Combined Post: Ships and Panzers

Subtitle: High School Fleet (Haifuri) Ep 10 + Track 5 & 6 of Girls und Panzer Drama CD5

A few things outside of my control pushed my hand to writing this combined post. Included is a quick summary of the episode (I tried!), my thoughts, and a quick rundown on the last two translated tracks from the Girls und Panzer Drama CD5. Episode 10’s title is called Happy at the Equator Festival.

Regular posts to resume next week.


Episode Summary:

The Harekaze crossed the equator and Maron wants to hold a crossing the equator festival, to which she is put in charge of and tells the crew to make up performances and whatnot. Meanwhile, the Akashi and Mamiya are busy in repairing and replenishing the Harekaze. They are not bothered at all by having to do it due to the exploits the Harekaze had done, in spite of the initial impression that the Harekaze crew were a bunch of oddballs.



Back at the Blue Mermaids headquarters, the organization conducts an overview of the Admiral Spee operation and conduct their own operation to retake the last remaining infected ships, which includes the Musashi, which is on a westerly course towards the Philippines. While the Blue Mermaids are heading the operation, student ships are being requested to help bring the infected super dreadnought under heel. While she is unwilling to push her students, they need to prevent the spread of the infection. With some ships back at port while others are conducting patrols, the Harekaze seems best prepared to join in.



Two days after this, the girls are enjoying their liberty as the Harekaze is undergoing the last of its repairs. Many are idling by in the heat and sun while others are busy preparing for the equator festival. Annoyed at the lackadaisical attitude the crew has over the preparation, Maron gets increasingly frustrated before declaring in front of her section that they don’t have to pretend for her sake and runs off in a huff.



Back on the bridge, the only one really looking forward to the festival is Coco, before Principal Munetani’s order to join the Blue Mermaids in Operation: Perseus is announced. Hiromi appears explaining that Maron is pouting, leading the bridge crew to wonder how bad is it for her to run in. Elsewhere, Hime, having been secretive the whole time, is hammering together something for her personal, surprise project. Back on deck, Hiromi explains that the normally high spirited Maron would get into pouty moods where she won’t give an inch. While a good night’s sleep will normally fix this, Hime seems to have something else in mind.



Hiromi manages to bring Maron out of her hiding spot and up to the deck, where a bunch of the girls including an unamused Shirou is making a rather spirited procession of a palanquin (or litter) that Hime has made. It seems due to her upbringing in Kanda, Hime is rather into festivals. On top of one of the torpedo launchers, Mike is clowning around to raise the spirits of those assembled, which helps brings up the spirit of her chief engineer.




After the eye catch, the line-crossing ceremony begins with C/Operations Specialist Megumi acting the role of King Neptune and C/Engineering Personnel Ise Sakura as his consort, Salacia. At the mobile shrine, Rin, Kaede, and C/Main Battery Gunner Heki Junko perform a traditional ceremony for safe sailing, with Shirou hoping to be cured of her bad luck. Back above decks, Noma performs some rather precarious feats of acrobatics with Maron unwilling to lose to her, while the day’s festivities wind with a traditional set of food stalls and game stalls (with Isoroku stealing more frankfurters from the stalls) and Mei easily clearing the shooting gallery of its prizes.

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The day ends with performances by groups of students, from a confession line to a play by Coco, Shirou, Mike, and Rin. At the back, Maron points out that Hiromi has been attached to Shirou the entire cruise, but was happy when she came looking for her. It seems that the whole festival was created for her to feel refreshed about, no doubt knowing how she felt when Shirou started to drift away from her old friend.


This touching scene is ended with Maron presiding over a sumo tournament with the starting match between Hiromi and Kaede. The already impressive martial artist of a sonar operator is handily defeated by the assistant engineer, wowing the crew. Every other comer is defeated by Hiromi, until the last match with Mike. Maron had rigged the matches so that Mike would face weak opponents to have this match happen. Hiromi takes Mike out but in a sign that seems all is under the bridge between them, shakes hands with the Captain.

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Minami points out she was the only one that hasn’t done anything the whole festival and wants to sing “I am a Child of the Sea” with the crew. When asked if she sung it with her own kids (implying that the ship’s doctor position might be for upperclassmen or adults), she points out she’s only 12 years old, shocking the crew, where she explained that she had already gone to university.



Asking the crew to sing the chorus, Minami ends the festival with her song as everyone joins in. The next day though, Mike is at the fantail, depressed, no doubt knowing that she was unable to have her first line-crossing festival without her best friend.


Episode Thoughts:


I think this episode ties up what loose ends there were between the characters. The sumo match where Hiromi takes down Mike might be the final grudge she held over the girl that seems to have taken away her object of admiration from her, but in reality, it’s a form of healing as well for Maron. It was revealed that Maron and Hiromi knew each other for a while, and Maron had noticed Hiromi’s near-insubordination and clinginess to Shirou. So of course she herself would feel left out, when one of your friends decides to shun you, unintentionally of course.


The seriousness of the start of the episode helps provide a bit of an underlying tone, as Maron initially tries to force the crew to be happy but it needed just some help from people finally finding out what their individual talents were or backgrounds to get the whole thing ready. The fact that a part of the reason Maron wanted to conduct an Equator Festival (more known as a line-crossing ceremony for others), is to have not only herself feel refreshed and regain her bearings, but also for her friend Hiromi (and the crew).


