Tank Farm 2016

26th Cavalry (PS) and Rider

26th Cavalry (PS) and Rider

And so after the rained out event from last year, I managed to attend, rather briefly I might add, this year’s ‘Open House’ event at the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles. I’m still suffering from the lingering after-effects of the bronchitis I contracted the past week, and no doubt my boss would’ve preferred if I stayed at home drinking tea. As I mentioned earlier, 2015’s event was cancelled due to the heavy rains that turned the grounds into soft, mushy ground and the demonstration site into what can be best said as a ‘bog’, this year the weather was actually cooperating, with a cool overcast sky and a light breeze, but no rain.

I came initially only to take pictures of two completely restored tanks, the Renault M1917 Light Tank, and the 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage M10 “Wolverine”. What greeted me was the living historian/reenactment group I’m sorta a part of (I’ve not fully joined in reenacting) was due to give a demonstration soon, and what was meant to be a quick trip became a little longer. I of course met up with some regulars, including Rich Eisner of tankvideos.com, and a few others of the reenactors.

But I guess what needs to be shown is the few pictures and video I took of today.

Video of the US 26th Cavalry Philippine Scouts (Living Historian group) demonstrating movement to contact and cavalry tactics.


Tank Farm 2016 Gallery

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