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Tank Farm 2016

And so after the rained out event from last year, I managed to attend, rather briefly I might add, this year’s ‘Open House’ event at the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles. I’m still suffering from the lingering after-effects of the … Continue reading

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Status Changes and Fall 2016

I think I should write something. I know not many people would expect such a post from such an infrequent blogger such as myself. Not when others write enough to sate their reading audience. Regardless, what happened to me, what … Continue reading

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Spectacular Airshow: Catching Up On Macross Delta (Part 2):

  View post on And so with Macross Delta’s last episode looming ever so slowly in the horizon, I thought it was best if I get down to the next set of epsiodes as quickly as possible if I … Continue reading

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Thus Passes Another Year

Yet another year, yet another reaffirmation of ‘never again’. The politics of the event is hard to ignore, as everyone has an opinion. So I honored the dead and the sacrifices of those who went in selflessly to rescue who … Continue reading

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Dragon Awards: the Aftermath and Beyond

Originally posted on The Liberty Zone:
I was going to ridicule Lena Dunham today, but screw her! The Dragon Awards have been announced, and they’re fantastic!!! First, let me explain. DragonCon took place this weekend in Atlanta, where the very first…

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