Three Episode Rule – Fall 2015 Part 2

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

And so the second Three Episode Rule for this season. Frankly I only watched two series to finish this off, and so here I go.


Heavy Object - TERHeavy Object

Watched: 1-3


Of the several series I chose to be part of this Three Episode Rule, Heavy Object, alongside Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai are shows that completely held me at attention from the beginning. The premise of the show, that the appearance of objects bringing about a sea-change in warfare and altering nation-state dynamics, is a very interesting setting. The action is fast paced and is sprinkled with fanservice-grade comedy (sometimes a little too thickly). In all, the series has me at the second episode, where the main male protagonist has to discard his naivety in order to save the main female protagonist.

The episode titles are interesting as well, the first three referencing the Lilliputians who tie down Gulliver upon his arrival. The next arc focusing on Tom Thumb, and thus explaining the second revolution in warfare. The fact that Objects aren’t invincible and can be taken down. The rest of the show also reminds me greatly of the idealized view of knightly or courtly combat, in which duels would provide the winner with whatever is being fought over. This is no doubt reinforced as the pilot of the Object at the focus of the show, Milinda Brantini, is constantly referred to as either ‘princess’ or ‘eilte’. This view of warfare was shattered (in the eyes of the protagonist) when the first ‘baddie’ of the series appears. The four-legged, cold weather environment focused ‘Water Strider’ effortlessly takes out Milinda’s multirole ‘Baby Magnum’ in an attack. After defeating Milinda (who escapes), it targets the base even after the ‘white flag’ radio signal is sent and received by the enemy. As there are no laws or treaties enforcing that aspect of combat, it leads to a slaughter, leading to where the main protagonist, Qwenthur Barbotage is forced to understand what the word ‘war’ really means.

That mere part reminded me, I think of what is going on in Japan today, with PM Abe attempting to erase Article 9, and also, the mere mindset of anyone who engages in violence. There are the scoundrels and the knights, and while such lofty ideals can be switched depending on who you ask (the Faith Organization’s leader clearly thought of Qwenthur and his friend, Havia Winchell as demons), I think it is just the first part in returning the gravity of the word back to human consciousness in the series setting.

I’m just rambling at this point though. Long story short: The show is nice, setting is interesting, and I wanna see the characters ‘see’ what ‘war’ really is. It’s not something I would blog, since it’s being done by many others.

One Punch Man - TER

One-Punch Man

Episodes Watched: 1-3


And the last but not the least of the series, this was highly recommended to me by friends, coworkers, family, you name it. One-Punch Man is a hilarious parody of the superhero anime which delivers some eye-popping fight scenes. The main character, Saitama, defeats things with one punch, hence the name. Frankly I enjoyed it, but I’ve seen myself pressing the right-directional key a little too often. Fighting kind of Anime hasn’t ever been something I enjoy, stuff like swords and whatnot I’m lukewarm too, but shows like Naruto, Hajime no Ippo, etc never got my fancy. This is probably gonna have me burn in the hell that is social networking sites.

I think the appeal for me would just be the comedy. Most of the characters in the show can’t believe that Saitama is just having fun. It tears at their very idea on how a ‘Hero’ is. I mean, Saitama is certainly heroic, but how he became one (100 pushups/situps/squats + 10km Run + Mental Prep via no A/C & Heat + 3 meals a day) boggles the mind of every hero and villain he’s met. And that I think is why I’d enjoy the show, just the absolute comedy of this parody of a ‘hero’ goes about defeating monsters and retaining allies.

I’ll watch it, but like Hidan no Aria AA, I don’t think I’ll be watching it episodically, but rather something akin to binge watching.


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