Tamaidou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – Kusanagi Takeru


We’re now at the penultimate episode of the series, and a little bit of the Kusanagi history is revealed, as well as some other characters whom I felt should’ve been teased with earlier. Also it’s a very picture heavy post.

Episode Summary:

The scene goes back to Kiseki’s question, to which Takeru says he couldn’t do. Even if the whole world wants her to die, he’ll do everything in his power to protect her, and if it comes down to it, the day he kills her is the day he dies, noting that is what a family does. Kiseki has holds this promise to him, and the two head out for more time.



Elsewhere, at a mountain home, a man dressed in traditional clothes reports to one of his colleagues, who by appearance, is possibly an elf. The target they were meant to rescue (Kiseki), had escaped. The elven girl is quite willing to attack the Academy, but the man berates her, telling her not to go off on her own like Haunted and Mephisto, and it isn’t what Valhalla’s brass wants. Rather, for now, their task is much simpler.



Back at the siblings, Kiseki asks Takeru what the large structure was, and he explains that it is a Ferris wheel. Enamored by the nearby Ferris wheel, they were about to head over there when they are intercepted by Kyoya. Asking what he was doing there, Kyoya responds by raising his sawn off shotgun and saying he’s on a witch hunt. Telling Kiseki to run, both of them transform into their witch hunter armor and slug it out, causing one hell of a disturbance.





During the fight, Kyoya’s relic introduces herself as Nero, responding to Takeru’s queries on why he kept hearing Yoshimizu’s voice. Protecting Kiseki from a shot, Takeru and Kyoya charges at each other before they are stopped by Kurogane. Surrounded by mechs and other Inquisitors, both deactivate their armor, while Kurogane berates them for donning their armor and fighting each other in a civilian area.



Noticing that Kiseki has been restrained again by a Gleipnir, he asks for some words with her, which Kuragane grants. The siblings share some tender words, with Kiseki telling him to keep his promise before she passes out, knocked out by the Gleipnir. At this point the Chairman appears, and while he didn’t want to interrupt the sibling bonding, he still has to do his job. As the Inquisitors take care of the passed out Kiseki, Takeru himself is arrested for aiding and abetting. Asked what will happen to Kiseki, the Chairman states that Alchemist Corp is going to find a way to suppress her powers, though she will be held at a new detention facility now. They can’t have her berserking, not when Valhalla is no doubt wanting to rescue her.




Back at the mountain retreat, Watery, the elf girl responds to her colleague (handler?) over the convoluted plan created by the Valhalla higher-ups. Valhalla is cornered, and it needs such a plan in order to strike back and achieved their objectives.


Later that evening, as transports leave the Academy, the third in command of the Academy, the so far unnamed agent that had accompanied the Chairman to the rogue Alchemist tower, oversees one of the false transport routes before spotting an unknown plane. Her order to intercept is too late, as Watery comes in and busts up the cockpit with dual Skorpions, before realizing that the plane she intercepted was a decoy.




Back on the main convoy, Kyoya and Kurogane have a little talk, with Kyoya asking his Captain on which side he’ll be on, the heretics, or his. He intends to slay all heretics in the world, and if Kurogane doesn’t want to do his job, then he should stay out of his way. It’s with this that made Kurogane remarks that he is best suited for Nero. At that point though the van comes under attack, and the two face down against Valhallan mechs. While Kurogane tells him to only focus on one, Kyoya prefers to take them all on, and both men summon their relics.



After the break, Takeru finds out about his little sister in a flashback. Finding out that Kiseki, the girl locked up in the storehouse, is both her sister and an immortal demon incarnate, one day Kiseki got out of her cage, and wounds their father. Confronting Kiseki, he can’t bring himself to kill his sister. This revelation to Kiseki made the demonic aspect of her go mad, and in an apparent disconnect between what she wants and what the demon form of her wants, goes on a rampage, blaming Takeru the entire time.





Takeru wakes from his flashback back at the solitary confinement cell, to be greeted by Ouka in the other cell, apologizing to him over the whole mess. She had wanted to share part of his burden, and admits that being with the platoon in the past couple of months had made her feel some sense of normalcy, and inner peace. For that she is deeply indebted to him, since it is a calm she hasn’t found in her quest for revenge. She also notes that he forcibly took part of her burden from her, and it is only fair for her to do the same, blushing in a sense in one of the more indirect confessions this blogger has seen in anime.





