Quick Thought – Tamaidou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai: Episode 9


I’m gonna be lazy for this episode, considering nothing terribly important to the plot was revealed. It’s a pair of mini episodes, including a beach episode. I’m trying to clear E-5 at the moment. This stupid idiot decided to try it on Hard.



Quick and Dirty – Having found a possible job, Ikaruga baits Ouka into accepting it, not realizing her cover would be going as a hostess at a host bar. She doesn’t take well to the drunks. When Takeru seemingly finds their target, who has a case sticking out of his jacket. Deciding to make right from her earlier outburst at a customer, Ouka attempts to woo him, only to be felt up and impulsively shooting the case. Surrounded, it becomes a case of mistaken identity as the true target realizes who was in there and he is apprehended off-screen.


Back at the 35th Test Platoon’s room, the item in question is a silver ring with very weak magic properties. While there was a tussle on who would test it, it falls towards Takeru and he inadvertently wears and activates the magic ring. This led everyone to fall into a magically induced state of drunkenness, apart from Takeru. Usagi lays onto him; Mari obsesses over her flat chest; and Ouka is an aggressive drunk and her mask falls, licking Takeru. Ikaruga though doesn’t take well to being drunk, magically induced or not, and vomits on Takeru, seemingly during an attempted kiss.

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The platoon is off to the seaside to investigate the extension of the summer season at a beach. Usagi and Mari are enthused, Ouka trying to keep up her façade of professionalism, while Ikaruga is dreading it. Arriving at the beach, Usagi and Mari are instantly ‘investigating’ in swimsuits while Ikaruga tries to preserve herself while under an umbrella and Lapis is in a school swimsuit. Finally giving in, Ouka wears a swimsuit and the gang enjoys their time at the beach. Before lunch, it seems Lapis was interested in the fishing poles, commenting on the ‘weapons’ the old men were using.




Lunch goes badly for Takeru, who comes down with a stomach ache, but Ouka also finds someone had been attacked by a sea monster. Lapis notes it’s a magical creature, that when summoned, would herald the arrival of summer. Takeru still in the loo and Ouka unable to swim, Usagi forms the mini-35th Platoon. When asked why she’s included in the mini platoon when she’s clearly taller than Usagi and Lapis, both girls just look at her chest.




Lapis’ plan was to use a massive fishing pole with the two girls as bait, which works. Mari and Usagi are molested by the perverted sea creature’s tentacles, and when prompted to by the bait, Lapis tries to pull them in but the line breaks. The creature drags the two girls underneath just as Takeru comes out of the loo and transforms…only to sink to the bottom since Lapis didn’t set up the suit of armor for underwater operations. After a bit of mimicking, Takeru reforms his sword into a fishing pole, while the now free’d (and unlocked) Mari and Usagi swim to his side.






They manage to defeat the creature by reeling it into land, and later in the day, Ouka awards the mini-35th Platoon with some ice cream. When Takeru wonders why they called themselves the mini-35th Platoon, when Mari isn’t small, the girls merely look at her chest much to her annoyance.





Episode Thoughts:


This was a perfect set of episodes for someone like me who has been working on clearing the stupid E-5 Map on Hard this current Kantai Collection event. The first mini-episode wasn’t really as amusing as the second, but I broke out in laughter at Suginami’s reaction to being drunk. It isn’t a pleasant feeling, and if the ring really made everyone but the wearer drunk, I can only imagine the hangovers.


Lapis getting the hiccups also thawed a cold heart. Too cute. The show has been showing Lapis’ cuteness in small measures. I say, bring it on.


The beach episode was typical formula. What struck me was when the sea creature appeared. Not only was it magical, but it had tentacles, and a face that made me question my sanity if I had seen it in real life. The mere fact it felt up Mari and Usagi made me think “I’ve seen enough Hentai to know where this is going”. Takeru sinking was already funny, the fact that his sword can also become the show’s version of the Master Rod made me laugh my ass off.




It was the show not taking itself seriously for thirty minutes. Considering that the body count, while low compared to some shows, was pretty consistent in the past eight episodes, this was a nice break. It wasn’t too abrupt, both were still ‘missions’, but by the second mini-episode, you know very well it was the filler episode between major arcs.


I also did more to get screenshots than I did to write this post. Now back to clearing E-5.



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