Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – Episode 6: Even Bunnies Have Fangs

35 Test Platoon - Ep 6 Title

Now that my schedule isn’t as hectic as it was when I first started, I can do a proper writeup of these. I thought it was an alright end to the arc focusing on Usagi.

Episode Summary:

As Usagi gets ready for school, she smiles and reminisces of the night before, claiming to her grandfather that she now found somewhere where she belongs. Elsewhere on campus, Ouka mulls on what she knew of Reima, before observing someone painting on the grounds, apparently on his orders to spruce up the place for the festival At another part of campus, Takeru meets Reima, and the two butt heads over Usagi, with Reima telling him that Usagi is nothing but an outcast in her own family.




At a gazebo on the grounds, Ouka asks Vlad for the power to see the whole place from above, and discovers a magic circle that takes over a person’s mind. Somewhere else, Usagi meets Reima, who calls him off. He merely reminds her of her brother’s death at her hands, which leads her to a mental breakdown. At the Student Council President’s room, Shizuka reports that Reima is most definitely Mephistopheles, although this leads her to comment on her inability to protect Sendou. Nagaru calls out the witch, stating that whenever she asks Shizuka on doing something for her, she responds with “I wish to be a spy, anyway”, and the scene cuts out with gunshots ringing out.



At the 35th Test Platoon’s room, Takeru looks for Usagi, only to be informed by Mari that she was out shopping. She doesn’t know what was going on, but they both head out to look for her. Elsewhere, Shizuka meets with Ouka, and both confront Reima (with a passed out Usagi at his feet). Mephisto reveals to be Shizuka, and with a double-team by Reima, manages to surprise Ouka and takes over Ouka’s mind. Before Mephisto fully controls Ouka, she presses the switch that disables Mari’s gleipnir, allowing her to fully use magic. Nagaru manages to contact them, having survived the encounter via a bullet-proof vest (though it still hurts).




Back at the room, Mephistopheles indicates that Relic Eaters are quite a nuisance. The witch states that her soul was still in this world, and notes that they need to activate the magic circle sooner than later. Reima objects, saying it wasn’t part of the deal of him gaining the academy and the Inquisition, though the witch clearly puts him in his place. The only reason he hasn’t been killed yet because having the Tenmyoji heir in her pocket would come in handy for her, and without her, he’d still be nothing. As long as he obeyed, he would be safe. She states that most of the students were still alive (meaning their souls are still binded to her) but once she was done, the academy would be his.



Nagara explains to Takeru Mephistopheles’ body is being held in a detaining center under the Academy, and she wants to get it back. She thinks the witch intends to brainwash the students with a magical item. Takeru is pissed, stating that she got Ouka involved and now wants them to save her. He has no plans to take orders from her, though they will still save her due to them being comrades. Summoning Lapis, he asks where the missing teammates are. She can’t find Ouka, but Usagi is at the church. With that knowledge, he asks Mari to lift the spell.



At the church, Usagi is unconscious, apparently having been changed into a bridal gown, and dreams of her brother. Her brother had been handing a loaded weapon, thinking it was a toy, and when the younger Usagi tries to stop him, accidentally shoots him. Back at his brother’s grave, the younger Usagi is confronted by the younger Reima, who is just as abusive and jerkish as he is as a teenager. It was at that point that he makes up his mind, saying that she belongs to him. Waking up to Reima over her, he verbally abuses her, before she remembers her teammate’s words from the photography shoot. Realizing she now has a place to return to, she attacks Reima, biting him in the shoulder. The spoiled rich kid draws a sword, apparently a magical artifact allowing him to turn into a knight, although Takeru crashes in and while untransformed, fends him off.





Takeru then tells Usagi to help Mari, and that Suginami will fill her in. Usagi asks for compensation, that he kick the jerk’s ass and that if she manages to keep her safe, that he pat her head again. Tearing the dress to allow her to run faster, Takeru stops Reima from chasing after her. Back at the Platoon’s room, she asks why they’re using her grandfather’s rifle, a sniper variant of the Mosin-Nagant. Explaining that her usual rifle was too heavy, that it suits her needs for the current situation, and that she’s already intimately acquainted with it. Suginami also shows off two special rounds chambered no doubt in the rifle’s caliber, capable of killing the disembodied witch’s soul. She states that Usagi take care in aiming, since the body is not the witch’s but of the one she’s possessing.


Back at the top of the school building, Ouka encounters Mari, and asks her if she’s okay. Mari calls the witch out, noting that Ouka would never care for her wellbeing (maybe in a roundabout way but not directly). Before Mephistopheles could shoot Mari, Usagi tackles her off the roof. Surviving the fall, Mephistopheles slaps a charm on Usagi and manages to escape while the enchanted males chase after Usagi. Back at the church, Takeru easily defeats Reima, and the jerkwad soils his pants. Lapis asks why he isn’t going to kill him, Takeru noting Usagi didn’t want him killed, not is he worth killing in the first place. They have bigger things to worry about.