After he thanks her, the Student Council president (missing her spy, no doubt showing that she was truly killed by Mephistopheles) appears, and frees the two of them. It seems some guards owed her a favor and informs Takeru that the convoy transporting his sister was attacked. Heading outside, the rest of the platoon is there to support him, and he readily accepts their help, much to the surprise of Mari and Usagi, who place blame on Ouka for apparently corrupting Takeru in solitary confinement.





Back at Kurogane and Kyoya’s convoy, they managed to take out the attackers, only to be confronted by the male Valhalla member, who reveals himself to be one of its leaders, Orochi. Telling Kyoya to escort the subject to their destination, he stays behind to face off against Orochi, revealing to the swordsman that he can summon a second Relic, this one a silver peacemaker in contrast to the black one he uses primarily, leading Orochi to wonder if he drew the short straw.




Takeru makes his way to the scene, only to not care if their mana will be depleted, and tells Lapis to step on it. Kyoya, in a fit of rage, stops the truck, and is about to execute Kiseki when Takeru appears. The two continue their duel, with Kyoya not caring that Kiseki has not done anything wrong to him, intending to slaughter all heretics before him. Nero appears, and continues to goad Kyoya on. She will grant his every wish, in return for her stated want, revenge. When Takeru states that his comrades would never want this from him, Kyoya goes berserk and attacks Takeru, who runs.






Countering finally, he slices Kyoya’s barrel into pieces, and tells him it’s over, and that if he keeps it up, he’ll die. When he raises his destroyed cannon, telling him he was always prepared for it, a blue bolt pierces that launcher and Kyoya is brought out Witch Hunter form. The rest of the 35th Platoon had arrived, with Usagi covering Kyoya with her rifle. Kyoya jumps over the side of the freeway onto the river below, after telling them all they’re blind for not killing Kiseki then and there.







Securing his sister after this, he tells her that he’ll secure a home for her in this world. At a rooftop elsewhere, the Chairman looks on, and says to the wind, that while they could never kill her, her powers grant her wishes, and she would gladly die by his hands, as is her wish. Carrying Kiseki out of the truck, Kiseki’s powers reveal to Takeru the horrible life she’s had, with the constant death and resurrection she’s had, no doubt showing scenes from previous daughters of the Kusanagi clan, but also of her own imprisonment by the Academy.






Tears flowing from his eyes, Kiseki asks him it’s its time, only for Haunted to make his appearance. Appearing from the rotting rose that he always comes out of, he states his intention to spirit their deity of destruction away. Kiseki though is more fixated at Takeru, impaled by Haunted’s rose vines, and she berserks, the corruption spreading instantly outwards and towards Haunted’s branches.




Episode Thoughts:

It played out like I thought it would. The sibling bonding ended when the Inquisition decides time is over, though not with Kyoya deciding to go apeshit crazy. Well that isn’t fair, he is stepping into the realm of Captain Ahab, determined to slay his own white whale, only held back by Kurogane who more of the consummate professional, unwilling to let personal prejudices get in the way of his job.



But this is still utterly lacking. Kyoya in his current form should’ve been teased to the viewers earlier, as I think I said before. His transformation from the cocky platoon leader to the unhinged sole survivor should’ve at least been covered, as well as the apparent usage of his Relic, Nero, in taking on the form of Yoshimizu, his platoon mate.


His relic’s name is also intriguing, while I had Rip Van Wrinkle from Hellsing vibes with the Chairman’s flintlock pistol, named Innocentus, Nero takes the form of a sawn off shotgun, and a rather normal one at that, more akin to Kurogane’s twin Peacemaker-looking Relics than Ouka’s hefty and magi-tech feeling dual pistol relic, Vlad.




The same could be said about the rest of Valhalla. No doubt some shock was there when you realized Watery is an elf (possibly the one created by Ikaruga, her ‘daughter’ Canaria?) but Orochi and Watery should’ve been given some screen time before this. So far all one had seen of Valhalla were some grunts, Mephistopheles, and Haunted; and Haunted takes the cake for the most screen time and the one people would want to punch in the mouth. Or bring down a kinetic strike on. There really wasn’t enough for one to get used to not only the villains of the piece, but also the supporting characters.



And I think that is the true failing of 35th Test Platoon. It’s just too short, as many VN to Anime adaptations tend to be. GATE lucked out by having a longer run, though divided into two cours, but 35th Test Platoon might not even garner enough attention from outside it’s already established fanbase to see a continuation in a second season. Which is sad really, it could’ve been better, and could’ve been a thought-provoking show hidden in a supernatural school harem show. It wasn’t an action packed ride like Heavy Object is, or one filled with romance as –insert some more generic harem anime I haven’t seen from this season here-, but it was exciting enough for me to cover until the end.




Bring on the last episode!


Episode Gallery:


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