Tamaidou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – Episode 8: Two Alchemists

35 Test Platoon - Ep 8 Title

While currently bashing my face in repeated sorties to try to obtain Prinz Eugen from E-4’s Node M, I took a slight break to get this episode review out around Thanksgiving Day.

Episode Summary:

Leading from where we left off, while Ikaruga doesn’t have much in the way of emotion, she herself is curious at intercourse. Pointing out that they’re both virgins and this is going to be a special goodbye, the rumblings of chopper blades could be heard in the distance. Noting that it was Alchemist, Ikaruga puts their lovemaking on hold, before kissing Takeru goodbye (and injecting him with a drug so he won’t follow her). Back at the rooftop, the two sisters stare each other down, and ask if the other is willing to hold up their end of the deal.




It seems Isuka did, as a black van deposits Mari, Usagi, and Ouka at the outskirts of the ghetto. Usagi walks forward, still intending to rescue Ikaruga, while Ouka asks her why, now that she’s known Ikaruga’s past. Usagi doesn’t care, and just wants to rescue the one they’ve known, to which the other two agree. They are then met up with the Inquisition raiding party, the Chairman asking where the other members of the platoon were. Ouka says they got separated, and asks him what he was doing. The Chairman gleefully tells them they’re at war, and offers the girls weaponry from the back of his limo (Usagi taking a Barrett M95) while he gives permission for Ouka to use her relic eater.





Back at the hideout/love hotel, Takeru collapses outside, before calling on Lapis. Transforming, they make their way to the facility, where Dragoons from the rogue Alchemist Corp mercenaries battle it out with the Inquisition’s own and Takeru. Asking if Lapis could fly to where she could sense an anti-magic field, she says she can’t, but could glide after doing a high jump. Praising her, she asks him to stop, saying it makes her blush. Before Takeru could comment more on the cuteness of his Relic Eater, in a huff, Lapis sends the armor flying with a rocket jump.




Outside, in the midst of the fighting, the Chairman, the Inquisition head, and an aid walk calmly down the street as Dragoons fight around him. Commenting that the atmosphere brings him back, he raises his (supposed?) relic eater, which seems to take control of the enemy Dragoons, forcing them to fight each other. Raising it again, he tells the magi-tech flintlock musket ‘Innocentius’, and would seemingly be taking down hordes of the enemy Dragoons with just his weapon.




Back inside the compound, Ouka saves Takeru when he wasn’t paying attention, much to his surprise. She tells him that they have to hurry, because if the Inquisition were to find out the extent of Ikaruga’s involvement with the project, they’d arrest her too. Taking the vanguard, Ouka shoots anything he doesn’t get as they fight through to get to where Ikaruga was.




Back at the top of the tower, the two sisters talk, with Isuka revealing that after Ikaruga escaped, she had been repurposed to be even more obedient and to be in pain if she shows any much of an emotion deemed unnecessary. Blaming Ikaruga for her current state she throws the old fairy tale book at her., Ikaruga merely said her goals to come back were to destroy the resurrection project, and to rescue Isuka. Isuka deems it illogical, to which Ikaruga regrets not taking Isuka with her when she escaped. Trying to make amends, Isuka pushes her back, calling Ikaruga her enemy and shooting her in the thigh. Demanding the Lost Matrix at gunpoint, Ikaruga merely says she’s been looking at it the entire time, showing off the red jewel embedded into her skin.






Stating that she’s failed as a scientist when she said it was impossible, Ikaruga transforms into a dark elf via nanomachines, allowing her to form a ball of anti-matter in her hands, intending to destroy the facility and rescuing Isuka. Isuka, clearly in pain for feeling unnecessary emotions, lets out a pained expression. At this point, Haunted appears, and stabs her through the chest with his arm, clearly at joy from the Suginami clone’s suffering. Back outside, Takeru and Ouka start experiencing shortages in Mana (with Vlad once again asking for her to form a contract with him), while Usagi is down to two magazines. This only means Usagi has to be more careful.



