Status Changes and Fall 2016

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

I think I should write something. I know not many people would expect such a post from such an infrequent blogger such as myself. Not when others write enough to sate their reading audience. Regardless, what happened to me, what I’m currently doing, and what I might give some blog time to this upcoming season.

This past summer work was a little hectic. It always is during the summer and around the holidays. Lots of running around and a few days where I’ve topped 6 or 7 miles walking (and speed walking/jogging) at work. I’ve lost maybe 15 pounds because of it since starting this position, and when being told to hustle over to one location to another is a reminder that I need to earn more to go to a proper gym and work on that cardio.

Games wise, I’ve actually tapered off on gaming. I did do the most recent Kantai Collection event, but I didn’t even record any stage of that. I was in pure ‘get-it-done’ mode and powered through the event because I couldn’t spare much time into it. I’ve not touched World of Tanks or World of Warships at all in that time, and only bothered with World of Warships when the Arpeggio of Blue Steel cross-promotional event featuring the FOG Heavy Cruiser Ashigara and FOG Fast Battleship Hiei was up to be obtained. I got the fanged heavy cruiser, but not really done much to obtain the battleship.



I did play a bit of the Battlefield 1 beta, and while I’m not in a rush to buy it as a pre-order like some of my friends, I think it has a bit more longevity than Battlefront and would be a good pick up for me, now that Tom Clancy’s The Division has completely fallen in the wayside for me. Ditto for Civilization 6.

Currently, I’m in the last throes of bronchitis, and while I feel well enough to go to work tomorrow, my doctor has said to stay home. I will try to go to the Tank Farm event later this weekend, but it’s all up to how I feel in the morning. If I go to work, I’m definitely going. If I don’t, I’ll consider it. It was cancelled last year due to heavy rains, but this weekend is looking pretty fine and dry.


Me in front of the Centurion from the 2014 Open House

Work wise, I’ve applied for three positions, and was turned down for two of them. I’m looking at a lateral transfer but that also involves going through the process but best to keep hopes up. Some shaking at my current work position is leading me to be a bit annoyed but nothing I can’t weather. Lots of new positions are opening to be completely honest. So it’s better to apply and not get it, than to not and wonder right?

Anime wise, I have a massive backlog. I’m not really into watching Re:Zero, even with all its raving reviews both professional and personal. New Game is on backlog, and I’m not too enthused in all honesty with Macross Delta. And this is even with me writing some blog posts on it. Of the upcoming season, I am going to blogging Brave Witches. While my biggest gripe is that they didn’t bother to animate the Witches in Africa doujinshi (which has a better storyline in my honest opinion), the focus away from God-Mode Yoshika and the 501st is a nice touch, just not too happy with the inclusion of new characters.


Another show I think I’ll be watching, if not blogging, is Shuumatsu no Izetta, the story of a witch that uses a PTRS Anti-Tank Rifle as her broomstick. And of course this means we’re somewhat merging with fantasy, but unlike the Strike Witches franchise where there is a single, mankind unifying enemy in the Neuroi (Wermacht and US Army forces fighting together is commonplace in that franchise), the setting is as close to real world events as possible. With the addition of some minor but significant changes. So like someone I know on the Bookface, we shall see if this helps with the past trends of animating WWII.


A damper to the blogging is actually due to me using up the free storage space on WordPress. I should really just start paying for more of the features, since they’re relatively cheap and I can be billed yearly, but can never know. So for now I’m here to untangle pictures via imgur.

Ahn, let's see what's wrong~

Personally, the month of October and November is going to be a little busy. I’ve picked up shifts from coworkers, and so I’ve been paid rather well, but for pay period 19, I’m not really going to be earning as I did due to the two days I had to take off. Regardless, I have some places where I can defer payments to, all for the big trip back to the Philippines this November. While the trip itself has been paid for, the actual spending money is still under 1000USD. While that will last me for those two weeks I’m out will need to be earned.

That doesn’t include my attendance to Anime USA 2016 this year. So money needs to be gained so I can have some fun. Granted, I highly doubt relatives will let me even reach into my money anytime soon when I’m over there. It has been fifteen years since I last went to see the birth nation, and all the relatives there.


Overall, I think I just hit a summer sump, a time where I needed to focus more on earning money and looking to advance my situation in the world, than to relax and enjoy myself. Hopefully I’ll get this fixed up in a few more short months.


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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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One Response to Status Changes and Fall 2016

  1. It sounds like life’s happening to you, with respect to how busy things are. I’m finding it more tricky to game now because of all the other things I’d like to do, and working has pretty much been my entire schedule outside of weekends: it’s fun, but it leaves me exhausted and looking forwards to just sleeping when a day’s over.

    I believe I’ve mentioned Flickr as a viable alternative image host: they offer 1TB free for basic users, along with a means of organising one’s photos. While it takes some getting used to, it’s actually quite a nice tool for image hosting.

    I’ve got plans to follow Brave Witches on an episodic basis this season, both because I’m sure there’ll be quite a bit to talk about, as well as because I wish to see just how feasible it is for me to do any sort of episodic blogging in the near future.

    For your endeaouvrs, good hunting 🙂 Mine right now are more simple: save enough money to move out.

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