And in the end, I imagine it worked. Hiromi finally lets go of her grudge towards Mike (even if she had to rough her a bit). Others who seemed helped by this was Coco, who returns to her old self after Mina’s departure. The only one not helped I imagine is Mike, who had put up a brave face (and a clown face let’s be reasonable), knowing that five ships are still infected, one of which being the Musashi. While Moeka seemed alright the last time we saw her, considering Thea’s state when the Admiral Spee was boarded, her friend might be the same.


I think it was a refreshing take on the ‘festival’ episode. Rather than have the girls engage in fun and festivities, the episode allows us to see more about them. From Rin coming from a family of shrine maidens, to Maron throwing tantrums occasionally, the amount of yummy details comes out when Haifuri tends to make these kinds of episodes. And the episode wasn’t spoiled by the fact that the Blue Mermaids is conducting an operation to retake the last five ships, with the Harekaze being told to participate. It continues on but in the end, comes back with a slight ‘ahem’ to remind the audience there is still a very real conflict happening. For all of her carefree attitude, in her most private moments, Mike still has her doubts and fears.


On another note, amused that this was the first episode that didn’t mention being in some kind of pinch in the title. At least when translated.


“I’m Gonna be Boko!”

Link to Vimeo for Translation

A simple one. The Boko franchise has a tour in Ooarai and due to injuries from the actor playing Boko, Miho applied to and was accepted to fill in the role for the stage play. Also attending is Arisu, who had gone all the way to Ooarai to see her favorite character on stage. With the rest of Anglerfish team cheering her own and making comments on her performance, Miho initially screws up the character by being helpful and dodging, before she finally bites the bullet and allows herself to be beaten up, as per character.

Later, Arisu meets with Miho who cryptically tells her she saw the show from behind, and the girls attempt to keep Arisu’s view of Boko from being shredded by Miho’s out of character performance. Achieving this, Arisu wants Miho to join her when the next live show happens and leaves, leading Miho to note that playing Boko was a lot harder than cheering him on from the stands.

In all, a rather short and direct one. It didn’t garner much giggling during my lunch break as the University team one did, but it still was enjoyable nonetheless. Of the two, I prefer the University team’s drama episode to be better, probably why I wrote more about it than this one for Anglerfish.

ooarai lesson


“The Great Learn-More-About-Commander-Arisu Operation!”

Lin to Vimeo for Translation

In this track of the drama CD, the Bermudas ( Azumi, Rumi, and Megumi) invite Arisu to their informal after-match get together. While Arisu enjoys the company, the three Bermudas are more interested in finding out more about their cute commander.

After a rather shaky start (Rumi almost giving Arisu a Blue Lagoon), they find out that she likes Hamburger Steak with Egg (leading them to pursue some cooking skills) as well as inviting her to go shopping, upon Coach Shimada’s approval. The final question though is of course, who does she like, to which Arisu responds she likes Boko, the mascot of the series she likes. Pressed on, she also notes she likes Miho, causing great alarm in the three.

While they can’t compete with the stuffed animal, they start to strategize on how to get rid of Miho from the equation, only to be corrected (unintentionally) by Arisu, who finds some commonality with Miho and wants to be friends with her, not be her lover. The meeting ends with Arisu thanking them, noting this was the first time she talked so much with friends, much to the surprise and happiness of the three fangirls.

Overall, the drama episode was just as bad, if not more so, than the episode with Pravda. While Katyusha suspects that she’s getting the wool pulled over her eyes by her two (fangirling) subordinates, Arisu is completely in the blank, and has revealed a great many things about her to the three university students.

Of note, it seems that while they were disappointed in the loss, but aren’t as utterly destroyed like the MEXT Representative was. It’s also interesting to note where the girls came from, adding with some flourish that they are university students. Azumi’s alma mater being mentioned as BC Freedom High School, the combined Vichy/Free French inspired school, and Megumi coming from Saunders High School. The GuP Wiki has Rumi coming from Continuation High School, and considering that they came from such unique schools, the ability the three of them to become sub-captains for the University’s Senshado team only shows how much of a greater league they were in than our protagonists.

And the fact they’re all rather big alcoholics, with a friend on Facebook noting the meeting was imagined in his head to be similar to a drinking party between Junyou, Chitose, and Pola. Though I doubt Rumi would match the kanmusu’s bust size.

One thing of note here is Arisu. Her mom seems a bit protective of her, which is understandable considering the girl’s young age. Even though she’s a child prodigy, she is still a child. This would probably have an adverse effect on her social life. The fact the Bermudas only continue to fawn on her in the same fangirlish gleet Nonna and Clara show is amusing, though at least they’re all happy in the fact that she considers them her friends.

university lesson

Overall, I love the fact this Drama CD was translated and brought to my attention. If I were to rate the dramas in the CD, I’d place St. Gloriana on top, followed by the University team next, Continuation third, Pravda third, Anglerfish + Arisu fourth, and a very last fifth place, Chihatan for the very cringy episode.

And I’ve written enough that I’ve turned this ‘quick thought’ into something other than a quick thought. I’ll see y’alls next post as I prepare to head out for a family gathering.

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