Spectacular Airshow: Catching Up On Macross Delta (Part 2):


And so with Macross Delta’s last episode looming ever so slowly in the horizon, I thought it was best if I get down to the next set of epsiodes as quickly as possible if I wanted to get this series of blog post to go out in time for the next season where my viewing schedule picked back up.

Episode 7: Behind Enemy Lines

Seeing to know more about their enemies, Delta Squadron and Walkure infiltrate the Windermeran-held planet of Voldor. Reina and Makina’s hacking skills are seen, though Hayate’s allergies to cats is also seemingly transferred over too to the catpeople inhabiting Voldor.

Winderemere is investigating the protoculture ruins, much to the curiosity of Walkure, but they are discovered and Hayate, Freya, and Mirage are caught by the Aerial Knights while Messer, Kaname, Reina, and Makina are pinned down by the Var-controlled Voldor NUNS soldiers.

Episode 8: Escape Resonance

The Aerial Knights contemplate killing them, but are stopped by Lord Brehm who had only told them to capture them. While the disagreement between the Knights and their leader goes on, a tactical show is initiated, allowing the others to rescue Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage. Making it back topside, the tactical show is fighting against the Song of the Wind being sung by the Windermeran prince Heinz.

As Delta face off against the Knights, Hayate confronts a Var-infected soldier, and with Freyja’s song, returns him to normal (while it is felt by everyone present). He then fights off Bogue as Delta and Walkure escape from the planet.

Episode 9: Uncontrolled on the Edge

Having escaped from Voldor, it’s revealed that Hayate has fold receptors in his body and explains why he is able to sync with Freyja so well as well as being immune from the Var Syndrome. As Walkure investigate the ruins on Ragna (which seems to penetrate deep into the planet and into their cores), Mirage and Hayate confront Messer over his Var symptoms and discover a song on a bracelet Messer wears that was of Kaname before Mikumo joined Walkure. He has them keep this a secret from others.

Freyja though watches from afar and gets jealous over Mirage and Hayate getting time together after being told some really racy thoughts by the other girls. Later, after confronting Messer over his continuing condition, Messer explains that if he breaks out, for Hayate and Mirage to kill him. Before anything else goes, the alarms go off (revealing a sneaking Freyja), indicating that the Aerial Knights are attacking.

Messer is drawn into a dogfight with Keith, and realizing the symptoms, Arad requests deployment of Walkure to help calm Messer before he turns Var. This helps, but the Aerial Knights manage to get what they came for by scouting out the ruins on Ragna. In the end, Messer and Freyja share some words, to which Messer learns something from the short-lived Windermerean.

Episode 10: Axia Flash

The entire first half is about the members of Walkure working at the annual jellyfish festival as well as roping Messer to join them; while Messer discusses his future with Arad. Messer is reassigned to be an instructor elsewhere as his infection deems him too risky to be a member of Delta platoon. When he leaves though, he does show his gratitude to Kaname for keeping him under control. All the while behind the scenes, Makina and Reina lead Mirage, Freyja, and Hayate on a wild goose chase on speculating who likes who within the upper-ups of Delta and Walkure.

Back on Windermere, Keith and Lloyd have a fight concerning the path Windermere is taking in the war, but is stopped by Heinz. The Windermereans had found a way to harness the protoculture ruins and attack the planet Al Shahal. Walkure manages to land and interefere with the ruins, stopping both their song and the Song of the Wind but knocking Mikumo and Freyja out.

The Windermereans have the upper hand and have scored numerous hits on Delta platoon, before Messer folds in and reenters Al Shahal atmosphere, engaging the White Knights. Managing to save Walkure from Bougue and the twin Aerial Knights, Messer asks Kaname to sing for him before he turns to Var for good. Messer manages to fight the White Knight on equal if better footing, but is killed when the White Knight uses one of his Sv-262 Draken’s parasite craft as a shield and killing Messer with a pin-point laser shot to the heart through his cockpit.

Episode 11: Jellyfish Reminiscence

As the crew of Macross Elysion pay their respects to Messer, Walkure figures out that the protoculture ruins amplify the singers, and that was what happened in Al Shahal. The flight crew on macross Elysion shows to the rest of Delta platoon the ill-luck of Messer’s death, the hole clearly punching through the cockpit and striking at Messer’s heart, while the White Knight himself berates Bogue, cutting the boastful young pilot over the ‘lowlife’ he was just berating.

After calming the worries of the young prince, Llyod meets with King Gramia and Berger Stone of the Epsilon Foundation, who informs him that they have finished analyzing the protoculture ship, Sigur Valens up to 60%. This has King Gramia to marshal his forces, and calls out Llyod’s own misgivings. He contends that if Walkure is such an enemy, they should match them in ferocity. After this though, Keith and Llyod reaffirm that they are still flying on the same path, though Llyod might be a little concerned over Prince Heinz’s health.

Back on Ragna, as others are mourning Messer in their own way, Arad bumps Mirage to Delta 2 and points out that Hayate himself cannot cover for the lack in combat potential they’re missing with Messer gone. Walkure is training harder, believing if they did any harder he’d still be alive, while Hayate is skulking, trying to find some sense in it all. Arad and Captain Johnson though discover that the protoculture ruins all cover the majority of the Brisingr cluster, noting that an attack by Windermere will bring the whole region under its heel. Speaking of which, Windermere launches the Sigur Valens, the protoculture ship that is now the head of their armada.

Back on Ragna, the crew of Elysion host a farewell party for the fallen Messer where a flight log is revealed to contain notes of the various pilots of Delta, his attention to detail surprising them. Chuck’s younger siblings informs Hayate and Mirage over his slight praise, and Arad notes he never said any of that because he needed to keep his distance in case he went crazy. In the end, they send off a little version of Messer’s plane out as Walkure sings.

The episode ends with the Windermerean war fleet showing up over Al-Shahal and the stationed NUNS fleet opening firing at them.

Episode Thoughts:

Well, there was no pineapples involved, but there might be a case for Jellyfish to be the next harbinger of doom. Messer was no Ozma Lee or Roy Fokker, but he was that experienced older pilot that saw the good behind the roughness of his fellows, and he was a particularly interesting, if jerkish, character.

Macross Delta seems to be moving along the lines of Macross Zero and Frontier in terms of their lore, though Macross 7 is no slouch with the big themes of music as an underlying galactic common denominator being its central core of plot. But in terms of the throwbacks, I saw more of Zero in here than anything else. Especially since it deals primarily with the Protoculture themselves.

Back when I first watched these episodes some weeks back, I had lots of questions over the show and its direction, but with the next big milestone being Messer’s death, I can only see (at the time), the show getting more and more interesting as it went along. The background story is intriguing, and I was more interested at this stage over Windermere and their hostile relation with NUNS. Now, NUNS isn’t exactly a government that is as pure as the driven snow. It’s more like that slush after the snowplows have gotten their work in initially. More gray area, and that would come about much more strongly in later episodes.

That said, at this stage I was confused still on where the Var syndrome came about, and how come the Windermereans can control it so properly. I’m sure a much more careful and observant viewings of episode one through eleven would’ve helped but it still wasn’t entirely too clear to me. The technology bordering on magic that is the Protoculture is like a great big blank checque to the story writers of Macross, and with the final episode (at the time of this writing) just a day or two away, I can’t wait to see where the franchise goes after this.

But before I can harray on off to some path on that tangent, I should probably get started on my not-so-short views with the next Spectacular Airshow post. The pressure to do it now, with work, vacation coming in, and the new season will tax my free time. But it will be done by November, or I’m a jellyfish. Encrusted in candied pineapple.

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