Double Posting – Creative Blogger Award

Oooyodo from Kantai Collection by akasaai

Ooyodo from Kantai Collection by akasaai

So, I figured I need to do this now before I get super lazy and don’t do it. This year I was awarded two blogging awards, the Creative Blogger Award by Medieval Otaku, and the Sunshine Award by Infinite Zenith. So to start off, here’s the award Medieval Otaku awarded me. The rules for accepting the award are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers and add their links.
  • Notify the bloggers you included.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do!

So with that, I once again thank Medieval Otaku for the award, please hit him up in this link.

Fact #1: I’m not a consistent writer.

I tend to write when it suits me. I tend to have impulses and things I want to write about, but I sometimes don’t act on them. Sometimes it’s due to me being busy, but mostly because the bed, covers, and dakimakura are conspiring against me. They’ve co-oped my laptop and all I do on my laptop in bed is watch YouTube or read various things. That inconsistency is quite evident with my writing. I’m sure the grammar-freaks and other sharp-eyed people can spot my mistakes, my run-on sentences, poor phrasing, and incomplete sentences from a mile away.

But last I checked, this isn’t for English class. Granted, I want to ensure people can read this blog, but the polish of what I post won’t be as high-end. It’ll read more like a long-ass Facebook post than something done amazingly. But looking back at the dreck I used to put out in LiveJournal and the not-so-dreck of earlier in this blog, it’s much better. Practice, Practice, Pra-zzzzzz

Fact #2: Reasoning for this blog.

This blog was started because I wanted a venue other than Facebook to really go and reveal my thoughts. Lately, well starting with Girls und Panzer, I decided to make it into an anime blog. I do an overall summary of the episode, then laid on my thoughts afterward. Not as great as some, and sometimes I don’t feel it, but it leaves me something to do. Blogging to me is a hobby, a hobby with some sort of deadline at times, but still a hobby. It may span for a decade, or I might fall into what Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit calls ‘blogger burnout’.

Overall, I consider this an extension of my old LiveJournal account. I blogged before, two school-related blogs that let me get my feet wet with both blogger and WordPress, which let me decide that WordPress was a bit more suitable for me. So I started posted life status updates, a bit more than what I can do in twitter and Facebook. I did politics, but that changed when I took an oath of office as a Federal employee. With politics really not something I feel overly comfortable writing about (since some readers are coworkers), I stuck with anime.

Fact #3: How I started writing.

Writing to me came somewhat with the internet. I always had a big imagination. When I was a young boy, I read stuff like Calvin and Hobbes, Tom Clancy, and Jules Verne, and one can say as an elementary schooler, I connected with Calvin with his bountiful imagination. Verne with the detail he put into small things, similar with Clancy and explaining how something works as a buildup for something important.

That and I learned to hate squids, the copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea I had also contained some of the old pictures from the original releases.

That said, I discovered this site called Gaia Online in the early aughts, and the concept of roleplaying. I knew about roleplaying already from DnD, but I actively took part in it with play-by-post forum roleplaying. I got to play my imagination and let it run wild. I think I showed a little bit of it with my marriage to Zuikaku from KanColle.

Fact #4: Anime

Around the same time I was a young impressionable kid reading Calvin and Hobbes collections in the Philippines, I watched my first scraps of anime. I couldn’t have been more than four or five at the time, but I saw Voltes V and Robotech. Talk about a kick in the pants, I honestly saw the difference between the heroics of the characters in those two shows and the slapstick comedy in say, Bugs Bunny.

In time I grew to love anime. From My Neighbor Totoro to shows like Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Family friendly shows and shows that made me think. That said, I have moods. Sometimes I want a multi-storyline, universe spanning space opera. Sometimes all I want to do is huddle in bed watching a sweet romantic comedy while sick. It comes to me in fits and starts, and I’m typically not one to really be in the ‘mainstream’ or ‘in’ crowd when it comes to the new releases (Oh God, I’ve gone hipster). I think that’s a point against me. Why do an anime blog when I don’t even watch the newest, hit anime?

Because sod off.

Fact #5: Myself

I am turning twenty-seven this October, and I’ve had some time to think about it. I don’t look back too fondly in my childhood. I’ve done some stupid shit, and I’ve been a whiny little bitch. I’m also somewhat depressive as a result of some things growing up, and I can’t bring myself to go and have it checked. I’ve thought of suicide before, and in the end of the day, I didn’t want to. I’m on this world for a reason I reckon. There will always be smarter and greater people, my sisters included. I’ll live and do what my mediocre self can do and if I can at least look back when it’s come, and if I find that the memories that make me smile outweigh those that do not, I think I’ve done alright.

I don’t want to end this on a sad note, but I can’t think of any better way to describe me. I’ve touched on writing and anime already. So why not introduce myself as well? The depressive parts of me is just as important to why I blog as the imaginative side. I still sometimes go to my old LiveJournal account just to reflect and look back at my middle school and high school years.

Art by Tsukaba Masashiro "If your middle-school-aged self met you, would they look up to you? Have you been able to become that kind of adult? What kind of adult do you want to become? We cannot remain as children forever."

Art by Tsukaba Masashiro
If your middle-school-aged self met you, would they look up to you?
Have you been able to become that kind of adult?
What kind of adult do you want to become?
We cannot remain as children forever.


I nominate the following:

  • Infinite Zenith: One of the steady bloggers I’ve followed, his insight into things has always been great. He does anime reviews in much greater scope than I do and is a role model.
  • Miguel over at Gun Free Zone Blog: He isn’t gonna take this I’m sure, but I consider Miguel my ‘blog-father’. The person who finally made me decide that I should start blogging. He isn’t anime related, and is more of a pro-gun site. But still.
  • themanthatrambles: Just another fellow aniblogger.
  • And The Geek Shall: I do enjoy ATGS’s posts, amusing and informative at times.
  • iblessall at Mage in a Barrel: Another aniblogger, with some good insights and with the muse and free time to really keep tabs on more series than I can.
  • RD Revilo: Some things are meant to be read, even if short, and allow one to pause and think of some reflection.
  • The Nerds over at Nerd Nebula: I actually want to see if all of them can do this.
  • Arria Cross over at Fujinsei: Much like Infinite Zenith, she’s one of the people I look up when I do anime-related blog posts.
  • Nhan Pham over at Nhan Fiction: I was a bit worried at first, but I think Nhan switching up his blogging style is starting to show great promise.
  • Brad Torgersen: I discovered Brad around the time of Sad Puppies, and always loved his posts. Now to cough up the money for his books. I dunno if this is cheating though.

I thought I wouldn’t get 10 people. No doubt I will be picking five of them for the next award I intend to write about. Certainly better than a quick thought on the news that the German Army is dropping the G36, my boyhood crush.


Here, have an Abukuma K2

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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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2 Responses to Double Posting – Creative Blogger Award

  1. I was also a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes and Tom Clancy. How I miss those comics! It was fun reading your five facts. I always feel that you offer a unique perspective on those series you review–whether it’s Rail Wars or Gate. If not for your posts, I might have dropped the latter by the end of this season. πŸ™‚

  2. “I need to do this now before I get super lazy and don’t do it.”

    I second that: I’m pretty really bad when it comes to procrastinating on these things, myself. More importantly, thanks for the nomination! I’ll get around to writing my post…let’s say before 2015 ends πŸ˜›

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