Thus Passes Another Year

Yet another year, yet another reaffirmation of ‘never again’. The politics of the event is hard to ignore, as everyone has an opinion. So I honored the dead and the sacrifices of those who went in selflessly to rescue who they could and how many they can. And I promptly shut it off when I got home from work today.

Many have forgotten, many are still angry, yet some treat it as an non-event, or not one worth remembering. Because of some reason or another. Some I can respect (the expansion of Federal powers to spy on its own citizens in the name of security), but others, I cannot give time and date to. Some lurkers might speak out, knowing what gets in my craw, but I cannot get bogged down in splitting hairs with such people. Some might think this is disrespectful to the dead and those making great sacrifices, but to me it isn’t. I remember the event, I remember where and what I was doing when news came, and saw the 2nd plane hit.

So today, I lived my life as much as I can. I raised a beer to those killed and maimed by this event and ate some sisig for lunch. Took a nap and caught up on Alderamin on the Sky, then wrote this. A big change from my post last year, but what else can I say? Fifteen years later, and what I said last year still stands.

Americans, in a sense, are very much like children with ADD. They see their attention span going from place to place to place to place. I noted to work colleagues that the average American’s attention span works in 10 year cycles, and that nothing is ever kept at the forefront of people’s thoughts until something brings it up. Like today.

Americans are so coddled, more worried about Trigger Warnings and Asterisks and the newest, in-vogue item or gossip or celebrity drama. I think it’s mostly immigrants, speaking from personal experience, who remember. It’s mostly those fly over people, who remember. And it’s the people who planned this, and celebrate this, who remember.

For a lot of people now, the attacks of September 11 was some time ago. When they were five or six or three years old. For me I was a middle schooler, already more in-tune with the world through my thirst for current events and military hardware. I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

But there will be a vast majority of Americans who box this memory up, not because it is a pain. But because it is an inconvenience. Their long lines at the airport inconvenience. Their ‘oh God the neighbor has so many flags’ inconvenience. It isn’t gonna get them what they want when they want it. So it’ll stay in the depths of their memories until it is time for them to display it to the rest of the people who forget to show they haven’t forgotten.


Art by トモダチ on Pixiv [link]

In other news, the next post for Spectacular Airshow, ending that with episode 11 of Macross Delta, is slowly being written. As I made mention to Infinite Zenith on the Bookfaces, my free time likes being torpedoed by other commitments, the main one being work. In order to increase spending money, I’ve taken to working other people’s shifts. All because of something I will probably talk about closer to the event. That and a friend of mine has introduced me to the plastic addiction, and I eagerly await my first preordered figure (a 1/7 scale model of Zuikaku’s 2nd Remodel from Kantai Collection) from Japan at the time of this writing.

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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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