Gate Episode 10: Despair and Hope


The end to the Japan arc was actually bloodier than the Battle of Itarica. I guess they did hear some complaints on the toned down gore. Meanwhile, anime!Shino is growing on me. Stop! GATE! Stop! The only Shino I acknowledge is the manga!Shino that looks like Maya from Kantai Collection!

Episode Summary:

Itami and Rory are stopped from their potential bruising lovemaking by a text from Defense Minister Taro who no doubt explains everything to him. Outside, the operatives from America, China, and Russia meet and engage in a fierce Mexican standoff, before Rory joins the field and it devolves into a bloody free for all. The Chinese MSS agents are using suppressed Skorpions, the Russian FIS agents using suppressed HK MP7s, and the American CIA operatives suppressed KAC PDWs.




This results in everyone dying. Either from gunfire or Rory’s slice and dice. Heidegger puts up a fight but dies from blood loss, and at the end of it all Rory stands in the middle of dead and dying men as her body pushes out the rounds that had managed to hit her.

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Back at the control room, the Public Service agents are called in to secure the location, while Itami orders Kuribayashi and Tomita to scavenge weapons and have everyone get ready to leave. Encountering a van that was used by the Russian FIS team, they subdue and knock out the driver with magic and escape. Demanding to get some answers, Itami proclaims that he doesn’t know, prompting Shino to aim her ex-Russian MP7 at him. Piña though offers a hypothesis, in which there are vying factions that want peace and those who do not. To which Itami merely nods without saying anymore. The scene shifts to the President of the US, who admonishes the head agent. The agent promises that they’ll acquire their ‘visitors’.





At a rest stop, amazed at vending machines, the three girls go off to buy food while Risa asks Itami who of the three girls he likes, listing off the qualities of each girl. As they have dinner from the convenience store, Risa sends out an internet post claiming that the special are visitors are planning to visit Ginza the next day. With ‘friends’ out in force, they wouldn’t dare do anything drastic.






The next day, the news of PM Motoi’s resignation hits the news, and a rookie news reporter named Kuribayashi Nanami unsuccessfully tries to get people’s reactions to it. Being berated by her camerawoman/boss, they notice the growing crowd and wonder what is going on. Elsewhere, Agent Graham has his men ready. They intend to cause a panic, snatch the special area visitors, and spirit them away before the other two nations, who have agents spotted nearby, do the same. Back at the van, stuck in traffic, they are unable to move due to the people. Rory makes a decision and heads out herself. Approaching a bystander, she asks where Ginza is, drawing attention to herself.






While weighing the various pros and cons of just heading out like that, they decide to just go with the flow, or else the PM’s resignation and Risa’s efforts were in vain. Leaving Risa to dispose of the van, they share a slightly tender moment (which breaks when Itami reminds her to pay him back). Itami authorizes lethal force on anyone trying to kidnap their charges.


Later, in a live broadcast, Nanami encounters her sister, who plainly and on international news, exposes the machinations of the other nations. Komakado, recovering from his sprained back, approaches Agent Graham. Informing them that he isn’t sure who is who among the agents, and he may make a mistake. The President goes crazy at the news that all the CIA agents had been arrested, and also curses Kuribayashi and Motoi. The Chinese and Russians quietly pull out as Lelei, Rory, and Tuka offer their flowers and respects at the Ginza memorial.








As they had back inside the perimeter of the Gate’s closed off area, they are greeted by Kurata who finds them all tired out from their trip. Back in the Special Region, Rory goes gaga over her newly bought fishnet stockings, Lelei works on a laptop, Itami yells at Yanigada for his stressful vacation, and Tuka looks for her father.







Piña is changed at what she saw beyond the gate, and resolves herself to find a way to end the war against Japan.


Episode Thoughts:


Nothing much really, apart from my rather rushed summary. The episode more or less copied the manga, though minor things occur. In the manga, the Russians use a dependable, and also found in Japan, UAZ-452 van, but it more or less makes em stick out like a sore thumb. So it was changed to be a slab-sided people carrier in the anime.


The most annoying thing was changing Agent Heidegger’s Springfield Armory XDM to a Makarov PM. Considering the hastiness of the Bathhouse Operation, maybe he was called in from an op in Russia and only had that gear. I’ve been informed by some that Makarov PMs are quite prevalent as cheap illegal guns in Japan, but it still doesn’t cut it. He uses a highly expensive Knight’s Armament Company PDW (utilizing the 6x35mm round) yet his sidearm is a cheapo Russian Makarov, this breaks a little of my willing suspension of disbelief.


Makarov PM – 9x18mm Makarov,  Agent Heidegger’s sidearm in the anime.

Heidegger's SA XDM

Springfield Armory XDM-9 9mm Para, Agent Heidegger’s sidearm in the manga.

The whole reveal scene was too much Idolm@ster and not enough GATE. The manga had Shino outright blurting out that they’ve been targeted since day one and suffered a series of misfortunes while name calling the US, China, and Russia.


Shino's Reveal

Rory’s healing capabilities were much better fleshed out in the manga as well, though for an adaptation, this was fine.


In all, I can’t really say episode 10 really roused much emotions in me. There were quite some awesome bits with the conclusion of the Bathhouse Operation. There was a touching moment in the end with Risa still having feelings for Itami while Itami actual answered her ‘properly’ (then ruining the heartwarming moment). But nothing really strikes me as something to involve a crapton of words.



With this episode, we are finally past the weakest part of the story. Episode 10 was a conclusion to an arc, and there is really nothing more to say. Though now the next arc (and one of the much better plotlines) is sure to really allow Gate to build up steam (for some though, too late).  There is 14 or so more episodes left, and it seems the anime intends to finish with the Fire Dragon and possibly catch up to the manga at this point, so we’ll see how far this goes. Next episode, we see Yao, the bondage Dark Elf!

gate yao ep 11 preview

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