Tamaidou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – Episode 12: Supreme Wish (End)

35 Test Platoon - Ep 12 Title

We’ve arrived at the end of what could’ve been something great.

Episode Summary:

As the section of the city starts being consumed by the Kiseki!Beta, the chairman of the Academy watches from the rooftops and is joined by yet another Suginami, Suginami Suzaku, the Chairman of the Alchemist Corp’s Board of Directors. Noting their grievous losses and the sacrifice of a quarter of the city to satisfy the girl’s curiosity. Declining the girl’s offer for help, he states that they have a secret weapon. At that point, the Chairman asks if she’d like to place a wager on whether or not Kusanagi will kill his sister.



Back at the overpass, Haunted dodges the Kiseki!Beta pieces as he explains to Ouka that he intends to continue using Takeru as bait for Kiseki. Fighting him, Ouka finally requests to form a contract with Vlad, explaining her reasons that she still wants her revenge, but all for it is naught if the ones by her side are in danger and she doesn’t do anything about it. Vlad accepts, stating that if she tried to form a contract purely on revenge alone, he’d had consumed her, but he acknowledges her noble request.





Transforming into a vampire themed Witch Hunter armor, Ohtori manages to take out Haunted in the melee, forming her right-hand gun into a massive pile driver that tosses Haunted through a wall and was gobbled up by Kiseki!Beta. Coming out of Witch Hunter form checking up on Takeru, they start getting surrounded before they are saved by Mari’s magic; whereupon she and Takeru escapes into the 35th Platoon’s operations van. Ikaruga notes that the situation is bad, noting the out of control nature of Kiseki’s power (leading Ouka to be a bit jealous).




Ikaruga explains that Kiseki was immortal, but the demonic flesh abominations were not, and all that is needed to suppress this is to constantly kill the flesh bits. It might take hours, days, or until the whole world is consumed. But because of her power, no one can kill Kiseki except for whoever she chooses.


At this point, the van is flipped by the abominations, and while Mari forms a shield, Ouka and Usagi kill anything breaking through. Wondering about Takeru, Ouka says that while Lapis is healing him, there might be another reason why he hasn’t woken yet. Ikaruga notes that when he does, he might have to kill his sister. Mari cries out that she won’t let him, and it’s their turn to carry his burden. Asking Vlad to transform once more, her Relic Eater reminds her of her mana reserves, but she still does anyways.




She starts to destroy the blobs of flesh, noting she will never let Kusanagi experience her same pain and suffering of having to kill her family. The blobs meanwhile repeat one of Kiseki’s insecurities, her jealousy of Ouka who is stealing her brother away from her.


Meanwhile the unconscious Takeru notes the path that led to this current situation. When he was conflicting on killing or saving his sister, Lapis shows up, noting that she can fulfill her beloved master’s desire as his beloved blade. She repeats her terms of contract, particularly her last question, to which is he willing to abandon his humanity to fulfill his goals.


Sensing his answer, Lapis kisses him, and starts to suck out his soul. Noting that the time it may take to deplete her puppet’s soul is unknown, she nevertheless leaves the Inquisition’s control and transforms into her God Hunter form.



Back outside, Ouka combats the blobs as Kiseki tries to stop the demonic abominations from contorting her desires. Back at the overpass, Mari can barely hold on as Usagi and Ikaruga run low on ammo. It is at this point that Takeru appears, and the blobs are destroyed. Asking f that was him, Kusanagi responds affirmatively before draining all of Ouka’s mana. He hands the exhausted Inquisitor to Mari before stating that there is no time and he has to go. Ouka tells him he can’t, and that he can’t kill family with his own hands even if it’s for Kiseki’s own sake. Apologizing to Ouka and the others, he leaves even with their protests.








Arriving at the epicenter of the abomination, he and Haunted, having recovered, fight, with occasional interference from Kiseki!Beta. Noting that he went and transformed into God-Hunter mode to kill Kiseki, Haunted states that he really now has to kill him. As they fight, Kiseki!Beta utters more of her regrets, to which Takeru responds that it was his inability to kill her that has been a source of his own regret since that day five years ago.



