Three Episode Rule – Kantai Collection (Episode 2: Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!)


From the rather crammed first episode, this episode was relatively relaxed in its pacing, and we see Fubuki being set up as the true MC she is. Also the OP isn’t as good as the ED.

Episode Summary:


Getting up early in the morning, Fubuki trains hard as to not burden the fellow members of Torpedo Squadron Three. Seeing the sun rise over the mountains, she vows to gain MVP…before tripping on herself.


Later in the day, Yuudachi is pleading with her fellow destroyers for homework, as she had not bothered to do hers and fears the wrath of their teacher. Ikazuchi fixes Inazuma’s ribbon, Akatsuki is teased by Shimasl- I mean Shimakaze, while Mutsuki is awfully close to her sister Kisaragi.



At class, Yuudachi is called out by her teacher, the hungry wolf, Ashigara on the particulars of the Oxygen torpedo. Unable to answer, Kisaragi is also hit by a high speed chalk round because she mentions to Mutsuki that she hasn’t met anyone in her last mixer. Fubuki comes to help Yuudachi with some help from behind, and also cleanly and expertly explains the other reason for the Oxygen torpedo’s effectiveness. Noting that she has the theory down pat, Ashigara can only wonder why her practice is shoddy.



At the training field, Tone and Chikuma watch as Fubuki constantly falls and crashes into things, her friends concerned. Nagato, the secretary ship, arrives and asks the Sendai sisters for their opinion. Explaining that Special Type destroyers like her are needed in the upcoming battle, she understand swhat the Admiral is hoping for but cannot see Fubuki living up to it.




Back at Mamiya’s, the three destroyers talk about Fubuki’s current failings, and after noting that Tone has said there are many girls to choose from learning, Fubuki seems fixated on Akagi. Heading to the docks, they meet Atago who undresses Fubuki and sends her inside. Enjoying the bath, she meets Akagi there. Fubiki notes the amount of time needed to repair her after taking a hit from a torpedo in the last battle. Just then, an instant repair bucket dumps its contents into Akagi’s repair stall. Afterwards, they share a meal together, and glutton Akagi confirmed.







Back at the dorms, Fubuki is now even more motivated and goes to bed earnest for a new day of training. All seemed well until Sendai barges into the destroyer’s room, and taking Fubuki out for extra training at night. Training her to gain her balance by toughening out her legs and his, she is bruised and battered from the exercises. Before the poor girl gets any rest, Jintsuu takers her out for her own training, in which she keeps Fubuki at the range until she can hit a single target. Managing to catch a nap in class, Naka arrives to do her own special training.










I don’t know how being an idol is going to help in combat, but before Fubuki can utter a line, Naka runs off to ask Kitakami in helping Fubuki use torpedoes. A visibly annoyed and overprotective Ooi reacts and drags her lover sister away.




Later that night, Mutsuki stops Sendai from restarting this painful bullying, and explains to the sisters in their room that while they had good intentions, it will just have Fubuki sink. Yuudachi arrives though to show that Fubuki had snuck out and is back on the field exercising and training. Touched by her own sincere and earnest desire to get better, Torpedo Squadron Three vow to help Fubuki get better.





What follows is a training montage in which Fubuki continues to get battered on the practice lagoon as well as the field, of note is Kitakami being approached by Naka agin but Ooi leading her away. Kitakami then sees how hard Fubuki is training and helps her of her own volition, much to the consternation of Ooi.




Later at another exercise, Fubuki is not the ground legged Special Type destroyer as she was earlier, and while she isn’t at combat-ready status, the three Sendai sisters note she has the soul of a torpedo boat, in that she is going to grow quite a bit with guidance. Without dissent, without shame, and without resentment.







Noting this, Nagato makes her decision, and informs Jintsuu, the flagship of Torpedo Squadron Three, to prepare for a six-ship sortie.


Episode Thoughts:             


There were no obvious glaring issues here. Nothing along the lines of the completely ‘hokaaaay?’ launch/henshin sequence. I did like how some parts of the accepted fanon came to be in the canon that would end up being this anime. Akagi’s gluttony wasn’t overly comedic, though she treats her extra-sized, sumo wrestler helping as normal (careful woman, your third flight de- *bombed*, Blogger: Minor Damage). There was nothing odd per se, though Fubuki deflects Yuudachi’s question as if it was true or not.


