Kantai Collection (Episode 9: Second Remodel-poi?!)


We’re nearing the end of the series, and so it seems fitting that we see another aspect of the game being brought into the anime. Particularly the second remodel. Yuudachi has one of the better known Kai Ni forms, her airheaded nature suddenly disappearing in this guise of a fierce hound.

Episode Summary:




At the island base of Truk, Nagato and Mutsu look over the enemy fleet composition Ooyodo brings them, and it is much more imperative that they launch their operation now. Meanwhile, back on the beach, Yuudachi is glowing with some unknown energy and the other destroyers are confused by it. Nagato is informed of the commotion and looks into it, only to see Yuudachi and tersely asks her to head to the factory.





Fubuki and Mutsuki enter the factory to look for her friend, only to encounter other ships that makes one wonder if the factory is much more like an asylum. Well maybe only in Kongou’s case. Finding a strange new girl in one of the bays, they are at first confused but it turns out to be Yuudachi.




As Yuudachi makes her debut to the rest of the destroyers, Fubuki notes her changes and seems at awe. Shimakaze though was surprised, thinking that Fubuki, being the only DD that is a flagship, would’ve gotten a remodel first.


Later, she airs her concerns to Akagi and Yamato, only for them to explain that it takes experience and training for a remodel, as well as for her to work hard. Akagi also patted Fubuki’s head, leading the DD to end up going into flights of fancy.



Noting she should go train some more, she meets Yuudachi out front who had just returned from harsh training on her own, getting acquainted with her new weapons. Ashigara finds them and informs them that Nagato wants to meet them both.




Nagato has new orders for them, with Yuudachi being ordered to be assigned to the first carrier division, to the shock of both destroyers. As Nagato explains Yuudachi’s new position, her orders to Fubuki is much harsher. Yuudachi explains what happened in the meeting to Mutsuki. That Fubuki was ordered back to the main Naval District and that Mobile Assault Squadron Five has been disbanded.



Finding her friend up on the rooftop, Mutsuki explains that she’s been looking up to Fubuki, though she brushes her off, stating she had intended to go running. Doing that, she recalls her own harsh training and her attempts to get better, before crashing into Kongou. Crying, Kongou misunderstands what happened, asking if she’s alright from the collision, but provides someone who Fubuki can latch onto. Hiei is told to be quiet, as Fubuki finally falls asleep in Kongou’s arms.


After bringing Fubuki back to the dorms, she says there are always reasons to what the commander does, and he isn’t blind to the destroyer’s efforts. Meanwhile, Fubuki dreams of being left behind by Yuudachi, who is now escorting her idol, Akagi.




Waking up, she heads to the docks to reflect on her actions and hard work, only to find Yuudachi hard at work with Jintsuu. Naka comes up to Fubuki, and notes that around the same time Fubuki became a flagship, Yuudachi had wanted to get better and started training in the mornings. Seeing that Fubuki was working hard herself, she wanted to do the same, and not forgetting about the soul of a torpedo girl. Fubuki realizes how petty she became, being jealous at Yuudachi and quickly adds encouragement to the training Yuudachi.



Fubuki, Mutsuki, and Mogami are tasked to head to the Naval District before CarDiv 2 (consisting of Souryuu and Hiryuu) to scout. Noting that for Mutsuki to volunteer to head back with them Mogami notes they must really like each other. As the three set sail (and CarDiv2 finally speaks!), Ooyodo arrives with orders for Operation MO to be scrapped and the entire force to return to the naval district. She asks Ooyodo to reaffirm to the commander that they could conduct Operation MO now and to stress that.




Elsewhere, the Flagship Wo-class carrier, now a Flagship Kai model (also known as Black Wo-ck Shooter), launches her planes. Mogami, Fubuki, and Mutsuki sees them, and though they can’t shoot them down, they transmit news of this to Truk and the naval district, only to find the naval district in flames. Nagato realizes they’ve been had, due to their weakened defensive lines, and now knows why they’ve been ordered back.



Mogami, Fubuki, and Mutsuki split up to find survivors, and Mamiya is found by the destroyers. Mamiya notes that the commander managed to get the rest of the ships out, but was still in the command room when it was hit and has not been found just yet.





Later, the girls work on restoring the naval base (with varying results), and at the end of the night Nagato notes their progress. When their facilities are restored, they’ll launch a counter attack on the Abyssal Carrier Group. While the commander is still missing, Nagato had found their most recent orders in the rubble, and as per the commander’s wishes, Fubuki is to be given a second remodel.


Episode Thoughts:


Jealousy and Pride. These were the two thoughts that went through my head as I rewatched the episode for this blog post. I can understand Fubuki’s feelings. She’s gone so far, worked so much, dealt with her own gremlins. Already she’s being noticed by the one who idolizes her. Yuudachi saw this, saw how a destroyer who had started with nothing had worked hard to get to where she was, and decided to follow. It’s lonely at the top no doubt, and sometimes your own climb makes you blind to attempts by others to follow.


And this is why I’m liking Fubuki. She’s human, more human than some characters really. She has her own foibles and her own little gremlins. She isn’t scared to cry. She gets jealous, especially when in one fell swoop, her own dreams seemed to be shattered by a girl she might’ve honestly felt had do nothing to earn her right to sail with Akagi. I mean, the entire Yuudachi has been featured in the series, she’s jusy Poi~ing around. Her combat worth after the split of the torpedo squadron wasn’t truly seen or appreciated by us, the audience, or by Fubuki.


And what makes Fubuki great in my eyes, is the fact she didn’t let that jealousy blind her, especially when Sendai explained that Yuudachi had worked hard, sneaking in her own time to get to a level to match Fubuki, though it seems Yuudachi’s energy (and no doubt being in active combat longer with a lower Kai Ni threshold) had left Fubuki in the dust.


That was rather harsh, but to me, it’s shown that this commander would prefer to give vague or unclear orders and let Nagato deal with it. IN a sense that’s where I get a bit of the pride. Nagato is too sure, too proud of her role as the secretary ship, that even an immediate return to base makes her guess wrong. But to me, that’s a bit of a stretch.


Anyways, as for the attack on the naval district itself, it’s eerily similar to Doolittle’s Raid, but right now, I’m more interested in Fubuki as she reacts to the news of her getting a Kai Ni. And of course, the eventual showdown between Black Wo-ck Shooter and Fubuki Kai Ni.


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