she is more cautious, I guess, in expressing her admiration for him. He hasn’t said it yet, and still thinks of him as her property, but at the same time, her amusement at his antics can be seen at this point as a blossoming love.


With only three episodes left in this one cour series, a lot of material is left. The inevitable showdown between Tigre and Duke Thernardier and Duke Ganelon awaits, and a hopeful satisfying end.

Also, I dunno if I would love or hate being in Tigre’s shoes. With the prospect of two or more Vanadis and other girls vying for my affection, I think I’d rather do another round with Roland at that point.




Last but not least, the ending changed to the song “Ryuuboshi Chinkonka” by Suzuki Konomi. The song comes from the second track of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis Opening Single by the same artist.


Episode Gallery:


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