Kantai Collection (Episode 5: Don’t Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five)


And so we get to the fifth episode of the series. Fubuki as the MC is strting to take center stage in this episode. And is it me, or does Mobile Unit 5 sound a bit like my composition when I was an early TTK? Granted I had a CVL, CV, CL x 2, BB, and a DD.

Episode Summary:


At the start of the episode, Torpedo Squadron Three is disbanded in a whole fleet restructuring. Feeling some unease at their last night together, Yuudachi, Mutsuki, and Fubuki take a walk, and with the Sendai sisters, vow to bring with them to their new fleets the soul of a torpedo girl.





The next day, Mutsuki was sent to Fourth Fleet, while Fubuki was assigned to Mobile Unit Five. The first room she went into contain Kitakami and Ooi, and Ooi naturally shows her the door in her own way. Next, she opens the door to Zuikaku and Kaga, who are tossing rather pointed daggers at each other. Shoukaku manages to defuse it somewhat by telling her younger sister to calm down. Feeling properly awkward at it all, she meets Kongou, who is in the same fleet, and seems to be rather thankful to find at least one friendly face.





When all of them are in the same room, the clashing personalities create a level of tension that seems to bear on poor Fubuki. Back in the classroom, Fubuki is jealous at Mutsuki’s and Yuudachi’s new fleets. Going to Mamiya’s Café alone, Akagi comes in as well and Fubuki explains the current situation with the fleet. Though Akagi can’t see how such a fleet can work, she deduces that the admiral might have a reason due to the upcoming Operation FS, in which they intend to cut off the lines of communication between two Abyssal bases.




Akagi muses that for the operation to succeed, the fleetgirls needs to improve themselves or it would never work. She doesn’t know why, but there must be a reason why such a fleet was made. Running back to the dorms with a newfound sense of purpose, she arrives to only see a fight between the other girls on who would be the flagship. After some trouble and daggers thrown around (Zuikaku, you’re not as flat as Ryoujou, lighten up), Kongou comes up with the idea of sortieing and trying it out once each with the MVP being the flagship.





Kongou starts off, and the thing ends in disaster. Next is Zuikaku, and the thing ends in disaster. Same goes for Kaga’s and Kongou’s other turns. Back in the baths, Fubuki notices Kaga working on a rabbit made out of a towel, and saying that since Akagi and Kaga spends so much time in the baths, she was shown how to make it.


Back in the dorms, Zuikaku finally makes the first move to talk about reassignment, and everyone easily agrees. Fubuki tries to stop her, but she still leaves. Noticing the towel rabbit, she asks Fubuki to show her how to make it next time. Noticing that there are ways to get together, she chases after the 5thCarDiv girl. Not backing down and intending to make the fleet work, klaxons blare out before Zuikaku can say anything.




Ordered to sortie to eliminate a group led by a enemy CLT (Torpedo Cruiser), Kitakami and Ooi were about to rush ahead with no plan. Stopping them, Fubuki comes up with a plan which involves the two CVs to launch scouts ahead, while the CLTs prep to launch torpedoes from the port flank, while she takes the role of the rabbit to draw enemy fire.

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Encountering the enemy fleet and surviving the barrage, Fubuki’s hastily made plan is executed and the enemy Chi-class and escorts were destroyed. Later that night, Fubuki was given the role of flagship by the rest of the girls. Reasoning that a fleet made out of two Fleet Carriers, a Battleship, and two Torpedo Cruisers were unheard of, an even more unheard of concept of a destroyer taking flagship slot made sense for such an illogical fleet.




Later that night, the room assignments were finalized, with the energetic Kongou bunking with the torpedo lesbians, Fubuki has the role of a bridge between the two carriers from CarDiv One and CarDive Five. Zuikaku asks Fubuki to show her how to make the rabbit, where Fubuki says Kaga was the one and she should ask her. Kaga agrees to show her how to make it, and two two get close to a slightly annoyed Kaga, who is having her personal space invaded by the CV and DD.



Episode Thoughts:



Hmm, the series seems to be taking a gradual tick up to more action. The formation of Mobile Unit Five to me smacks of very early fleets by some TTK, like me. The differeing personalities made for interesting drama, though to be honest, as much as I want to fault Kaga, I do know she can soften. And Zuikaku is very confrontational. The one I cannot stand is Ooi, and to a lesser extent, Kitakami. I don’t know if Kitakami can notice it, but Ooi is a massive bitch, to put it bluntly. Fubuki has the determination of a saint if she wants that kind of fleet with that kind of personality to work.


Although I couldn’t help but laugh when Kongou was paired with the torpedo lesbians for bunking assignments. Kongou’s brute force answer to problems seems fitting, especially with the kind of personality that I got in the game (and rightfully transferred over to the series). Fubuki is typical main character to me, she is the diplomat and the achiever.


Regardless, I was happy to see Zuikaku in the anime in a speaking role. I was worried when only Shoukaku was seen in the first episode. While at first I thought the episode would focus on only the Fifth and First CarDiv, but this wasn’t bad. I was more amused at the Flagship selection battles, and felt it was more in line with the rest of the episodes than Episode Three was. It seemed like the purported 70% Slice of Life/30% Battles happened with the Battles happening on Episode 3.





As an anime viewer, I would consider it ‘too fast’ on how the episode fell into place, but I guess the primary market for the adaptation would be the players. Players already know of the personalities and fanon/canon attributes of the girls. Zuikaku and Kaga’s bickering that goes form normal pointed barbs to outright ‘must sink you’ hostility, Ooi’s rampant lesbianism, Kongou’s enthusiasm. I thought it felt alright, but then, your mileage may vary.


And Sixth DesDiv is the focus of the sixth episode. I’m looking forward to ze Daughter and her sisters.

Maybe Inazuma will go Plasma?


Episode Gallery:



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