Tamaidou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – Episode 10: Kusanagi Kiseki


And we’re at the home stretch, and finally get to the last few people who was featured in the OP. While we saw them earlier, it seems it is at this juncture, that they finally become important.

Episode Summary:

The episode starts off with Takeru visiting his sister. Going through the Inquisition barriers, and warned about possible breaches in security and sensitive information, he meets his sister, chained up and behind what appears to be a video screen. After he recounts what had transpired since they last saw each other. He talks about his platoon, and Kiseki asks him about the one with the nice hair, and glad he’s found love. While he can’t say it is, more an admiration, he angrily says how could she be happy, I she’s stuck there and forced to sleep the whole time. Before he could continue, his time is up and he leaves her as to not upset the wardens. As the airlock closes behind him, Kiseki touches the screen, a burst of static calling out for him, asking him something.




Later on the platoon conducts a high-octane chase of magical artifact smugglers, working much more wonderfully as a team now. Everyone has gotten much more confident and sure with each other and the antics between the teammates are confined to the post-operation talk. With that operation in the bag, they hope to get some points, though Ouka notes Takeru’s exhaustion. Noting that he should see his sister, to which he agrees.







Walking away, he notices someone familiar, Yoshimizu, the girl who was used as the portal for Haunted’s entrance at the tournament. Ignoring him, he runs into a scarred Kyoya, the 15th Platoon’s captain, who brushes him off, calling him a traitor. Accompanied by the School Chairman, they enter an underground holding area. Kiseki is seen on the video feed fully restrained, and the Chairman explains that she’s been pumped with doses hundred times more lethal than normally administered on humans. It seems that her power isn’t entirely dependent on mana, having resurrected without any visible traces of it.






It is a corrupting influence within her body, corroding all metal and converting it into a part of her. If left unchecked, it could engulf the whole planet. They are killing her repeatedly to drag that power out of her and killing that when it appears, or else the world would end.

Back at the holding area, Kiseki has a vision of Takeru, and of Ouka, with both of them walking away as she’s held back in chains. This mental vision accelerates her transformation into the ‘demon’ as described by the Inquisition’s scientists, and after overcoming her understandably strong Gleipnir, starts to corrode the chains binding her.




The scientists are unable to kill her with their poison. Kyoya moves to fight her, only to be stopped by the Chairman, who sends in Kurogane. He warns him that the situation is different from five years prior, but the man doesn’t care, since it is his duty.

Ordering the doors to be welded shut when he enters, Inquisition forces already inside the containment zone fall back and he appears before the corrupted Kiseki, its corrupted and converted parts repeating her last desire, as Kurogane summons his Relic and transforms into his Witch Hunter armor. He had told her she’s free to hate, fear, and resent him, and that she shouldn’t feel bad if she kills him, nor should she apologize if she does, because he won’t if he kills her.



Elsewhere in the city, the 35th Platoon are staking out a location, with Mari and Usagi passing out napkins with tracking devices. When their target comes into view, his partner ignores Usagi, only to go for Mari, making Suginami comment that he liked flat chests. The target though realizes the ruse and opens fire. The shots are deflected by Mari’s barrier, but the bullets themselves sprout into mandrake summons, engulfing the plaza with magically enhanced aggressive plants.







With Mari, Usagi, and Ouka fighting off and rescuing the civilians, Takeru (who was disguised as a panda mascot), chases after the perp, only to lose him in a dark alley. Sounds of pain and suffering could be heard though, and from the shadows, appears Kiseki, who remarks that she followed his heartbeat, and had wanted to see him. Takeru sees in the distance, the mutilated remains of the original target, before Ouka and the others joins them. Ouka though, noticing the new person, asks who the girl was.



He draws his sword at them, telling them not to get any closer. Ouka says she doesn’t know what’s going on or the situation, but she can say two things. One, that he’s suffering, and that two, they’re not his enemies. He sheathes his sword with an apology, and when asked if she was dangerous, he says she is way more dangerous than they could possibly imagine. Asking how likely it is she’ll consider them enemies, he says it’ll be fine, as he says he won’t let her hurt his comrades, and if it comes down to it, he’ll stop his sister.


