Quick Thought: Gate Episode 7

Summary from Wikipedia:

Piña scolds her knights Bozes and Panache for not only attacking Itami but treating him inhumanely, both of which violated the treaty she signed with him. She fears the JSDF will use this as an excuse to attack them. As the Formal family staff treat Itami wounds, Rory, Lelei, Tuka and some of the 3rd Unit sneak back to Italica to rescue Itami but not before learning, much to Shino Kuribayashi shock, Itami is a Special Forces Ranger.

The 3rd Unit are welcomed by the Formal maids and join Itami for a small party where some of the soldiers get to know the non-human maids. Meanwhile, Piña orders Bozes to sleep with Itami as an apology but Bozes becomes angry and slaps him after seeing him having a party and feeling herself publicly humiliated. Wishing to apologize to Itami’s superiors personally for Bozes actions, she and Bozes join the 3rd Unit’s trip back to Alnus Hill where they witness the JSDF having a live fire Field training exercise along with tanks and helicopters, and is shock to learn from Lelei that their soldiers do not use magic but weapons called guns.

While Piña and Bozes meet with Itami’s commanding officer Lieutenant General Hazama with Lelei as an interpreter, Itami invites Tuka to come with him to Japan to meet the Japanese Diet as a representative of the Special Region. The next day, Itami, Shino and Akira Tomita accompany Rory, Lelei, Tuka to Japan using the Gate along with Piña and Bozes to show them around.


Quick Thought:

As I think I’ve been saying in previous posts, I think the manga did this better. The internal monologue by characters tend to add another dimension to their thoughts, or at least allow us to understand their thought processes a little more. That’s why it felt off that Kuribayashi was amazed at Itami being a ranger. There wasn’t much before the last episode or so for her to really show any discontent over having a lazy otaku as a commanding officer.

That said though, I did like the Piña’s reactions to the various mishaps Itami endured at the hands of her subordinates. Ordering Bozes to seduce Itami was funny in both the manga and anime, and shows the completely different thinking between a ‘peaceful’ Japan and a world mired in medieval attitudes. The realization that they are completely outmatched was fine though I did prefer a little bit of the manga’s explanation. Just when Piña though they could acquire guns to even the battlefield, along comes a Type 74 and Lelei’s explanation between ‘small arms’ and ‘big arms’.

There were minor changes, most likely done for expediency, that were dropped, and while it’s merely a transitory episode, I’m sort of dreading the next arc. It’s the Japan/Bath House one, and those who know me and have heard me rant on Skype already know why I am dreading it.

Also, sorry for this rather quick overview. Been busy.

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