Now that he’s made up his mind, he states that no matter how much he regrets it, he will stay true to his desires. Haunted thinks it’s funny coming from a man who is having his soul consumed by his Relic Eater, but Takeru won’t give up on his sister, friends, or his life. Hearing this, Kiseki is moved, but the demonic blobs merely call him out for reneging on is promise to die with her, noting the inherent disconnect between the immortal and the demonic Kiseki.




Swallowed by the demonic flesh, Haunted notes the breakdown due to the internal conflict. Takeru uses this to attack, and finally, as Haunted and Nacht perform their powerful enchant, Takeru counters with his own, defeating Haunted. Running after Kiseki in the breaking down flesh abomination, he rescues her. The blob airs another of her insecurities, to which he responds that while it would be true that she would have to suffer more, until he could save her, he will continue to stand up for her, however long it takes.





As the Valhalla forces retreat (revealing a pile of rubble where Orochi and Kurogane fought, an annoyed Canaria and a heavily injured Inquisition higher-up (the one aboard the plane, named Kanata Oonogi). It is at this point the Chairman appears, and Sougetsu Oohtori greets Orochi. Orochi confronts the white-haired Academy principal, accusing him of using Takeru to repeat history. Sougetsu responds that a finger has already been placed on the trigger of war, and that hell will revisit them again. He tells Kusanagi Orochi to do his best to fight it.

Back to Takeru and the rest of the platoon, she sleeps peacefully in his arms. He knows he will be putting her through more painful things, but Mari tells him he could lean on her, and that Ouka says that he should let them carry half his burden as well. With that the crew look forward to a new dawn.


Series Thoughts:

And thus ends another series that had the possibility of being great, but fell due to cutting out much of what made it unique in order to fit as much of it in a 3 month broadcast. Still, can’t say I hated the ride, I just wished it was longer.


There is a list of things I wished I could’ve seen. Canaria for example. Being featured in passing in Ikaruga’s episode and fully in the last two, she only got what, thirty seconds or so of screentime? Though to be fair, her most notable scene was shooting two Skorpion machine pistols and swiftly boarding a moving plane from the shot out cockpit windows. The other one I wanted to see more of was Kanata as well as Orochi. Hell I would’ve asked for more Kyoya, to see how far of his own sanity has been lost and how Nero helped that along by taking the appearance of his platoonmate (and I think, crush?).


I wanted to see more of Kurogane as well, every scene he’s in in the past few episodes have been cases of unseen awesomeness. He managed to hold off against Orochi Kusanagi, who by all accounts, should’ve sliced and diced his ass onto a platter if he is (according to the wiki) Takeru’s master.


The first few episodes were great in introducing the team and their struggles, but as the greater conflict starts to rear its ugly head, the series ends. All that can be inferred from this is that Valhalla and the Inquisition might be going for the same goal, though through different paths. That the peace being had and maintained by possibly arbitrary and final-judgement like enforcement by the Inquisition was nothing more than the lead up to another war.


In all, there is a laundry list I wish I could’ve seen, but now will have to have my wish fulfilled by having to actually go out and read the Light Novels. Mere skimming through the incomplete 35th Test Platoon Wikia shows a lot more promise in the story to assuage this thirst for wanting more information than a 12 episode series will ever provide.


Actually reading the wiki shows a much higher body count and a bit more character growth for all involved, and really fleshing out the characters while obscuring who is and who isn’t the demon of the piece. That kind of development could’ve been seen properly with a longer run. At least it focused on only the introduction and second arc, unlike Madan no Ou to Vanadis, which tried to cram as much as it can in that few of episodes.


On one last note, the ED song is actually nice and good, and it’s one of those deals where an underwhelming series gets one or two good songs in. Like the Rail Wars! ED.



It’s a shame really, the show had a lot of potential to be something more as I’ve said, but it was only hampered by the length of time it had to tell its story. Maybe we can see a sequel, but I wouldn’t count on it, Tamaidou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai at least has earned the right to stay on my computer.


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One Response to Tamaidou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai – Episode 12: Supreme Wish (End)

  1. I also got the impression that the show started with more promise than it delivered on. The sad thing about converting light novels into anime, as you wrote, is that so much is lost in the adaptation. Still, it had great action and characters, especially Ohtori and Ikaruga.

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