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Tank Farm 2016

And so after the rained out event from last year, I managed to attend, rather briefly I might add, this year’s ‘Open House’ event at the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles. I’m still suffering from the lingering after-effects of the … Continue reading

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Status Changes and Fall 2016

I think I should write something. I know not many people would expect such a post from such an infrequent blogger such as myself. Not when others write enough to sate their reading audience. Regardless, what happened to me, what … Continue reading

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Spectacular Airshow: Catching Up On Macross Delta (Part 2):

  View post on And so with Macross Delta’s last episode looming ever so slowly in the horizon, I thought it was best if I get down to the next set of epsiodes as quickly as possible if I … Continue reading

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Thus Passes Another Year

Yet another year, yet another reaffirmation of ‘never again’. The politics of the event is hard to ignore, as everyone has an opinion. So I honored the dead and the sacrifices of those who went in selflessly to rescue who … Continue reading

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Dragon Awards: the Aftermath and Beyond

I’ve been busy. Will work on a blog post, later, but the life as a cog in the machine has kept me from really doing much, basically doing work and getting paid, and the free time taken by Battlefield 1’s … Continue reading

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