Back upstairs, Haunted smiles, having fatally wounded Isuka, saying what a lovely display of sisterly love. Ikaruga, enraged, launches herself at the witch, who forms a barrier to protect himself from the orb of antimatter she had in her hand, leading for the top part of the structure to explode from the collision of science and magic. Ikaruga holds Isuka in her arms, telling her to hold on as she’ll use her nanomachines to save her, only to cough up blood, the imperfect nanomachines she made not living up to such intense usage. In her parting words, Isuka informs her that the mana-less wood elf that Ikaruga made and intended to raise was still alive, held hostage by Valhalla. She tells her to live on, and they’ll be together forever, before dying.





Haunted shows up at this point, noting that Isuka had already shown him how to create dragons and resurrect elves, and asks the powerful scientist to join him. Refusing with a bullet to his head, Haunted, annoyed at the stubborn answer, leaves, while also summoning a magi-tech dragon that had already been developed by Isuka.


The summoning knocks Ikaruga off, before Takeru saves her. Lapis notes that with the type of creature they’re dealing with, Takeru only has a .4% chance of defeating it. Noting though that the dragon was still a machine, it could still be defeated. As the dragon goes about its rampage, Ouka and Takeru distract it while Mari and Usagi commandeer an Alchemist Corp railgun. Aiming for the flight engine at the spine of the monster, Usagi has five shots to hit it. Missing a few shots, Takeru encourages her and she lands a hit, only to reveal that it only destroyed the armor.





Hurt by the attack, the dragon throws Ouka around, with Ouka seemingly taking more damage than she lets on. Takeru stabs at the exposed engine, only for him to lose mana and Lapis start to shut down. Mari appears and transfers her mana to Takeru, which allows him to finish off the dragon in one last burst of energy. He passes out, seeing Ikaruga run towards him.




After the credits, Mari is seen gloating over the injured Usagi and Ouka, who retort that all Mari’s role in the whole episode was to be a glorified mana gas tank, leading to another fight. Takeru asks Ikaruga, who was sitting outside, if she’ll join in, but she declines, preferring to be outside. Takeru states they’re not all useless after all, and she states she has something to fight for (holding the dingy fairy tale book in her lap) before Takeru absent-mindedly starts to pat her head. Ikaruga initially says some girls don’t like it, but asks him to continue regardless. Noticing her tears, Takeru says while she doesn’t like how he tries to carry the other’s burden, she could at least confide in him with her tears, to which she says she wasn’t crying.





Episode Thoughts:

A bittersweet ending to Ikaruga Suginami’s arc. Seeing her sister killed in front of her, let alone being told she’s been reprogrammed to ensure absolute loyalty, it’s no wonder that the unfeeling scientist would shed tears. The mere fact that the wood elf she created was now in the hands of Valhalla is enough to spur her on, but considering Mari’s arc, I highly doubt it’ll be in a form where she would recognize it, and would probably be the one to kill it.




Her transformation into the dark elf was a bit of a surprise, but the fact she managed to do so, gather enough power to produce a nearly 2-3 inch diameter sphere of pure anti-matter, was amazing. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save her sister. Usagi’s stage fright seems less noticeable now, being able to provide backup from her position on the wall with the Barrett M95, and only needing a little more encouragement while on the massive railgun’s controls.


Of a note, I was curious at the Chairman’s weapon. He called Innocentus, no doubt after Pope Innocent VIII, who was known for his work against witchcraft. But from first glance, and this was from earlier, the weapon, as well as the Chairman’s demeanor, suggests he’s not as coy as one would think. The mere fact he could order the whole Inquisition to war on what seems like a whim speaks volumes of the man.



And yes he did remind me a little bit of Rip Van Winkle from Hellsing and of Mami Tomoe from Madoka, but mainly through the magical flintlock.


Now back to Kantai Collection’s Fall 2015 Event, and the very salty farming for Prinz Eugen.


Episode Gallery:


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