Three Episode Rule – Gate (Episode 3: The Fire Dragon)


On tonight’s episode of Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. The main female protagonists appear; Kurata is jealous of Itami; and the Komatsu Light Attack Vehicle does some evasive maneuvering.

Edit: I also wanna apologize for the overabundance of Rory Mercury screenshots. I have a friend who is a fan and wanted some nice shots.

Episode Summary:

At the burned remnants of the village, Itami rescues the elven girl from the bottom of the well, where she is treated by the medic, Kurokawa and the other female in the team, Shino Kuribayashi. Kurata is definitely pleased at the appearance of the elf, since it means there should be catgirls too. Kurokawa asks Itami, now that the girl is out of danger, what their next course of action is, to which he states they’ll take her in as a refugee, since she’s the sole survivor of her village.



She does warn him (and Kurata), about their hobbies and the fact she’s an elf. A nice reminder to not do anything weird. The group heads back to Arnus Station via Coda Village. Kurata hopes they don’t meet any dragons, though Itami warns him to not jinx it.



Back at Coda, the village leader si surprised at the news, and informs Itami they can’t take in the elf. The village evacuates, since the Dragon, having tasted human and elven flesh, will want more. Everyone readies for the evacuation, this includes the Wizard Kato, and his young apprentice, Lelei. Distraught at losing his books, she merely suggests to bring the most important, all the while cursing that the dragon came early.





Asking him to mount up, he makes a lewd joke to which she attacks him with magic. Claiming that magic is sacred and not to be abused, when the cart can’t move due to the weight, he was about to use it to lighten the cart before Lelei throws his words back at him. Though she agrees, and casts a spell to lighten the load.

Back at the village, the main road is blocked due to a cart up ahead having collapsed and broken an axle due to the heavy load. This is where the wizard and his young apprentice first meet the people from the other side. Curious at the newcomers, Lelei goes up to survey the damage and is surprised by the fact the soldiers not only count women in their group, but doctors as well.


The horse that had been pulling the overturned cart breaks free and starts a rampage with Lelei and the injured child and Kurokawa in front of it, before it is shot and killed by the Sergent Major’s quick reaction. Meanwhile, Kurata asks Itami if they’ll be helping the refugees the whole way, and that there were no lords for them to turn to. Itami had already asked the village chief, stating that the lords in the region had not returned since asking to fight at Arnus.




Later that night, elsewhere, a group of bandits plot on rallying a large enough force to raid the refugees of Coda, only for their leader to be decapitated by the envoy of the Dark God Emroy, Rory Mercury. The bandits panic, but are slain one by one by the young-looking Goth loli reaper.




The next day, progress is slow as the Third Recon force helps out the refugees, making some hard choices along the way. Itami had them burn their possessions rather than ask for reinforcements, mainly due to the fact they are outside of the front lines, it could mean that they are moving away from Arnus Station to invade. To prevent a possible battle with enemy forces in which the refugees would be caught in the middle, he was denied reinforcements, and thus all they could do is help.




Up ahead though, they spot Rory who approaches the convoy. Asking who they were and where they’re from, the children jump out of the Humvee and greet the envoy. Gaining information from the villagers, Itami catches Rory’s eye, and being told what the vehicle was, makes an awkward situation by getting in and sitting on Itami’s lap, much to Itami’s annoyance and awkwardness and Kurata’s jealousy.





Later in the day, as the convoy heads through some mountainous and arid regions, Kurata and Itami complain about the evacuation, though out of the blue, a blue dragon appears from the sun, only to be eaten by the Fire Dragon that just appeared. Attacking the convoy, killing some of them, and scattering everyone.


Itami’s group confronts it, with someone lamp shading the kaiju movies (something about fighting giant monsters being a JSDF tradition), they annoy the dragon,m but even the M2 mounted on the LAV can’t hurt it. The elven girl wakes up at this point, and motions to shoot the eye.






Distracted now by the attacks on it’s one last remaining eye, the LAV gunner shoots a Panzerfaust 4 rocket at the dragon but had jerked the trigger, causing it to go wide. Rory though steps out and on top of the moving Humvee, and using her (clearly magical) giant battle-axe causes the dragon to stand into the path of the rocket (or caused the rocket to fly at the dragon), and the anti-tank rocket blows off its arm, driving it off.





The death toll on the refugees was high, and after consolidating, most of the village heads off to nearby villages, while Itami’s group takes care of old people and children who are without families, as well as the severely wounded. Looking back at the small group left in their care, Itami merely says everything will be alright.







Episode Thoughts:


In the week between this blog post and the last, I caught up with the Gate manga. And so I can at least talk about the adaptation in a better light than I did before. And my biggest complaint so far is in the adaptation of Shino Kuribayashi. I know a lot of people already made the connection in the first episode, but turning the hard as balls, hand-to-hand master, tomboy of a soldier Shino (who reminds me really of Maya from Kantai Collection in terms of looks (and displacement –cough-)) into someone I thought resembled Mami Futami from The Idolm@ster felt wrong.

Gate Shino 3rd Recon Patch Manga

I think that’s the consequence of the adaptation. The manga isn’t one to tone down the gore. The initial attack on Ginza had Imperial troops standing on a mountain of Japanese corpses; Rory’s introduction was way bloodier (and with a nice insight into what makes her tick); the effects on modern weapons against plate armor (it looks like the illustrator photocopied the ballistics gel image of a 7.62x51mm NATO round); as well as the nudity and the torment of slaves.

I’m sure we’ll still see the gore fly, but I doubt they’ll go as crazy. There are some scenes I’m truly wondering if they’ll do, particularly the bath house chapter, for those who have read it, but I won’t say much more to avoid spoiling it.



As for Itami’s squad, they’re slowly showing themselves, though at this point it’s just Kurata, the Sergent Major, and the two females. More interesting is the appearance of the three female protagonists. The elven girl, Tuka Luna Marceau; the reaper and apostle of Emory, Rory Mercury; and the apprentice magician Lelei la Lalena. The manga does rather well introducing them, and of the three, I imagine Rory would be the only one to be within a shout of reaching harem lead. For reasons I can’t disclose now.


Again, the combat was short yet good. Everyone was firing at bursts, the vehicles moving like they have a purpose, and no one really just sticking the gun out the window and shooting in the general direction of the dragon. Aimed bursts, effective especially with the revelation of the dragon’s weakspot.


So, how do I cap this Three Episode Rule?

I’ll watched, though not as enthusiastically as I was a month or two ago. That time I was really excited for the series, though after finding out on how ‘poisonous’ the source material was, I decided to tone down my expectations. Rereading the last two episode thoughts kinda annoyed at the show. But it could be too early, the manga wasn’t as ‘Japan is #1’ as I had feared, and was actually pretty enjoyable. It didn’t devolve into a harem comedy, but one where different agendas are on the line as Japan and the Empire faces off in the new world, and Japan faces off against erstwhile allies and enemies amongst other modern nations.




So we’ll see how this adaptation goes, I’m already liking it.

I just wish they didn’t made Shino look cute, and kept her as the rough and tumble tomboy that looked like Maya.

Shino Manga Gate


Episode Gallery:


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