High School Fleet (Haifuri) Episode 5: Pinched by the Musashi

Damn. I thought I would escape the bug going around my workplace, but it seems like I was nicked. Not as bad necessitating a call-out, but I was definitely not on my A-game today. Personal reasons though trump my holding off this blog post. I’ve seen what my procrastination has done to my posts, and I’ve rather have a QT out rather than half-assing something not even worthy of a 140 character blurb on Twitter. But of course, it normally ends up being a somewhat substantial post when I should really be relaxing with some lemon-infused tea.


Episode Summary:

A small flotilla of Akizuki-class Destroyers from the Higashi-Maizuru (Toumai) Boys Marine High School, alongside a lighter-than air dirigible craft resembling the Lockheed-Martin P-791 Airship, spots the Musashi. The commander of the flotilla (Toumai High’s Vice Principal) comments on the events and also reports in the Musashi’s position to his counterparts.



Elsewhere, the Harekaze is still moored at the unknown island, Mike having decided the girls need a swim call to relax after the tense week or so (and Shiro proving her unluckiness as usuall) while the Blue Mermaids continue to interrogate Tama with Mei by her side. Back on land, Instructor Furushou is also being interrogated, and after Shiro’s sister arrives to ask a few questions of her former teacher, Furushou reveals that while she remembers giving the orders, she doesn’t know why she did it. Mashimo reveals that the tac-data from the Sarushima was deleted around the same time she engaged the Harekaze, and that others recount the same feeling Furushou has.




Mashimo leaves Furushou after getting a text indicating the Musashi’s sighting, and back aboard the Harekaze, the investigation finishes. Tama is checked out by Minami while Mike and Rin share a moment. Rin recounts her childhood and reasoning to be a Blumer, leading Mike to console her, while Tama is cleared by Minami for duty. Inquiring about the rodent’s fate, Tama wonders if it’ll be dissected by Minami, to which the medic merely smiles, scaring the two. Left alone with it, she notices interference on her digital/smart watch.




Back with the Toumai flotilla, they attempt to contact the Musashi but the super dreadnought opens fire on them first with her artillery. Unable to get through to the rampaging battleship, they strike back with training versions of the RUM-139 VL-ASROC (or the domestic Type 07 VL-ARSOC), a missile-launched torpedo system. The torpedoes make no dent against the heavy armor of the super dreadnought, and they continue to take damage.

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Back on the deck of the Harekaze, Mike orders everyone on deck and the cooks display a cake. It is an official welcoming party for Mina, who had wondered why people were avoiding her lately. Saying a few words, the words are blunt and seemingly depreciating, but she ends it by saying the ship is small but is with its own charm, and thanks them for the welcome.



Just as the crew is settling down with Mina mingling with the bridge crew and being presented with some dolls, Mike is summoned by comms with an urgent message from the school. Ordering everyone to stations, the situation is relayed that the Toumai flotilla that had been searching for the Musashi has lost contact. They are ordered to investigate but to avoid battle. Realizing how close the Musashi was to the Harekaze, Mike orders her out, and arrives at the scene, as does a Toumai reinforcement fleet numbering eight Akizuki-class Destroyers.





A little apprehensive at the firepower battering the Toumai instructor ships, Mike nevertheless asks Shiro to take charge. Trying to snap Mike back to reality, Shiro goes on a verbal lashing that is heard throughout the ship, asking Mike why she was abandoning her family at a time like this. She merely brushes it off that her childhood friend is aboard the Musashi. Ordering the Harekaze out of the Musashi’s range, she runs off at the bridge crew’s stunned silence and gets on a jet ski.



Unable to take this, Shiro has the Harekaze shadow Mike as she speeds towards the Musashi. Aboard the Toumai Instructor’s main ship, they’re fighting a losing battle as the modern ship’s inadequate weaponry (training rounds and missiles) are unable to pierce the Musashi or slow it down. Ordering a strike to disable it, one of the new reinforcement ships though fire several (correction) Type 90 SSM at the Vice Principal’s ship, no doubt disabling her. Before its mission kill though, it seems all tactical communications and contact with the (rodent infested) reinforcement fleet was cut.

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The instructors taken out, the Musashi trains its main cannons on the Harekaze. Trying to keep the distance, it nevertheless opens fire on the Harekaze. Tama though sends out quick precise orders, and the Harekaze’s 10cm turrets’ fire intercepts the Musashi’s rounds just before impact with the smaller destroyer. In the midst of all this, Mike manages to get close to the Musashi and spots Moka pounding on the glass of the Musashi’s bridge as if she’s in distress. Unfortunately, before further contact can be made, Mike’s jet ski hits debris from the battle and she wipes out. Coming back to the surface, the Musashi sails away with Mike no closer.






