Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 4: The Secret of the Witch


Setting up the course for the next few episodes, Izetta and Finé make it to the capital, where events are set into motion that will intertwine Izetta into the fate of Eylstadt and push her into the limelight. Izetta so far has not disappointed, even with a plot heavy episode such as this one.

Episode Summary:

Late at night the day of the battle of Coenenberg, Finé makes it to the side of her father. Regaining her composure for a moment, she thanks him for his service as their leader, before breaking down in tears at his passing as everyone looks on.

At Neue Berlin, General Groskopf reports to his majesty, the Germanian Emperor of the loss at the Battle of Coenenberg. Fearing the worse, the Germanian Emperor merely seems joyed at this development, and lets the general off easy. While he retains his peerage, his lands are confiscated, rank stripped from him, and sent to administer a prison camp. Dismissing Groskopf, he has them recall Berkman to hear his report.

Back at Landsbruck, Izetta wakes into a splendorous room under the watchful glare of the Princess’ bodyguard Bianca. She fusses, noting that someone like her can’t be spoiling such a room, when Lotte, Finé’s maid shows and explains that as the witch who saved Eylstadt, she is entitled to a room or four in the Archduke’s castle. Bianca seems to be put off by Lotte’s cheerfulness, noting that the castle is still in mourning of the Archduke’s passing, but she reveals that Finé had asked her to not change herself.

Having been told to be Izetta’s maid, she first strips her much to Izetta’s embarrassment and has her take a bath. Back at the main planning office, Finé gets to work on the strategy. Advised to keep her father’s death a secret, it would serve to keep morale high especially since they are still at risk of being defeated, and don’t need anything to demoralize their forces. They realize that they can use Izetta as a secret weapon, but Finé seems reluctant, leading her advisor Sieg to wonder if she has any reservations about her powers.

Speaking of Izetta, while she is being bathed by Lotte, she asks if she could see her powers in action. Unable to do it, Bianca presses, noting her suspicion of the stranger who is so close to her charge, before a statue is bumped into that nearly fell on Lotte, though both Izetta and Bianca keeps it from crushing the maid. Unfortunately, the water jug the statue was holding fell off and hit Izetta on the head.

Reporting this to the assembled advisors, Sieg seems to understand why Finé is reluctant to use Izetta. Izetta is summoned before them and while before they can ask to use her power to protect the country, they ask why she couldn’t have dodged the water jug, and that she carried her to safety before meeting Hans.

Izetta says she that while she can use her power to protect Eylstadt, her power is derived from the leylines hidden under the earth. Her inability to dodge the jug was due to the fact that under Landsbruck there were no leylines active. This was the secret that all witches had, and when revealed, the witch who revealed it and all she told are all killed. Though no one has to fear anything due to the fact she’s the last one left.

The general is a little upset over a weapon that cannot be used, and another advisors suggests keeping her secret, though Sieg suggests they reveal her to the world, without explaining the details. That while the victory is still fresh and that they should perpetuate the belief that she is the second coming of the White Witch that protects Eylstadt, to act as a deterrent for Germania and to have the Allies to reconsider.

While this seems to be decided upon, Sieg does ask for one more person to know of her secret, and that is the Atlantean correspondent Elvira Friedman. (The United States of America being the United States of Atlanta in this world, eluding to the fictional continent of Atlantis.) Meeting with her, Finé explains that with her talents as a correspondent, they’ll promulgate the story through newspapers, films, and radio broadcasts to spread throughout the world.

Friedman sizes Izetta up to see how she can reveal her to the world, ‘measuring’ her for a dress she can have her wear and embarrassing her in a manner even more extreme than Lotte, before moving onto Finé who seems to already have been on the receiving end of her ‘measurements’ before.

Meeting with Sieg after the traumatizing experience, she reaffirms the inability to use magic in the city, but asks as well if the current Archduke’s residence is the same castle depicted in legend. Being told no, she asks to be sent there, as the secret to witches as told by her grandmother is under the castle. Realizing the opportunity, Finé calls for Bianca who takes Izetta to the castle.

Arriving at the castle, Izetta reveals a magically hidden room. Afterwards, Bianca settles her account with Izetta, wondering why she is loyal to Finé. Izetta recounts how Finé had saved her life from an angry mob that had accused Izetta of burning a shed, earning her scar and swearing on her name that Izetta is innocent. She tells Bianca that when she saw her smile, that she’d do anything for her afterwards.

