Sakura Matsuri 2016

Today, I went to the Washington D.C. Navy Yard to attend the 2016 Sakura Matsuri. I had rushed there right after work, and within an hour-and-a-half (and roughly 13-14USD in fare the whole day), I was being jostled around trying to make my way up a pleasant Washington D.C. afternoon with the drop of the mass of humanity that decided to come with.

Booths of note, apart from the martial arts demonstrations, were the rail modellers and Japan Rail’s booth with the model of the SCMaglev, as well as JUMP, the Japan US Military Program. I was never in the military though I imagine an old friend of mine has heard of them, since they intend to be folks who, as their slogan says, “Connecting those who have served in Japan“.

I dunno if they actually read/watched GATE though.

The members in the booth also pointed me to a newly launched thing called the Maritime Awareness Project, which seems to coincide with my interests, so I’ll be looking into that. Other than that, I had fun, well worth paying 8USD beforehand and rushing from work to attend.
The crowds were bearable, and the amount of cosplayers and whatnot weren’t too bad. Collectors Anime LLC had a booth there, alongside other booths that catered to otakus. I didn’t bother getting any pictures besides someone cosplaying as Welkin from Valkyria Chronicles.
I just wished I managed to meet with a coworker, but eh, no big deal. The ride back to Dulles on the Silver line was fun. Apparently sitting across from me was one of the higher-ups in Katsucon’s staff and during conversation, she pitched the idea of me working con-security for Katsucon 2017. So eh, used some people from work as references and I’ll probably do a follow-up in a week. I already had planned to have Katsucon to be part of next year’s vacation/leave stuff, so it might be nice to get my feet wet in con volunteerism. XD
Overall, a nice cap to a good, uneventful workday. The street festival has certainly grown since I last attended it some years back, now being in the area around Nationals Park. The most excitement I had today was actually Haifuri’s 2nd Episode, which I intend to get a blog post up by Sunday evening (4/17/2016). I only have photos up, the videos I’ll probably add-on at a later date.
Photo Gallery:

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