Madan no Ou to Vanadis (Episode 11: Two War Maidens)


Man, they really are pushing as much as they can through in three episodes aren’t they? This was filled a bunch of plot and exposition and the ED is back to the original ED. Much double-teaming by Elen and Ludmilla in the latter half of the episode. Also, this is a rather screenshot heavy post.

Episode Summary:


This episode starts off with a new Vanadis, Valentina Glinka Estes, who portals her way into a groggy groping by Tigre. Tigre and the combined Silver Meteor Storm army is being housed in one of the forts of the Knightly Orders that helped Tigre in the Mouzinellan campaign.


While Elen appreciates Ludmilla’s help, she wants her gone, though the Zchted king had ordered her to keep an eye on Elen and Ludmilla states that Tigre still owes her. Tigre, Lim, and Mashas talk about rumors going in the camp about the deceased prince killed in the first episode. Rumor has it that someone greatly resembling him has been seen, at this time, Bertrand interrupts the meeting by introducing Regin. Mashas’ reaction is immediate, as if seeing a ghost, while Tigre, oblivious, vets for the other two in the room.




Regin reintroduces herself as someone living under the name Regnas Estelle Loire Bastien de Charles. Lim demands proof, and Regin asks him to remember a time where he/she and the young Tigre had slipped out of a festival and recounted a time they were together. Mashas merely falls over and faints.


Regin talks on how she passed herself off as a boy in order to keep her mother from being shamed, and because the ability for women to pass as Queen is extremely low. Elen and Ludmilla think it’s kind of harsh, though Elen does so saying what had she developed breasts like Lim…much to the ‘wtf’ faces of all present. Elen and Ludmilla both know she’ll hamper their efforts, especially when the populace finds out her true gender, thus invalidating Tigre’s camp and validating Ganelon and Thernardier.


Mashas also explains to Regin that her father’s mind is troubled. Regin had come to Tigre mainly because he has no underlying motives. He fought for what he believed in, as well as honoring her request to bathe her. With his pure heartedness, the fact he didn’t do anything against her when he helped her bathe was a way of his trust.

While they pondered on how to prove she is royalty, Regin remembered that in Ganelon’s capital city, Artesium, there is a door only members of the royal family can open, and known only by the Prime Minister.

Back at Thernardier’s camp, he has gotten new dragons especially bred to defeat a war maiden, while at Ganelon’s fortress, he merely contemplates the situation, also proving that it was he that was poisoning the king. Knowing full well that Tigre has Regin, and is coming to Artesium to prove it, as well as Thernardier going to try to stop it, Ganelon is leaving behind a gift to the victor.




Thernardier easily crushes Ganelon’s troops with the help of the dragons, and the eventual showdown between armies is upon them, with Tigre and Regin heading to Artesium, and that Thernardier now knows where that shrine that supposedly only royal family knows is located.

Back in Zchted, the king is sending Sofia to the capital of Brune to recall Elen, now that he feels the war is about to end. Sofia meets the Vanadis from the beginning, who clearly lies that all she does is stay cooped up in her home territory. Duke Ganelon had burned down his capital and fled to places unseen, while Thernardier is slowly moving northward.

Moving northward themselves, they meet Thernarider’s 24,000 strong army at the Villescresnes Plains. The Silver Meteor Storm numbers merely 20,000. The central columns of both armies fight head to head, while Elen and Ludmilla crush Thernardier’s left flank to engage the dragons. Defeating the three weaker ground dragons, Thernardier’s plan is to have the war maidens exhaust themselves on the stronger dragons before surrounding them and killing them.





Elen and Ludmilla have a rough time against them, with Elen being injured pushing Ludmilla out-of-the-way of the fire dragon, and by noon, both armies retreated while Elen and Ludmilla contemplate on how to defeat the dragons, who seem to be wearing chains similar in makeup to the late Sir Roland’s Durandal, which can cancel the dragon tools.



Elen and Ludmilla encourages Tigre to leave the dragons up to them, while he concentrates on Thernardier. Later, as the two armies are ready to oppose each other once more, it seems Tigre has placed men with no armor and sharpened stakes out front. This was to encourage a melee to prevent the use of dragons, but Thernardier goes ahead anyways and Tigre has his forces retreat past the two Vanadis.




Returning to their armor, Tigre and Limlashia had left the central area of battle up to the Vanadis and Dragons, and had split up their primary, central forces, now fully armed and armored, to reinforce and join against the enemy’s left and right flanks.


Tigre’s use of slings and arrows seem underhanded to the very traditional Thernardier forces, and Tigre’s ability to kill their leaders from afar led to a loss of morale. Under the war cry ‘Silvrash’, the Silver Meteor Storm rushes into the fight as Elen and Ludmilla faces off against the dragons. Managing to defeat the fire breathing one and then killing the other one in a combined attack, with Elen stabbing it in the back and using Ley Adamos on it with Arifal embedded into its back.


Episode Summary:

With the reveal that Regin is really the Crown Prince/Princess, Tigre and company are off to settle the civil war once and for all. While Thernardier seeks to claim the throne for himself, Ganelon’s true intentions are still shrouded in mystery, preferring to pull himself out of the running by burning down his city and disappearing to parts unknown, while at the same time intending to leave a parting gift to the victor of the upcoming battle.


Elen and Ludmilla’s rivalry seems to be less out of malice and more of plain jealousy, now with Tigre thrown into the mix, it’s becoming a bit of a love triangle…with lots more lines. It’s a harem forming show, no doubt about that, at least I can enjoy Tigre, who knows the girls are after him, just not sure how to handle it, unlike Ichika from Infinite Stratos…who has a skull much denser than any known material.





With two or so episodes left, we’ll see if the show ends with a teaser to do more of the storyline in a latter season, or if this adaptation will only stay with only one run. The setting is great, the balance between pure fanservice and actual battles and action is nice, and apart from plot heavy episodes, it isn’t rushing through as much as some anime nowadays.


Episode Gallery:


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