Gate – Episode 13: The Banquet Begins


Gate returns with its second cour. A new catchy OP, and frankly, starting the series off properly. The creators of the adaptation were smart with their pacing, tying up some plotlines (temporarily for those who read the manga or LN) and laying the foundations of this current one.

Now let’s go back into the Special Region shall we?

Episode Summary:

The episode starts off with Itami and the others setting up for a banquet at the Imperial Gardens. Headed by Princes Piña and Sugawara from the foreign office, they are hosting the families and senators of the nascent peace faction.



Elsewhere in the Imperial capital, Prince Zolzal rapes one of his playthings, Tyule, the queen of the warrior bunnies who became a slave following her kingdom’s defeat. When the Emperor’s advisor walks in on the session, he dismisses her and talks to the Count. He explains that there is a meeting between the Senators and the enemy, and are trying to influence them with the family members taken prisoner. He tells the Prince first because he is next in line to the throne. With that, Zolzal takes his followers and rides to the Imperial Gardens to break up the meeting.





Back in Japan, the Prime Minister is trying to find any news he could feed the world, being constantly hounded by other nations and the media for their efforts in the Special Region. He notes that he’ll mention they’re in peace negotiations with the Empire without revealing too much. As Sugawara becomes the crush of one of the younger daughters of one of the influential senators, he also notes the prevalence of humans over beast-folk in both the nobility and the maid staff at the party, to which Piña reminds him it is the capital.




Elsewhere, Third Recon is at a faraway side of the Imperial Gardens, demonstrating their small arms to the amazed Senate members.While they can’t sell or give any of the small arms to the enemy Senator’s forces, he does state that every Japanese soldier has one, and the demonstration moves to the mortars. The mere demonstration of the 81mm Mortars at half-charge awes the Senators, who imagine a burning Empire. Realizing that an all-out conflict will result in the Empire’s destruction, they turn to Sugawara to begin negotiations.





At this point though, a guard unit reports in about approaching horsemen, and Itami has all the senators rounded up and put in the Humvees, where they will be dropped off near the red light district (Akusho) to evade detection. Their families will stay behind though, helping mask the true purpose of the party.



As Zolzal arrives and greeted with nothing but the families of the supposed traitorous Senators, Piña greets him, noting he wasn’t invited because he normally abstains from such things. Trying out one of the foods offered, he initially thinks the mustard covered meat was spoiled, before biting into it and delighting in the taste, raids the banquet to bring it all for himself.



Sugawara and Piña discuss the recent turn of events. Piña notes that Count Marx was sending a warning, via her brother. Sugawara notes he wants to speed up the talks, and notes that the initial reparations he suggested was a benchmark, Piña remembering that his offer had her fall over in a dizzy state, as it would effectively bankrupt and sell all of the Empire into slavery. Back at the Imperial Palace, the Emperor doesn’t care at all of the negotiations, confident it will fail, and if it doesn’t, he has no intention of making any payments. He won’t allow the Empire to be defeated.




Back at Akusho, Kurata is dismayed at the slum that is Akusho, rather than the beast-men paradise he imagined. The commander of the JGSDF’s outpost in Akusho, Chief Nyuutabaru, immediately puts Mari to work, where she sees the various prostitutes who come for contraceptives. One of them, an angel-like harpy named Misery, explains how there is no safer place than the JGSDF safe house.


She elaborates that the JGSDF took out one of the crime lords. Raiding the house they were staying in, the JGSDF’s firepower utterly obliterated the gang, and other crime lords divided up his territory and wealth, while pledging to leave the JGSDF alone. They are even providing the JGSDF with information, though Misery and the other prostitutes observe that their usual charms do not work on the soldiers, no doubt strengthened by the medical report of STDs in the area.





Mari tells Misery about Alnus, to which Misery already notes that to enter Alnus, you would need a sponsor, and she has no useful skills besides being a prostitute. This hearkens back to Itami’s warning about not helping when you can’t follow through with the promise.

Quickly cutting back with Itami and the others, they are staying with Piña’s relatively small and modest home, Itami and Tomita notes the weirdness and the fact that Piña really is a princess, while Shino merely states the obvious. That she is and they are in a different world, quite literally. Back at Alnus, Myuute (the harpy who ended up being an MP), and Yao discuss Itami, with Yao noting she did something rather rude in their first meeting. Myuute, feeling her several rounds of beers, tells Yao that he really cares about three people in particular, before feeling a shiver.




Back at Akusho, Mari and the others are taken out of their stupor after the busy day by someone knocking at the door. Readying themselves for potential trouble, it’s actually Misery and the prostitutes. Speaking to a harpy, she explains that there is a volcano at her hometown, and before every eruption there is an earthquake. She has the same feeling today, and she has been shaking all day. Nyuutabaru recalls his deployment to Kobe in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin earthquake and notes that birds and animals panicked before the major earthquake.






Acting quickly, he orders for them to get in touch with Alnus and all of the other teams in the capital. Alnus is being evacuated, with the trio of Rory, Lelei, and Tuka talking about the very rare earthquake. While Piña is outraged at being woken up at night, Itami and the team at her palace notes the first tremors. Far away from the capital, the earth shatters, and the capital is hit.





Episode Thoughts:


Not a shabby start to the new cour. The episode dumps us straight back into where we left off, the banquet in which Senators are more or less cowed into peace proposals. Very few of them were involved in the actual fighting, having used it’s allied kingdoms to attack Alnus directly. Thus finally seeing the destructive power of what the SDF could bring to bear (and that’s not even artillery, SPAAG, armor, or air power mind you). That said, while I approve of Zorzal/Zolzal’s change from his version in the manga to now, I can’t wait for the eventual beat down.


I’m honestly very excited for this season. I’ve always maintained I hated the Japan arc, and Gate truly only works when it’s Itami and others doing their thing in the Special Region. The Author’s ham fisted strawman political jabs and Eagleland ver Japan views are really grating to watch…read…etc…


Still, I’m looking forward to Zorzal getting his ass handed to him by Shino. It was pretty fucking awesome in the manga when you see muscle headed, big tits JGSDF soldier completely obliterate Zorzal and his cronies, I can only expect an even more epic one from the anime version of Shino, who I’m still calling an Idolm@ster reject. I mean sure, its closer to the Light Novel version of Shino, but Manga Shino was basically like Maya from Kantai Collection.


Nothing else I could add. The new OP and ED is fun, and here we see the Tuka arc start to sprout with Yao’s questioning on who or what Itami truly cares about.


I’ve also had Lisa’s character song on repeat. The song, it calls to me. It tells me to cockblock my friend from achievements in shooting games.


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