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Three Episode Rule: Alderamin on the Sky & Qualidea Code

Of the few series I’m watching this season, I decided to devote a Three Episode Rule post on two series that I think has caught my interest for now. Alderamin looks and promises something akin to Madan no Ou to … Continue reading

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Resurrecting an Old Thing

A month or so ago, stuck in the recurring doldrums that seems to plague me, a stiff breeze named boredom happened along. My muse, tired and burnt out from incessant demands to produce tepid blog posts of lackluster quality and … Continue reading

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Spectacular Airshow: Catching Up On Macross Delta (Part 1)

There were folks who were a bit surprised when I said Macross Delta wasn’t a show I was religiously following last season. Instead I watched a bit of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, blogged High School Fleet, and went gaga … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Flying Witch

While I was enamored with the plotbash that was High School Fleet, a series I was following in two or three episodes at a time managed to make my days off a little brighter. Flying Witch fulfils this year’s Mikakunin … Continue reading

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