Bianca is overcome by this and apologizes for her distrust earlier, and asks if she would join her in protecting Finé and the country together. A few weeks later, on the eve of Finé’s coronation, Friedman is mingling with the gathered press that have arrived at the old castle through some means or another, hyping up the crowd for the coming announcement.

Down in the shrine, Izetta and Finé remark on their dresses, while they discuss the leyline map in the ceiling of the little shrine. Finé explains that the world will be astonished with the second coming of Eylstadt’s White Witch, telling her she will be unable to go back, and asks if she’s okay with it.

Izetta thinks for a moment, remembering what her grandmother told her, that the White Witch is a traitor, extolling her that she must not be like her. Even though, she happily says yes. Unsure on how to repay her, she asks also what she meant for Finé to be her hope. Izetta tells Finé that she had heard her speech to her soldiers at Coenenberg, that she wants to give to them a country in which they can look to the future, and that she wants to help that dream come true.

Finé knows that means just not ending the war in the borders of Eylstadt, but in bringing peace to the world, and Izetta will work with Finé to achieve that dream. Finé sees the dedication Izetta has to such an ideal, and promises that she’ll try to her dying breath to achieve it.

In the ending preview for the next episode, the voiceover though seems to indicate that Berkman or the Germanian Emperor seems to understand that Izetta’s power is not limitless.

Episode Thoughts:


Of all the words I didn’t expect from this episode, the words ‘traitor’ was the least of it. And no doubt, will foreshadow the future of the series later on when Izetta takes on the mantle of ‘The White Witch of Eylstadt’. She is tossing her whole legacy away it would seem, by selflessly giving herself up to her best, dearest friend Finé. I know neither of them are ‘innocent’ in a sense. They may be in body, but in terms of understanding the ramifications of their actions, they know what they’re getting into.

Finé has given Izetta numerous opportunities to not get involved, but by intervening on the side of Eylstadtian forces at the battle of Coenenberg, as well as her steadfast refusal to take every single out offered to her locked her directly into the ever broadening global conflict in which Eylstadt is merely a small part of. I don’t see any happy endings for this show at this juncture.

Speaking of which, Sieg has been giving off rather ominous vibes. Is he the Eylstadtian counterpart to the Germanian agent Berkman? At this point, I’m still willing to believe that no, he isn’t. But more he doesn’t hold a very jingoistic and delusional sense of analysis that his military counterpart shares. No doubt he’s been playing the puppet master if we go by the OP sequence with the implications of him being shown to be a figure shrouded in shadow with Elvira Friedman being his lackey or at least co-conspirator. This would make some sense in that he has been the Archduke’s close civilian advisor and had appointed Elvira as Finé’s tutor, helping shape the heir apparent in accepting his sound advice.

So those were the two points that I had been mulling over since watching the episode on Monday, and what has worried me.

The episode itself through was an example on how to bring up a character’s background, especially as it pertains to Izetta’s relationship to Finé. While we as the viewers have already seen why Izeta and the princess are great friends, no one else knows this, but only has Finé’s words on it. For a consummate security professional such as Bianca, who has stated she would lay down her life for her princess (now Archduchess), didn’t know until Izetta recounted her story.

That said, I can’t wait to see what kind of story Finé and her advisors had come up with, and to see how the Germanians will react to all this.

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2 Responses to Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 4: The Secret of the Witch

  1. Karandi says:

    Realistically there should be no way for an actual happy ending for these characters but this episode was light enough that it made me start wondering if this show was going to just turn into a superficial conflict where the power of friendship overcame all these hardships. I hope it doesn’t because the first couple of episodes definitely seemed to hint at a more realistic view of war and conflict in general.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • If the show ends up in heartbreak for all involve, it is fine. It is reality. If by some chance Eylstadt survives, there has to be something returned for it. In all, I want this to play out smartly. Yes there is a good chance of the Nanoha or Miyafuji deus ex machina, but if I were the writers, it wouldn’t come from Finé or Izetta.

      My delusion wishes that if there comes a time where Izetta or Finé are going to be killed or tortured, the one that saves them would be the Germanian ace, Bassler. But that’s just my fantasy.

      If there is a ‘happy’ ending, it will be bittersweet. I don’t see Izetta becoming someone like Miyafuji “Godmode” Yoshika. It’ll come at a great personal sacrifice and if anything, in the greatness of all things, it’s Pyrrhic at best.

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