Back at the rooftop, Mephistopheles shoots Mari, grazing her, before Takeru intervenes. Unfortunately, the witch manages to summon Vlad, and while Takeru manages to slice the shot, Lapis is dispelled, though Takeru manages to still fight back with just his family’s sword. Realizing that Usagi is returning, Mephisto decides to test them, and when she arrives, Takeru and Ouka are facing off with each other, with Ouka claiming that the witch is inhabiting Takeru. Unable to decide, Takeru asks Usagi to shoot him, then Ouka, noting that neither would be hurt. Ouka though yells for her not to listen to him, asking the sniper to trust her, while Takeru merely notes that they trust her, so she should place her trust on them.




Realizing who was possessed, Usagi aims at Ouka, with Ouka’s soul fighting the witch for possession of her body. Managing to take control of her body for a split second, Ouka asks Usagi to shoot her. Usagi focused, shoots Mephistopheles, forcibly expelling the disembodied spirit out of the body. Loading the second round quickly, she finishes off the witch before it could escape or possess another body.





Everyone rushes to Ouka’s side, including Mari, who manages to disable the magic circle. Suginami arrives, finding that she still has a pulse, though Ouka manages to say she’s alive, just to keep it down. At the preview scene after the credits, it seems that the cosplay café was a failure, maybe because Ouka started shooting the lechers. Suginami also says Usagi was looking for Takeru, who finds the aforementioned bunny dressed in nothing but ribbons.





Placing his jacket on the nearly nude girl, she tells him that thanks to his efforts, the engagement has been called off and she’s allowed to stay at the academy. Takeru congratulates her and pats her head as promised. Back at the headmaster’s office, the headmaster and the Inquisition agent talk about a new case, this time involving Suginami’s family.







Episode Thoughts:

I thought I smelled something fishy last episode. Apparently it was Reima wetting himself. I can’t care less about the witch, she was the true baddie, but for me, I reserve all my disgust at Reima. Mephistopheles is a horrible, horrible creature, no doubt many soulless bodies are left in her tracks.


But it once again, cannot compare to the evil in some men’s hearts. The abusive relationship he had with Usagi, the constant belittling of others. That cowardly end of his plans. He isn’t as psychotic evil like Haunted is. But worse. He’s that popular figure who has his sins and fully immerses himself into them. That hidden side. It’s what made me consider him the true evil in this arc.






Usagi is stronger than she puts on. With that kind of familial neglect and burden on her psyche (implying her actions are the cause of her brother’s death), she still puts on a brave front for her team. The fact she found a place where she belongs, and remarking this to a picture of her grandfather (no doubt the only one who cared for her after the accident) shows she’s a better person than Reima. Reima, whose fight with Takeru was never even animated, and one who isn’t even fit to be sliced by his blade. He is one of the lower forms of scum, unfit even to be the dirt on a convict’s boot.


Apart from that, I do hope Sendou is alright, else Nagaru would be completely alone. Mephistopheles seems to be a poor mimic, blowing her cover three times the whole episode. First with Nagaru, who comments on something only she and Sendou know. The second with Mari, who calls her out on her bad acting, noting that Ouka would never directly ask if she’s alright (well, she would, in a very roundabout, condescending way).


And finally by Usagi, when presented with a dilemma. The mere fact that Takeru trusts her to be able to shoot either one of them and both would still come out of it alright reminded me of the Judgement of King Solomon actually. I found the whole episode paced well, and for me, I can’t say Usagi is at fault for her brother’s death. It might be because I own a firearm myself and keep it at a readily accessible location, I practice caution with it. The boy was playing with (presumably) his grandfather’s weapon. The younger Usagi, knowing they shouldn’t be doing such a thing, tries to stop him, and unfortunately someone’s finger touched the trigger and someone died.


Maybe in the future or in the manga this whole scene is laid out in detail, because I cannot fathom how such an accident occurs with children that small and a rifle that long. But it’s enough to scar Usagi into hysterics, and allowing the swine that is Reima to control her. The mere fact her family and the asshole see her as nothing but part of the dowry disgusts me, and why her judgement on who to shoot even more impactful. The ones who truly cared for her are in danger, if she chose wrong, she’d had shot the wrong person, Mephistopheles would’ve killed Mari and then the rest, allowing the witch to gain control of her old body and no doubt betray her promise (a running theme with the baddies the whole series) to Reima and probably turn them all to slaves. Or kill them.


Anyways, that’s it for my view on the episode, until the next one.



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