Kantai Collection (Episode 8: I’m Not a Hotel!)


Following the battle in which Fubuki learns how important it is to leave at least one escort with her fleet carriers, they make their way to the Hotel Yamato, where they can check in anytime they like, but could never leave! Well, Akagi wouldn’t considering Yamato’s excellent food.

Episode Summary:



After the battle, Fubuki and the rest of the Assault Squadron Five head for Truk Island, a forward base made for Operation FS. While Kitakami and Ooi get acquainted with the local wildlife, and Kongou and Fubuki bicker, Yamato greets them.




Taking the group to the new base, it seems most of the other kanmusu had arrived at the base. While Shoukaku and Zuikaku head to the docks, Mutsuki and Yuudachi meet up with Fubuki and Yamato takes em to get refueled.



Opening an extravagant dining facility (with Akagi already eating) she gives the girls some Yamato Ramune. With the start of a full course meal incoming, Kongou and the others talk about how amazing the base is, much like being in a hotel, which upsets Yamato who quickly brushes it away.



Back at the docks, Shoukaku and Zuikaku reflect that they will have to show the power of CarDiv5 in their respective groups, while Shoukaku points out that CarDiv1 had already arrived, much to Zuikaku’s annoyance. Elsewhere, Nagato and Mutsu think about the now delayed operation. With the Abyssals seemingly knowing their codes, their supply lines are stretched thin as they can’t take out the nearby Abyssal base. Mutsu notes that with Shoukaku’s fatigue and damage, she can’t be deployed anytime soon, but it may seem like the retreat would be beneficial for all.






After the dinner, the girls discuss who they’ve never heard of Yamato before. Akagi and Kaga fill them in. As the strongest kanmusu in history, she has 46cm guns but she’s never been in battle. Her existence hidden, she has never deployed. At this time though, CarDiv1 meets with CarDiv5 that has left the docks. Akagi gives Shoukaku some praise, though Shoukaku also reflects Fubuki did well. Zuikaku butts head with Kaga, but in the end, Kaga pats her head, stating she did well, much to the relief of everyone else.



Back at their new/temporary dorms, Fubuki wonders why Yamato doesn’t go out to sea. Thinking back at her own start, due to her inexperience, she wasn’t set out to sea as well. While they don’t know how Yamato feels, she would think that every kanmusu in that situation would love to go out.



The next day, the girls have a beach day, with Kitakami and Ooi commenting on breasts. Yamato is led by Fubuki and others to the sea. Pushing her to join them, she also says they can go put their rigging on and cruise. Before anything happens, Nagato forbids them, with the secretary ship warning her to mind her business.




Dejected at her defeat, Fubuki doesn’t know what to do. Staring out at the dorms later that night, she notices Yamato head out to beach. Joining her, she asks if Yamato wants to go to sea. She explains how the sea is amazing, she encourages Yamato go out with her guidance. Basking in the magnificence of Yamato’s gear, they take one step into the surf, only for Yamato to say she’s hungry.





We see Yamato and Akagi are seen eating very hearty (understatement of the episode) meals. To the point that a cauldron-size rice pot is left empty. Nagato barges in, and takes Fubuki to the side to explain why Yamato can’t be deployed. With their supply lines stretched thin, they can’t afford to launch her, but when they can, they will, much to Fubuki’s happiness. That said, she isn’t off the hook, and her punishment for disobeying Nagato’s orders is to dig for clams to fill up a 55 gallon drum.




Yamato joins Fubuki, and explains she wants to help her. She explains that she looks out to sea since they day she came to the island. As a kanmusu, she exists to protect people, and feels sad when she’s compared to a hotel. But she looks forwards to the chance. Back at the docks, Nagato relaxes, where a squirrel of unknown species appears near the edge of the pool. Looking around, Nagato quickly grabs hold of the surprised squirrel and reveals her softer, cuter side. Mutsu interrupts this asking if she’s having a morning bath. Demanding to know if Mutsu heard anything, she denies this though her smile shows she’s heard and seen enough.




Back in the dining hall, the girls enjoy a dish of omelet rice made with the clams the two of them gathered. With people still using the Yamato Hotel moniker, it seems Yamato is letting it slide much to Fubuki’s worries. Back on the beach, while watching Yuudachi and Mutsuki try to balance on a log, she realizes something and runs off. Bringing Yamato to the shore, she reveals a raft where she could bring her out to sea without using her equipment. Though due to Yamato’s weight (Blogger: Moderate Damage), she can’t pull the raft. Yuudachi and Mutsuki appear and with the three destroyers, they allow Yamato to experience the sea, as well as doing some maneuvers for her benefit








Yamato though picks something up with her Anti-Air Radar, and spot four planes. Unable to reach them with AA fire and with no supporting carriers, the girls are unable to engage the enemy aircraft. Yamato though deploys her gear. Taking responsibility, she shoots them down using the Type 3 Shells (sanshikidan). The destroyers are worried though, with the deployment of that much firepower, they’re sure to be caught, while on shore, Nagato and Mutsu watch from a distance, with Nagato explaining that the planes the 2nd fleet let escape aren’t a problem anymore.






Back at the shore, greeting the wayward force, Nagato ignores their explanations and merely notes it is almost time for dinner, much to their surprise. Up ahead, Mutsu appears with the same squirrel, who teases Nagato with the same cutesy voice she made in the bath. Later at dinner, a luxurious spread is laid before them, with Kongou saying she could get used to the food at Hotel Yamato. To which Yamato only responds that she isn’t a hotel, but the first ship of the Yamato-class, Yamato.


Episode Thoughts:


Well, that was rather nice. Fubuki to me is getting used to her role as flagship. She constantly worries not only for her own forces, but other kanmusu. She’s a lead from the front person with a lot of energy to make up for her lack in experience, though that lack of experience is being made up for in every combat sortie.


As for the subject of the episode, Yamato’s nature as a hotel is explained really, in the episode. As the greatest of the battleships afloat at the time of her launching, her secrecy was required. Stories are told that her launch caused high waves due to her massive displacement, among other things. Saved for the great clash of battleships that never happened in the Pacific War, she still took massive amounts of damage to sink. Her appearance at Truk Island is similar to her time there, where her high consumption and lack of ammunition for her massive weapons meant she was nothing more than a very expensive mountain of metal, earning her nickname ‘Hotel Yamato’ from the crews of other Imperial Japanese Navy vessels stationed there. Equipped with luxurious equipment like ice cream makers and air conditioning, she would host many staff meetings, as well as stories of her tall sides being used as projection screens.

Apart from that, it was a rather nice beach episode, with a little bit of the fandom thrown in. Next episode focuses on the Second Remodel game mechanic, in which ships are ‘remodelled’ with better stats and/or rare equipment. This is rather great because of the three main characters (Fubuki, Yuudachi, Mustuki), Yuudachi has one of the more striking second remodels (Kai Ni), turning her into one of the best destroyer in the game, as well as completely changing the simple-minded poi destroyer into the ‘Nightmare of Solomon’ due to the real Yuudachi’s exploits at the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (which may or may not been hers).


Art by kachayori on pixiv

Art by kachayori on pixiv

Also, tiny fairy maids!



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