Much to the three girls’ surprise, he introduces them to Kusanagi Kiseki, Threat Level:SS, who had broken out to see him from a maximum security prison. Back at said maximum security prison, Inquisition teams rife through the wreckage, as the Chairman calls out for Kurogane, who had survived. Kurogane apologizes and states he will go out to look for her, while the Chairman says he had sent out Kyoya to look for her as well, and they should team up. Remarking at the damage, he states he’s gonna ask for help from the budgetary committee, showing that Kiseki had escaped from the lowest levels of the secure prison and blasted through several floors.



Back at the 35th Platoon’s safehouse, Kiseki wakes back up and says she’s killed again, with Takeru trying to calm her, saying it was the fault of her body, not her heart, that was the cause of her victims. Ouka comes in afterwards and introduces herself to the shy Kiseki. Back in another room, Mari asks for information but Takeru only says she’s dangerous. Suginami though explains it, telling Takeru to shut it, no doubt being protective of his sister and not.



Looking at their options now, Takeru says they have to turn her into the Inquisition, with Ouka softening and stating they will escort Kiseki to the restricted zone. She’s breaking protocol, but she can’t be sure if she’s a threat or not at her current state. She choose to believe in his promise, that he won’t let Kiseki harm any of his comrades, though this led Mari to tease the normally stuck up Inquisitor. Suginami just tells him to let them do him a favor, even if they won’t carry half of his burden for him.


Afterwards, the girls dress Kiseki up, having decided that the two should bond for a little bit. Suginami though seemingly packed a lot of disguises for their (now scrubbed) mission, and after some rather flattering wardrobe changes, finally settled on a plain outfit. Having never worn anything but her restraints before, she felt a little weird. Mari notes she looks cute, and promises to be the best older sister she can in the future, leading Usagi and Ouka to berate the witch for getting too far ahead of herself.




Outside at a café, Takeru and Kiseki share some coffee, with Kiseki happy and noting that his platoon mates are just like he described them. With Mari being cool (Takeru noting her foul mouth being her one blemish), Usagi being the older sister (while being the little sister to the platoon), and Ikaruga being motherly (which Takeru agrees with). She then says Ouka is rather pretty, with Takeru somewhat agreeing.


As Takeru takes a sip from his coffee, she asks him a favor. Takeru tells her to ask for anything, noting that the others have given them this opportunity, so he’ll do anything she want. To this, she requests Takeru to kill her.



Episode Thoughts:

I had expected that sort of ending, but for Kiseki to calmly ask Takeru to kill her, it still wrenched my heart a bit. She’s clearly suffering, not only because of her powers and the capability to end the world with it, but the fact that she can’t be with her beloved older brother. The fact that she apparently does feel a little bit of jealousy towards Ouka for being the one that most likely will win her brother’s affections.


Of all the characters here, it seems she’s the most dangerous out of all of them, having beaten off Kurogane, noted for being the strongest witch hunter by the Chairman. It seems that only Takeru can really calm her down. That said, her request at the beginning now, while at first thinking she had asked him to save her, freeing her from the prison, was to save her by killing her, conducting a mercy killing. She seems aware of her threat to the rest of the world, though with Takeru’s heart, I doubt he’ll be able to do it without much goading.


Kurogane surprised me a little bit. He’s gotta be insanely powerful if he could be the right hand man of the Academy Chairman, but being the most powerful of the Witch Hunters kinda surprised me. That said, if he could barely hold his own against Kiseki, and even then, he acknowledges he could die, I wonder how easy it would be for Takeru to take his own sister’s life. And sorry, the Eidtrich abomination that the Kiseki-2 created by Kiseki-1’s corrupting influences/mana was not exactly something I need to see while screenshotting on my lunch break. I couldn’t stomach a simple ham sandwich and vanilla pudding afterwards.


I feel that the next few episodes would end up leaving either a bit of a cliffhanger ending, as usual with such shows. From what people are saying, a lot of stuff has been cut out from the Light Novels. Once again, adding to a potential reading list and even more things to stuff my Kindle with.


Also amused at the chase scene in the beginning, with the magical artifact smugglers calling Ouka on her Murder, Arson, and Jaywalking trope. And the nice little homage to Akira at the end of the chase.






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