An interesting bit is the bath sequence. It is accepted that hot springs and baths will cure what ails ya, or at least will soothe your body. The repair bucket shows that is tremendously speeds up the repair time in the individual stalls, so it got me to thinking. The big pool is for general relaxation and hygiene, while the stalls are for combat damage. The buckets probably contain a special mixture to temporarily increase the effectiveness of the stalls. Considering that to gain buckets, it is done via quests and expeditions, some dangerous considering ammo is also consumed alongside fuel in some of them.



Does this mean that buckets contain water from the fountain of youth? Or something special in the ocean? Might be a thought, but an interesting way to show game mechanics. Another one was also the scale measured in kilotons, a slight and somewhat funny reminder that the girls are embodiment of ships long past. I wonder if Akagi will check her weight after that lunc- (*bombed again* Blogger: Heavy Damage)

Speaking of ships long past, it seems that the setting is deliberately contemporary yet anachronistic, the setting seems modernized and crisp, while the structures, the ships, and what have you are outmoded. I guess it is to help the girls, who are once again, the embodiment of ships long past, to acclimate to their surroundings, but also maybe just keep them from the general view of the public.

It’d make sense that each Naval Disctrict is its own self-sufficient area. The unrest caused when people realized that little girls are fighting off a threat that has driven them from the seas would be mind-boggling and make any political discourse we have today seem like a little disagreement.

Apart from that, Fubuki’s attempts to grow as to not cause her comrades unnecessary trouble was great. From the initial hellish start, to the improvement (not mastery, but improvement) at the end, she is sincere in wanting to get better. Although I dunno if her goal is to help her comrades, or if its to eventually get closer to Akagi.

Seems though, having Gen ‘The Butcher” Urobochi has led my fellow TTKs to a bit of a comedic despair, expecting Akagi to fulfill the role of Mami in order for Madoka/Fubuki to get ‘stronger’ in revenge. I think poppycock, but there is that fear.

Another thing pointed out was that in the opening sequence, it seems that Haruna also has her gear ‘deploy’ and ‘S-foils locked into attack position’ much like Hiei and Kirishima. Maybe this is partly because of the four fast battleship sisters, it is because granny Kongou (*shelled* Blogger: Sunk, Damecon used.) is the only one with a Second Remodel (Kai Ni) and maybe the pre Kai and Kai models have deployable armament for stronger attacks. Considering Haruna’s official art which have her turrets in an ‘over-under’ configuration, makes deployment into a spider configuration much easier.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts, on to next episode!


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4 Responses to Three Episode Rule – Kantai Collection (Episode 2: Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!)

  1. c2710 says:

    Truly the calm before the seizure of Wake Island I guess?

    That being said, I do find the episode enjoyable and almost GuP preparation like. By the way Justin, do you think this that KC anime as a whole is only geared towards to players and those that have at least some foreknowledge of the KC-verse? Cos as an anime only viewer, I thoroughly enjoy it and rather receptive of the blatant game mechanics.

    From the comments I’ve seen thus far on other sites, it’s being “bashed” as such. Would love it if you write on that.

    • I think you’re more receptive of the game mechanics because of the company you keep.

      The anime is striking a fuzzy line I think, between ‘game-only’ and ‘anime-newbies’. I won’t bash it as ‘game-only’. Winter to me is often the ‘dump’ season. If they’ll continue on this track, I think a lot more of the in-jokes and character selections will be more readily understood by those who play the game, but it should still be a good and enjoyable slice-of-life with action kind of deal.

      I can understand the bashing, but I’m rather optimistic and frankly, I can’t care less what the others say. You can enjoy the show and still not be sold in trying to get in. Or you can be a TTK from the days before the lottery system and hate it because you’ve developed this fanon that is in your mind, canon. And the anime is sticking really close to the characters they got handed. Hence why the ‘recycling’ of lines from the game.

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