Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 5: A False Miracle


And so with the end of an old era and the start of the next, Izetta and Finé make their debut to a world that still believe in fairy tales. Some will take it at face value, some would scoff, but some will believe it to the point they will do nothing but pursue it so such powers will be theirs. Brave Witches episode 4 will be done while I’m in the Philippines.

Episode Summary:

At the coronation ceremony, Finé introduces Izetta to the throngs of reporters. Back at Neue Berlin, as newspapers regale at the exploits of the witch, the Emperor wants nothing but to capture Izetta for his own whim, while his counselor, Elliot, reminds him that the reason they’re going after Eylstadt is to open a supply line to their allies in the Romulus Federation. Summoning forth Berkman, Berkman explains his observations, noting that they’ve shown Izetta to be real, they’re to attack to prove to the world’s press that Eylstadt can face up to them.

Berkman’s words become truth moments later, as a runner indicates that their base of operations on Rudel Lake, opposite of Coenenberg, was attacked and destroyed, with a plane full of reporters chronicling the whole deal.

As everyone is getting excited over the news, Berkman and Rickert meet up with Bassler at a bar. Asking why Bassler never mentioned Izetta in his report on how his men were shot down, he notes that no one would’ve believed in. Detailing Izetta’s combat prowess, he says no one else can face off against the witch, but him. With that, Berkman recruits Bassler into the special unit.

While walking the streets of Neue Berlin, Rickert brings up the ‘what if; Izetta truly is invincible. Berkman disagrees, noting the time it took between fighting Bassler and arriving at Coenenberg, as well as the fact if she truly was invincible, she could’ve just appeared at Neue Berlin and killed the Emperor (much to Rickert’s discomfort at Berkman openly saying such things). He believes Izetta is as strong as they say, but not invincible, else witches would’ve ruled the world, and that her power has a limit or weakness.

Asked on what they’ll do, Berkman tells Rickert that they’ll do nothing, and that the impatience of the generals will suggest the Emperor they should attack, and from there they can take action.

Back at Landsburg, everyone is pleased at Izetta’s performance, including stodgy General Schneider who seems to hold some doubt. In the span of two battles, the Germanian Army which was becoming the boogeyman of the world was defeated by a single girl. Other nations have been passing diplomatic notes and messages that are demanding greater information regarding Izetta. Before them, an operations map of the country shows exactly where Izetta can operate, which is greater than what the General had thought.

Before much else can be discussed, Archduchess Finé and her advisors are informed of a Germanian offensive at Veile Pass, exactly where Izetta has no connection to leylines that grant her her power. While the general is shocked, Mueller has a plan. The pass is needed to establish the corridor to the Romulus Federation and this next battle will be the one to see if their big gamble to reveal her to the world will pay off.

As the Germanians advance deeper into Veile Pass, Jonas and his fellow Eylstadtian soldiers continue to retreat, with Jonas believing that Izetta will rescue them. Elsewhere, Izetta watches as Finé, Bianca, and her guardswomen prepare the ruse. Revealing themselves as the fog breaks, Izetta takes over for the double that was supposed to be her. Announcing herself to the shocked Germanian troops, and with the help of Bianca and her guardswomen, destroy the pass and kill a good majority of the Germanians.

Back in Neue Berlin, Berkman hears of this, he still believes she has a weakness. Inquiring of their spy, he was inserted as a low-ranking officer in the Eylstadtian army. Back at camp, the spy inquires about Jonas, who was out getting water from the stream. Watching his family’s picture fall into the current, he chases after it but overhears Schneider and Mueller arguing. Mueller reveals that there was an ancient mining tunnel that only few of the locals know about, and they used that to bury the Germanians in the pass, asking why would he exposed Izetta to the ruse, noting that she can’t use her magic in the area, Mueller reveals that it was her idea. They had intended to use a similar looking guardswoman but she requested to be the one to do it.

She had argued that they might not only take pictures, revealing the trickery, but also to make up for the fact she was too weak to do anything about it. In the end, her stubbornness even won over Archduchess Finé and they relented. At this point, Mueller hears someone (Jonas?) nearby, and investigates, pistol drawn, only to find themselves alone. He though finds themselves alone, though he spots Jonas’ photo in the river debris.

Episode Thoughts:

That has gotta be the riskiest gamble they pulled, and depending on who overheard who, a complete waste of time. Berkman’s spy was looking for Jonas, and being told where he was, he no doubt went looking for him. If he was the one to have overheard the conversation Schneider and Mueller, had, a mind as sharp as Berkman would realize that she can’t act in large swaths of the country.

Now one can realize what Izetta’s revelation to Finé and her advisors is kept at such secrecy that those who reveal it are killed alongside those who she told. Magic, unlike technology in this timeline, is limited in where it can be used. It’s why Izetta can’t exactly act as the in-house interceptor for Landsburg, and why the coronation was done at the old castle where the legend of the White Witch was born.

Now, it’s pretty evident for some that my fear mongering that it wasn’t Jonas that overheard Schneider and Mueller discussing her weaknesses, but Berkman’s spy. I can only hope this is true, and that Jonas keeps this secret with him. But he could still be the one that overhears it, and is then coerced in some way by the spy that oversaw this to revealing what he would had heard. I mean really, if you spot the top military and civilian advisors to the Archduchess talking on the side of a brook, and suddenly a soldier in your platoon runs from them, only to be chased by the civvie with his sidearm drawn, you’d think he’d stumble upon something that would necessitate reporting to your true masters.

Also, I actually fast forwarded through some of the scenes, particularly the coronation. I dunno why, but it felt a little forced, especially with Izetta looking like she still has a little ounce of doubt. She’s already broken her taboo and helped Finé twice. Once rescuing her and getting her to Eylstadtian lines, and the next in the defense of Coenenberg. You’d think the better idea would be to hold you in reserve and keep the enemy guessing on what exactly is going on.

Smoke and mirrors, hit and fade. But as the Germanian Emperor notes, they’ve issued a challenge to the Germanians, and since they’re parading her to the cameras, all they need to do is overwhelm her, regardless of how long it takes.

It’s also here that we finally see her ‘broom’ from the OVA. Like I said, it’s closer to the Lahti L-39 than any other rifle known, but as noted, it’s been modified for her use. The ‘seat’ where the dust cover of the magazine well would rest, motorcycle footrests, motorcycle handles with the secondary trigger on the right handle, and the modification to the crank-type charging handle now similar to a motorcycle’s starter pedal to eject the round.

Which leads me to wonder, why if the L-39 is semi-automatic, does she need to manually eject the spent round?

On a side note, found my series waifu. Bianca is quite becoming in her subdued uniform. The high-powered air rifle didn’t help that either.


On some minor housekeeping, I am actually departing for the Philippines for my “first time in fifteen years” type of visit, and will end up merely doing quick thoughts for the next few episodes. That and will end up talking about Top Gear Two The Grand Tour when it airs on the 18th. I’ll be back by then and hopefully talking the time difference in stride.


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One Response to Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 5: A False Miracle

  1. Karandi says:

    The coronation was a little bit contrived but given it was staged by the PR lady I guess it was supposed to feel that way. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this episode even if characters never seem to learn that if you don’t want a secret known you shouldn’t talk about it out loud.

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