Episode Thoughts:

It’s the damn rodents, now they even have some form of electronic interference. I mean, Minami’s smartwatch was sent on the fritz, while in large numbers, the bloody things were able to K.O. the C2ISTAR systems on the Toumai Boys Maritime High School’s instructor fleet.



Speaking of the Toumai ships, I’m quite amused that they all use Akizuki-class Destroyers. From my understanding, the Akizukis were a bit of a departure from the earlier ship-classes that preceded it by emphasizing more on surface and aerial combat rather than ASW. I could be wrong though. While it’s much more powerful than the Independence-class LCS that Yokosuka uses, its equipment and armor is no match for the Musashi. Unable to pierce the armor of the student ship with just training munitions, they’re definitely caught at a disadvantage.



Another issue I have is that the ships decide to close even after the Musashi has shown a clear hostility towards the instructors. I’m unsure of their reasoning though it could be that it’s for the audience’s sake. They did say the Harekaze was ‘outside’ the Musashi’s range (still doesn’t explain the shot Tama and her girls made, but more on that later). Other things that made me and a few others wonder is the lack of heavier-than-air vehicles. The Musashi clearly sports its aircraft launchers, and there are still helo-decks on the modern ships. But the only aircraft we see is the Toumai’s P-791 Airship.



ONe thing that annoys me is Mike, while being this weird, non-captain kind of character, is opening a chance for Shiro or Mina to believe they have no choice but to relieve her of command. While the Musashi‘s captain is her best and dearest childhood friend, her place is the captain of the Harekaze. Shiro doesn’t jump on that chance, no doubt because she might be more suited to be Harekaze‘s XO, with Mina as her 2nd, but for pete’s sake, they should’ve restrained her from doing something as foolish as to go out and personally investigate the Musashi. No doubt because the Musashi was busy with the Akizukis was she able to close to a distance that can get her to see Moka. But this is getting a little ridiculous, as someone I know said:

If it doesn’t get resolved in the next episode I’m calling the plot stretching card

-Cpt.Peo01, Skype Group Convo, 5/7/2016

Another niggle is Tama’s shot. Being able to KO the salvo from the Musashi with several rounds from the 10cm cannons is kinda pushing it, even with the modern/semi-futuristic weapons on the Blue Mermaid ships. I understand ship guns in modern usage are meant for anti-missile/aircraft work but being able to swat out the 1.3 ton 46cm shell(s) out of the sky in the nick of time. It’s that little niggle that has broken the suspension of disbelief for some of my friends. Maybe I give the show too much credit…or my inferior intelligence in comparison to fellow military otaku means my bullshit meter isn’t triggered as often. Or only after several replays.




Regardless, the investigation done by the mother-daughter duo seems to be shedding a little more light, and hopefully Minami can isolate what is on the damn rats to make them this effective in the large-scale mutiny. So far, the mutiny seems only to be taking place on the trainee ships (it seems that the I-201 was infected as well?) from Yokosuka and ships that were to be involved in the first forms’ initial training exercise (the I-201 and Admiral Spee). The Akashi and Mamiya ships cats no doubt ridding the infestation, that or they were considered a non-factor and were not infected.




There was just enough action to keep this sick blogger from resorting in writing a BS post…and enough to dangle before me in apprehension for next week’s episode.

Episode Gallery:


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3 Responses to High School Fleet (Haifuri) Episode 5: Pinched by the Musashi

  1. Karandi says:

    Sounds like a busy episode. Great images from the show. Thanks for sharing.

  2. arkhangelsk says:

    >It’s that little niggle that has broken the suspension of disbelief for some of my friends.

    I can sympathize with your friends. That was indeed complete BS on a technical standpoint, especially since Tama is completely aiming manually. The only automation seems to be the one slaving all three turrets to the single set of gunnery crew and the fully automated loading sequence.

    Ironically though, I’m of the opinion that this is actually what makes the scene work. Instead of showing a half-workable scene (say engaging it on full automatic guidance), they went for complete BS, and instead focused on the characters making it happen. Since Tama got afflicted by that stupid rodent just last episode, people do root for her. There is a need to shoot down the shells. And everyone is working hard, no computers. Which makes you (though obviously not everyone) inclined to just go for a They Are Just That Good solution rather than a this is BS solution.

    And even if you stop watching the show for this technical blowout, at least you won’t leave it with a negative image of Tama and her gunnery crew.

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