Three Episode Rule: Kantai Collection (Episode 3: The Operation to Capture W Island)


And thus ends my Three Episode Rule posts, and man what a way to conclude Kantai Collection’s three episode probationary period. CARNIVAL DAYO!!

Episode Summary:




Nagato informs the girls of Torpedo Squadrons Three and Four that they are to take part in a night-time naval battle to capture W island. Later on, back at Café Mamiya, 6th DesDiv gives Fubuki some blueberries to help aid in her night vision, while Takao and Atago give her a good luck charm. Tone orders a large parfait for Fubuki.





Before they could talk about Fubuki’s sudden rise in popularity, Ooi and Kitakami come in, with Kitakami noting the presents on the table. Ooi though is much harsher, noting that people think she would be the one be the one hit during the battle. Kitakami merely shrugs it off telling her to take it easy, while the raging lesbian that is Ooi smacks her in the head. She had lost time to spend with Kitakami and implores her to at least hit something.




Yuudachi and Mutsuki cheer her up, as they rest for the upcoming battle. Back at the dorms, Mutsuki remembers a time when Kisaragi had helped her with her own confidence issues. She may be the lead ship of her class, but Kisaragi was older by virtue of launching earlier. It also explains why she is so close to her sister. All the while Yuudachi feels unloved.



The next day, Fubuki sneaks off to get some practice in and screws up. Akagi shows up and shows off her own skills, particularly in her form, allowing her to destroy the target with her eyes closed. She explains to ‘shoot true, never miss’ can be taken as training will pay off.



Asking her why she was up early, Akagi reveals Mutsuki hiding at the nearby pier. Fubuki wonders how she’ll be able to repay Mutuski, who had also thought the same way about Kisaragi. Akagi merely tells them that nobody wants them to repay, only to say ‘thank you’ and to tell them what they think. Akagi notes that they, the kanmusu, are fated to fight from birth, and is unsure on how many would live through the renewed offensives. With that though, she is still glad she got a chance to be a kanmusu.




“My steel rigging is for fighting. My passionate blood is for protecting. My hidden heart is to love. Thank you. I love you. You’re wonderful. I’m so happy.”

She tells the two destroyers to say the words they mean to their comrades, not knowing if they would be alive later, basically to treasure each other. With that Fubuki and Mutsuki profess their love for each other (though I think they meant friendship). Back at the arsenal, Mutuski couldn’t say it to Kisaragi, though they promise to talk after the operation.





Deploying, Torpedo Squadron Three hides nearby, while Sendai and Jintsuu launch their Type 0 Recon Seaplanes. Tasking the destroyers to provide patrol, Mutsuki also tells Yuudachi she loves her before Fubuki notices an Abyssal scout flying overhead. Their cover blown, Torpedo Squadron Three retreats. Mutsu notes that a combined attack by both Torpedo Squadrons would defeat the W island forces, though Nagato says if that is all there is.





Blocking their path ahead, two Nu-class Abyssal Light Carriers launch their squadrons at Jintsuu’s grup, while Torpedo Squadron Four is ordered by Nagato to attack the main force.




Mutsuki is saved by Fubuki who shoots down an Abyssal fighter. Remembering Akagi’s words, Fubuki manages to land a crippling blow to one of the Nu-class, while the rest finishes it off. Still under attack by the other light carrier, Type 3 shells arrive and destroy the enemy fighter-bombers. Launched from beyond the horizon by Kongou and her sisters (who were off on an expedition), they provide support shelling that destroys the Nu-class and forcing the W island defenders to break off pursuit.









Now that the battle is over, Kisaragi is in the open, letting her guard down, and is hit by a single bomb by a damaged Abyssal fighter-bomber, and is sunk.





Back at the base Torpedo Squadron Three arrives with applause, due to Fubuki gaining MVP. Mutsuki looks for her sister, with no one telling her the truth. She and Fubuki run to the cape, so she could greet the returning Torpedo Squadron Four. Jintsuu had withheld the fact from Mutsuki mainly because Torpedo Squadron Four was still searching, even though Tone notes that not telling her is crueller than the truth.





During the credits, Nagato gives her report. At 1542 Hours, 56 miles from W Island, the destroyer Kisaragi was attacked by an Abyssal Fighter-Bomber and heavily damaged as well as being set aflame. Her comrades searched for her but had given up hope and had ended their search 11 minutes earlier. She lists the destroyer Kisaragi as sunk.



Episode Thoughts:


One can only look at the various boards and forums, from 2chan and 4chan, to himeuta to my own home of World of Warships, to see the reaction. Gen the Butcher has struck, and then some.

Frankly my prevailing thought was “Jesus Christ the death flags are being shown like they’re going outta style”.

Although talking with friends.

I wonder if there was any pineapple in that parfait. As well as the fact the only thing worse is if Kisaragi was set to be decommissioned and live a happy life afterwards.

This episode had more death flags than a semaphore line.


Anyways, there seems to be some hate over the episode. To me the episode’s lynchpin was Akagi’s speech about treasuring someone before they are gone forever. Mutsuki was unable to say this to Kisaragi before her death, and no doubt it will be touched upon next episode. Written off by many, I am enthusiastically moving forward past the three episode rule for a new reason.

War is hell. That point was underscored by Kisaragi, this episode, the flashback of a burning flattop in the OP (Akagi no doubt), and Akagi’s slight fatalism. Well, I call it fatalism, she knows they were meant to fight and to die for their superiors. But she still is proud of being one. People are missing that message of cherishing the ones you love with a return of simple acts of kindness and love and going on and on about how shitty the show is..

And this is why I don’t regard myself as a contemporary otaku. I’ve gotten sick of the fandoms.

Regardless, my thoughts are scatterbrained at the moment. No doubt they’ll be focused elsewhere. Like a pouty Poi.



Also, this is the 182nd blog post in this blog, as well as my 5 year anniversary. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years. Dude…like…Wo.



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2 Responses to Three Episode Rule: Kantai Collection (Episode 3: The Operation to Capture W Island)

  1. Kotono desu says:

    regarding Kisaragi’s sinking. either

    -followed one of her “cause of sinking” in her real life in which a 100lb bomb hits her Depth Charge pack
    -she failed to brace herself or deploy her “shield”. We can theoretically say that their shield were not in auto mode and thus need their awareness for it to be used
    -as expected, those who played the game would ask “How did she sink at full health?”. Seems that the anime took a bit of realism and did not apply ingame mechanics to this one
    -Kisaragi was actually one of my “waifu candidates”. Her sinking just gave me a slight sting while the others(even those not attached to her) seem to have broken down lol

    Now this EP has caught my interest. Now we can speculate that the show will present the dark and bitter side of war. And less “moeshit” stuff which most of the kancolle fandom were after with. I had negative first impressions with the anime and i seem to have been redeemed after watching this.

    for our “beloved” butcher…

    it was funny that no one died in the film he’s directly writing to. He’s just a guest writer for kancolle and now we saw someone go(but hey. at least animators did not gave Kisaragi a gruesome death)

    “he’ll bring them death, and they will love him for it.”

    – Gracchus, Gladiator (2000 film)

  2. ewok40k2013 says:

    there is a single player mission in War Thunder recreating W(ake) Island first invasion attempt, and player gets to fly Wildcat and sink several IJN DD’s including presumably Kisaragi…
    Shocking truth(TM by Chaika): We, the players, are the Abyssals!!!!

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