Quick Thought: Sixth Blogging Anniversary and Being Snowed In


雪見うどんげ by yagami (mukage) on pixiv


I live in the Washington D.C. area. I know Miguel over at Gun Free Zone just had his own blogging anniversary a few days ago. I won’t say much, I’m enjoying my tea and what have you. For the few who still look at this blog, thanks! I may not have the same amount of traffic or comments as some do, but I’m just happy some people are able to see it.

I’m thankful for those folks, my current job, the fact my roommate allows me to live with him for a rate lower than people around here pay for. I’m blessed without measure and my ties with family aren’t as strained as they were before. I guess we just needed some distance. Anyways, back to me nursing my sore back after attempting to dig out my car.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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3 Responses to Quick Thought: Sixth Blogging Anniversary and Being Snowed In

  1. lobo314 says:

    dig it out? I thought thats what calling up fire breathing dragons was for man.

  2. I heard the snow was pretty bad up there. Around here in northern Alabama we only got a dusting, yet people were calling out from work and freaking out about the snow.

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